Church Life: A Journal for the New Evangelization


Hot off the cyber-presses!Notre Dame University's Institute for Catholic Living today launches a new online journal: Church Life; A Journal for the New EvangelizationThere are a whole bunch of interesting writers in there, including Cardinal-designate Archbishop Timothy Dolan (writing on "The Dignity of the Human Person", page 39), Fr. Jeremy Driscoll, OSB, (page 6) and, (page 42). Yes, my head spins at the company I keep, sometimes!My piece is about Catholics online -- … [Read more...]

What’s Patheos? Where did it come from?

Patheos Denver Westward News

Not too long ago, I did a radio show and the host struggled with the name of Patheos, "how do you pronounce, it; what does it mean? He asked."It's PATH-eeohs. It's a portmanteau: PATH and THEOS -- think of it as Path-to-God. And the company's origins make for very interesting reading in the Denver Westward News:In 1989, U.S. Marine Leo Brunnick was in the jungle, training a group of Thai Royal Marines. He gestured to the top of a hill and told the Thais to run up there. It was the best … [Read more...]

Mark Shea and Katrina Fernandez

If you missed the news over the weekend:Mark Shea's "Catholic and Enjoying It" can now be found, Here at Patheos.And Katrina Fernandez ("The Crescat") can be found Patheos, along with her essay, Shrews, the debut of her column, "More than Mortal Beauty"And the Patheos Book Club is talking two big books, with lots of new material being added each day. -- So check back each afternoon!Don't miss my interviews with Fr. Robert Barron and Brandon Vogt!Read Chapter One of … [Read more...]

Kat and the Crescat: New to Patheos

Well, when I announced that Mark Shea was bringing his blog over, I told you to watch for more developments -- at least four more, possibly ten.Well, here is the second: Katrina Fernandez, whom you might know as the Catholic-Cannonball-Award-conferring, art-loving, gut-busting Crescat, has announced that she'll be moving her always-entertaining blog to Patheos, within the next day or two -- she is unpacking as you read this!You can take a gander at where the new design is going (and bookmark … [Read more...]

Much Sinned-Against and Sinful

Over at Conversion Diary, the incredibly busy-but-still-lovely Jen Fulwiler has begun an interesting project, asking various writers to take a word from The Lord's Prayer and share some informal musings on that word.For instance, the great Heather King got "we forgive":When we stop counting the cost, the universe stops counting the cost toward us. When our hearts overflow toward others, the heart of Christ overflows toward us. The very letting go of our calculating and scheming and fear—not w … [Read more...]

Catholics in the Comboxes

Msgr. Charles Pope has noted it:Recently however, I am getting more comments that are just plain rude, mean or unnecessarily personal. I have had to press the delete button more than I’d like. It is not just the use of profanity that is alarming (and that too is becoming more common), but it is the excoriation of one’s opponents with dismissive labels and terms which either question their orthodoxy, or their love of the poor, label them as rigid or as communists, etc.There is also the unn … [Read more...]

Diary of a Wimpy Catholic – UPDATEDs

It seems like it's been a long time coming, right? Late in April, he was guest-blogging for me, and then Max Lindenman disappeared, except for his columns!Have you missed him?Well, he's back and he has his own blog, where I am sure he will be alternately enraging some and making others do spit-takes at their computer screens (with, I believe, his very next post), but he will always keep you interested and challenged and guessing -- and that's the whole point of reading other voices, isn't … [Read more...]

Summa This, Summa That – UPDATED

I've been wanting to do this since I started managing the Catholic portal, and now it's a go: scroll down the landing page of the Catholic Portal to get a gander of the new link-blog which replaces the group-blog that never really took off, but retains it's name because, well, "Summa This, Summa That" really suits a Catholic-hosted blog that will -- rather like Insty (though not nearly as pithily clever as Glenn Reynolds) -- direct you to interesting or important reads, on a variety of subjects, … [Read more...]

Old Comments System Restored

I've asked several times over the past few weeks whether folks preferred the Disqus comments style of the usual and via comments and emails, the majority have made it clear that they preferred the older version.So, because I am nothing if not reasonable, we have restored the old commenting system to the blog. Now, you will be able to see the number of comments by looking at the bottom of the post, but you will not be able to respond easily to another commenter.And, since we're back to the … [Read more...]

Blogfather Ed Morrissey

I can never say enough good things about Hot Air's Ed Morrissey, whom I call "blogfather" because it was his initial blog, Captain's Quarters, that first piqued my interest in blogging. Ed managed to blog in a way that was smart, gentlemanly and fair and I thought I might be able to do that, too.Heh. Clearly I have not managed to be as smart, gentlemanly or fair as he, but I am glad I took the plunge; blogging has changed my life, very much for the better -- both personally and … [Read more...]