If you’re a sucker for lists

Here are two: John at Right Wing News asked conservative bloggers who were their least-favorite conservatives. I did not participate in this poll. Happily, I wasn't named to it, either! :-) You'll want to go over there and see who did.Also, Mark at Decision '08 has the top ten leftist remarks upon President Bush naming UN Ambassador John Bolton via recess appointment. The originate, apparently in comments sections of lefty blogs. … [Read more...]

Info Bleg: Computerheads please help me!

Okay, everyone who reads here with any regularity knows that I am a pathetic technophobe who understands nothing about computers or the internet beyond...you know...I type on keyboard and it makes words on my monitor, and if I use the magic formula, I can link to other people's blogs.That's it, that is ALL I know, and I don't know if I even want to know more! I get so confused!But...Can someone explain to me what an RSS feed is? What does it do? Do I have one? Should I get one? I … [Read more...]

Yeehaw! A rootin’ tootin’ round-up

I have so many tabs open on stories or blogs I want to bring to your attention, that I must do a roundup or I will never get done some work that I really, REALLY have to do tonight. Think of an editor...glaring across his desk, his fingers tap-tap-tapping as he glares at me and says..."you got that piece done, yet? You wanna get paid?"So here goes: Those wacky sea-farin' womyn are at it again, climbing aboard boats, heading out to international waters and doing the "I'm now a priest in the … [Read more...]

Cotillion Ball goes Film Noir

A particularly good week for the ladies of the Cotillion Ball which, if you haven't been keeping up, is a kind of "Carnival of Conservative Women," inspired by conversations a few months ago asking, "where are all the women bloggers?"They're here, and their clear, get used to it! :-) As usual, the hosting duties are being shared by three ladies beyond the overall roundup so well-done by Sadie of A Fistful of Fortnights.e-clair has framed her section around a wonderful display of old and new … [Read more...]

Featured Blog of the Week: Happy Catholic

I love Julie's blog, Happy Catholic because Julie is not only a good and thoughtful writer with a different way of looking at things - she is also just so darn happy! She peppers her posts on politics, the church, television, her kids, and serious issues, with jokes, wry observations, witty repartee she's gleaned from here and there and remembered...and she is generous in prayer, and with links, especially too blogs I otherwise may never see. Some of the funniest stuff I have ever read, like … [Read more...]

Benedict XVI blogs about beer!

It's http://musumpontificalis.blogspot.com/">satire!. And it's really good satire. H/T Happy Catholic. … [Read more...]

Dept. of Second Thoughts…

UPDATE: Greg has informed me that his spot has been bumped to tomorrow (Tuesday) night.Greg Wallace of What Attitude Problem writes that he will be spotlighted in a feature - yes a feature - on the "gayification of NASCAR," on tonight's edition of The Daily Show on Comedy Central.Sez Greg, who has permitted me to mention it: I guess it was one of those things where I didn't want to wake up five years down the road and wonder what it would have been like if I had said no.They are doing a … [Read more...]

Hugh Hewitt’s newly redesigned site

It's just lovely! Easy on the eye, and it feels roomy and wide-open, even though there is a lot going on, there. I like it a lot, and he inaugurates it with a pretty dang good take-down of Tom "what's say we bomb Mecca" idea.Yeah...let's do that and give 'em an excuse to take out the Vatican, why don't we?Congrats to Mr. H on the beautiful new website. … [Read more...]

The answer to the Che Tee Shirt

This is the one Elder Son will be wearing back to school in September. Cool t-shirt, cool product. Austin Paul has the details about how this idea came about, and points out that the coffee is cheaper than some Starbucks blends. And...In addition to paying its growers a premium for the coffee, Contra gives 50% of its profits back to the cooperative for development projects. The company also donates 5% of revenues to Freedom Alliance, which exists to "advance the American heritage of freedom … [Read more...]

Watcher of Weasels needs a new waterch

If you are a blogger who is interested in becoming part of the Watcher of Weasels council, please get in touch with 'em.Here are the rules. … [Read more...]