The Battle of the Blessings: Just a Warm Up

Flowers Before His Majesty via Crescat2

Deacon Greg Kandra is an old-school newsman; his decades at CBS News has honed his ability to sniff out a story -- particularly a human-interest story sure to tug at the heart strings or impart a universal lesson -- that someone else (like me) would pass over with a sigh (if the story is sweet) or an eyeroll (if it is sour).The deacon hates confrontations; if he had his druthers, he'd live on a straight path between Disney World and Rome -- between innocence and glory -- and never mind the … [Read more...]

Longenecker Lands at Patheos!


Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world...Oh, wait, wrong scenario. Rewind.Of all the blogs, on all the portals, in all the interwebz...I always thought Father Dwight Longenecker's blog, Standing on my Head was one of the prettiest to read, and it had the added distinction of being at turns provocative, thoughtful and hilarious.And now, he's walked into Patheos and sat himself down at our table.The fundamental things apply; Father Dwight tends to focus on … [Read more...]

Bristol Palin at Patheos?


Wow, when Kathryn Jean Lopez arrived here in the Catholic Portal, we thought that was pretty big news!But the Faith and Family portal, run by Nancy French (and which features our own Marcia Morrissey's column, and perhaps some more Catholic voices, soon) has big news, too: a new blog by a single mother who goes by the name Bristol Palin -- she calls it, simply, Bristol's blog; a site about "life, family and Alaska." I like the header which looks to be a shot of Bristol Bay?Regular … [Read more...]

Seasons of Grace Come to Patheos

SeasonsofGracebanner the form of Kathy Schiffer's newly landed blog:It's only been a week since I announced the launch of Thomas L. McDonald's God and the Machine faith-and-tech blog, so you probably didn't expect another so soon, but some may recall that I'd promised Kathy's arrival not long ago, when she -- along with Dwight Longenecker and Elizabeth Duffy -- spent a week guest blogging over here and Kathy was super-energetic. The only reason she didn't start last week is because I got sick, so … [Read more...]

God and the Machine at Patheos!


Seems like just yesterday we were welcoming Kathryn Jean Lopez and Tony Rossi and now we get to break out the beans and bourbon again, another author and editor-at-large (Games Magazine) who has something to say! I'm am very pleased to introduce you to Thomas L. McDonald, and to announce the launch of God and the Machine, a new blog exploring faith, technology and where things lean heavy or light!Tom's CV is exhausting and impressive. Aside from authoring three books, and overseeing … [Read more...]

Pouring Thoughts and Pee-Phobia


Elizabeth Duffy has an entertaining and thoughtful entry in her column, this week as shares with us the origins of her writing:I started keeping a diary when I was about eleven. My mother suggested I start writing to cure a weird childhood insomnia that kept me up late nights worrying that I was going to pee in my sleep, even though I'd not wet the bed since I was out of diapers.When I was struck by pee-phobia, I would go stand by Mom and Dad's bed, and wait for them to wake up, which … [Read more...]

Church Life: A Journal for the New Evangelization


Hot off the cyber-presses!Notre Dame University's Institute for Catholic Living today launches a new online journal: Church Life; A Journal for the New EvangelizationThere are a whole bunch of interesting writers in there, including Cardinal-designate Archbishop Timothy Dolan (writing on "The Dignity of the Human Person", page 39), Fr. Jeremy Driscoll, OSB, (page 6) and, (page 42). Yes, my head spins at the company I keep, sometimes!My piece is about Catholics online -- … [Read more...]

What’s Patheos? Where did it come from?

Patheos Denver Westward News

Not too long ago, I did a radio show and the host struggled with the name of Patheos, "how do you pronounce, it; what does it mean? He asked."It's PATH-eeohs. It's a portmanteau: PATH and THEOS -- think of it as Path-to-God. And the company's origins make for very interesting reading in the Denver Westward News:In 1989, U.S. Marine Leo Brunnick was in the jungle, training a group of Thai Royal Marines. He gestured to the top of a hill and told the Thais to run up there. It was the best … [Read more...]

Mark Shea and Katrina Fernandez

If you missed the news over the weekend:Mark Shea's "Catholic and Enjoying It" can now be found, Here at Patheos.And Katrina Fernandez ("The Crescat") can be found Patheos, along with her essay, Shrews, the debut of her column, "More than Mortal Beauty"And the Patheos Book Club is talking two big books, with lots of new material being added each day. -- So check back each afternoon!Don't miss my interviews with Fr. Robert Barron and Brandon Vogt!Read Chapter One of … [Read more...]

Kat and the Crescat: New to Patheos

Well, when I announced that Mark Shea was bringing his blog over, I told you to watch for more developments -- at least four more, possibly ten.Well, here is the second: Katrina Fernandez, whom you might know as the Catholic-Cannonball-Award-conferring, art-loving, gut-busting Crescat, has announced that she'll be moving her always-entertaining blog to Patheos, within the next day or two -- she is unpacking as you read this!You can take a gander at where the new design is going (and bookmark … [Read more...]