You really can get anything at Amazon!

While looking at my Amazon reports this morning, I note that someone bought this, and thought, "wow, you really can get everything at Amazon!" Then I whispered up a prayer for your intention, whoever you are!I love to check out the Amazon reports, because people order things I would never have known exists. Like these adorable little bowls and this egg poacher. My egg poacher first belonged to my birth mother. It's about 60 years old and beaten up, and two of the little poachy cups are … [Read more...]

Dragnet Obama

This was pretty well done, I'd say. Love the part when Obama smiles; it's so spot-on to the old series. H/T Instapundit, who also links to this thoughtful piece by Ed Morrissey.And also to this. Enjoy. … [Read more...]

A "defining post"

Over at Conversion Diary, Jen is asking bloggers to tell what they think is their defining post.Impossible. I've written over 5,000 posts, most of them forgettable.Some of the posts involving Dick Meyer columns might have been good, and their stream-of-consciousness layout maybe defines my writing here. It's all what is in my head of a moment; 99% of what I write here is first-draft-rough-cut blowing off steam, confessing sins or just pondering.Like, the time I found out I was losing my … [Read more...]

Passion, Passion, Passion – UPDATED

Our friends, the Passionist Nuns of St. Joseph Monastery in Kentucky, (whose joy-filled tribulations we followed through last winter's media-ignored ice storm) having recently clothed their postulant as a novice were rejoicing last week as they announced the upcoming reception of yet another young aspirant to their cloister.It was lovely to read of their new aspirant, but then reader Robert H passed along this very moving post from that convent-minded young lady, as she closed her blog to … [Read more...]

More on "thee" & "thuh"

Or, "th'" as Joseph Marshall correctly deems it (I think) in the comments section of this surprisingly rambunctious post from yesterday, wherein we wondered how one properly should pronounce the word T-H-E when it precedes a word beginning with a vowel.Not my most popular recent post (that would be my admonishment to Christian girls that they put their breasts back into their shirts) or my most accessed-through-google post (which I am sure disappoints everyone who finds it), but certainly … [Read more...]

Lord, the one you love is sick…

Prayers are being requested for Jeanette's daughter in law, "L" who did not get a good post-radiation report re her non-Hodgkins Lymphoma:She is 33 years old with a soon to be 8 year old daughter and soon to be 10 year old son. She and the children are very close. She finished up 40 radiation treatments a couple of weeks ago and went back today to have a scan of the area radiated.The news was not good. Everything she had before she had the radiation has been killed but new tumors have … [Read more...]

Queens, Super Heroines, Bugs and more!

This week's Cotillion is up, and with an exuberant round of cross-posting, it seems.As always you will find the Big Three Roundup at Cotillion, but if you're in a click-around kinda mood, you might want to visit each hostess seperately and enjoy their themes:Ilyka Damen has the We Queens theme, with some wonderful pictures, and she's featuring links to photos from Camp Remembrance, a review of the Liberty Film Festival, a Helen Thomas Suicide Watch, Anti-Semitism, Forced Starvation and The … [Read more...]

Althouse, Vanderleun and Pajamas Media

There is QUITE a ruckus going on in the comments section over at Ann Althouse's place, concerning Pajamas Media and the offers it has begun making to various bloggers to become associates.I have not yet checked out any other blogs for their opinions. Ann has strong and rather negative feelings about the Pajamas Media presentation and package, and she brings her considerable intellect and legal training to bear on what she perceives to be weaknesses and problems.Gerard Vanderleun of American … [Read more...]

If you haven’t stopped by Julie’s place

You really must. She is blogging up a storm - just keep scrolling down. You'll have to stop when you get here for this long but...really very interesting and"look, marie overdosed on god knows what, and she died last night." she said it so cold, and with out any emotion. i didn't know what to say, i was stuck in this parallel universe for what felt like an eternity, i started to cry."hello? you there?" her mom sounded so callus, and so angry, and all of a sudden marie's life … [Read more...]

Featured Blog of the Week: OKIE ON THE LAM

Whoops, it's Monday, and I got so involved with my Catholics-only poll that I forgot to bring you this week's featured blog, Okie on the Lam, who was one of the very first bloggers ever to slip me into this blogroll, for which I am grateful.What Okie has that sets him apart from many bloggers is a very lucid writing style that wastes no time and gets to the point. He also ran one of the great blog serials - a compilation of the letters his father wrote to his mother during WWII which, if you … [Read more...]