Asking prayers for the First Mate

Ed Morrissey shares the unhappy news that his wife, Marcia, will need a kidney transplant. Ed knows he and the FM are always in my prayers, but if you happen to get a chance, particularly if you're surfing blogs and Ed's name comes across your screen for whatever reasons, don't forget to whisper up a prayer. … [Read more...]

Good Wishes and Girl Crushes

I'm actually a few days late in offering congratulations, but I was under the weather.Happy Blogoversary to Victoria, who confesses to having a "woman crush".This is the kind of post that you should not approach if, being male, you don't have Kleenex and Kiehl's hand lotion near you, or, if female, without memories of that time at spring break in Cancun.Namely, it's about a woman, a heterocurious woman (sadly), admitting she likes certain other women.I frankly don't mind admitting I … [Read more...]

A day for follow-ups and clarification

I am still trying to plow through a great many emails, and so I hope folks will be forgiving if they do not hear back from me - as much as I do try to respond to each email, I'm not always able to.Two emails today provide some helpful, or at least thought-provoking follow-up to previous posts. The first concerns Judge Cashman and his seemingly light sentence of a repeat pedophile. I - as had many others, responded with some outrage at this story which detailed that the Vermont judge had … [Read more...]

I admit it, I bit, and I laughed, too!

Musing Minds has The Best Blog Joke Ever! … [Read more...]

The Mondo Alito Blog

There's been some harsh words - not all unearned, I guess - directed toward Pajamas Media and its rather shaky start-up, but a brand-new endeavor or a wholly new idea does take some time to find its footing. I like this Mondo Alito Blog they've set up, gathering some really excellent pieces from all over the blogosphere on the confirmation hearing of Samual Alito.I haven't written on it, myself. I find myself utterly unable to watch more than 5 or 6 minutes of the Biden's unending … [Read more...]

Mr Big Stuff

That would be Sigmund, whose timely discovery of an old letter of Ted Kennedy's got him noticed by the New York Times yesterday! Right up there with the big boys from Powerline, doncha know!Sniff. And we knew him when he was just a toddlerblog, taking his first steps!Now you and Professor Bainbridge play nicely! Btw, Watchman's Words has a good commentary, as well, Alito among the Lilliputians. A good read. … [Read more...]

A million hits, a million thanks!

Reader Miquel, and Sigmund were both nice enough to advise me of what I had missed: The Anchoress has just passed the 1 million mark in hits since I started tracking in December of 2004 - so, in just a little over a year! This is far, far beyond any expectation I ever had when I started up.What were my expectations? Really, I had none. I still have no ambitions for the blog beyond maintaining my status as a "playful primate" in the Truth Laid Bear ecosystem. If along the way I manage to … [Read more...]

Too little time to hate?

Yesterday, I tried to express a feeling I had about the excesses of ideological partisanship and how they can effect us interiorly. I was not speaking of anyone, specifically (except myself) but rather I was thinking about left and right, about how our political passions can overrun our humanity, sometimes, and make us behave in ways that seem quite outside of our instincts. I didn't write it well, though, and I ticked off a few people.I'm not apologizing for it; I said nothing meant to … [Read more...]

Negativism and Cynicism are too EASY

John Hawkins over at Right Wing News has a list of the most annoying liberals of 2005. It's a well-written piece, but I think I am losing my taste for these sorts of compilations.I don't know, maybe it's just me, but does there seem to be too many of these "Worst" and "most annoying" sort of lists going around? Are we conservative bloggers over-focusing on such things?I'm just asking, and I mean no disrespect to John, or to any specific blogger. I am simply wondering, as a blogger who has … [Read more...]

Emotionalism: bad fuel for the press

I remember when I first learned to drive I, being a dutiful girl, wished to return my parents car to them with a full gas tank. Being on a tight budget I went to the "cheapcheapcheap" gas guy and filled 'er up. And by the time I got home the car was hiccupping and behaving strangely. Seems I'd tried to run an 8 cylinder Rambler wagon on "bad gas."The problem was not earth shattering; things were easily remedied, but I learned a lesson. You want your car to run smoothly, you don't buy the … [Read more...]