Do you Subscribe?

Don't shut me out!It never occurs to me to push the RSS feeds, but after reading this, I realize I probably should!Then you can get me in your email box, all day long...gosh, that sounds like a threat more than a promise!Anyhow, you can subscribe to this site by putting your email address into the little box that says "Subscribe!" in the right hand sidebar.I'd miss you if you missed me! … [Read more...]

A Geek's Analogy to Prayer

Was talking to an IT fellow about internet access-issues and the sorts of big-and-small server issues that are the everyday bane of those who make their living on the internets and he described a recent moment of angst:It is SO incredibly frustrating when you try EVERYTHING you know and most things you barely understand to fix a problem and NONE of it works. Then of course someone else looks at it and goes - "Oh there's a password in this file over here that we forgot to change yesterday, … [Read more...]

The Setons, Bayleys and Roosevelts

Seton, Bayley and Roosevelt sounds like a Park Avenue practice; they sound like surnames of character names from an old Katharine Hepburn/Cary Grant movie. In fact, Hepburn did play a "Seton" in the 1938 film "Holiday".If the names sound much more "Episcopal" than Catholic, it's because they are.Dr. Pat McNamara, who runs a weekly column, "In Ages Past" at Patheos' Catholic portal, also blogs at McNamara's Blog, where this week I was delighted to read about a favorite saint of mine, … [Read more...]

OSV 2010: The 8 Biggest Stories

It's a wee bit early, but Our Sunday Visitor has posted a look at the 8 biggest stories of 2010. See if you can read this excerpt from the intro and figure out who wrote it:"...let us look back at a teeter-totter of a year, where high-riding America suddenly found herself hitting the ground of reality with a thud. War is not over; the economic recovery is slow-to-stagnant and those who are not yet struggling themselves know someone, or love someone, who is.We learned a few things in 2010: … [Read more...]

The Deacon Has Landed!

For the past week he has been fussing with the decor, and now Deacon Greg Kandra has finally loaded the last box onto the trailer.As of now you can find The Deacon's Bench (and eventually his straggling archives) at his new digs at Patheos (where, apparently, everyone knows your name!).Slide on over (it's pretty icy out there!) and cozy up for a spell with an Irish Coffee and the good deacon. And don't forget to change your bookmarks and thingies! … [Read more...]

Deacon Greg is Moving!

He talks about it here:After 15 happy months here at Beliefnet, and several weeks of hand-wringing and finger-drumming while I make up my mind, I've decided to pull up stakes and relocate "The Deacon's Bench" to another site. Beginning next Monday, December 13th, you'll find The Bench over at can get a sneak peek at this link. (Pardon the dust. It's a work in progress. Once we hang some drapes and put down the rugs, it will feel a little homier.)Go read it all. I fell in … [Read more...]

Communion; Hand or Mouth?

Yesterday at Mass, my husband noticed that on the floor of our pew, by our feet, was a quarter of an unconsumed Host. He picked it up and consumed it.Discussing it on the way home, my husband chose to think the best, not the worst. "Maybe [at a previous Mass] the wedge was part of Consecration Host, and it somehow got picked up with another one and missed, or dropped onto a sweater, or something."My husband is always quick to think the best, especially when a matter is too troubling to … [Read more...]

Like Sgt Schultz, I know nothing!

For those of you looking for Gateway Pundit and heading over here to ask me about it, the answer is, I am so much in my own little world and busy with my own work that I didn't even know he had gone!But a quick look at his twitter feed informs that he has headed over to Right Network, and is in the process of moving his huge amount of data there.Right Network is the new right-wing oriented alternate-media gig run by American Digest's Gerard Vanderleun and Little Miss Attila's Joy McCann, … [Read more...]

Catholic Blogs & Charity – UPDATED

My Tuesday Column is up; today I pick up on the discussions begun yesterday, at Deacon's Bench, America Magazine, Inside Catholic and elsewhere over Rachel Zoll's AP piece on the "purge" mentality exhibited on some (in my view extreme) Catholic blogs.Having blogged about religion and politics for nearly 6 years, I acknowledge that one can occasionally "write mad" and deliver a bit more zing than one has meant to, although I personally have never gone after other bloggers pronouncing who should … [Read more...]

Instapundit acu tetigisti

I'm thinking of starting a new game, called Instapundit acu tetigisti, whereby every time one spots Glenn Reynolds managing to succinctly "touch the matter with a needle" on any issue (and he does it a lot) one must take a shot of espresso, or grab a cup of favorite coffee.Today, I sat at my desk with a cup of espresso (a double, actually) clicked on Instapundit, which is how I start my day, and read this:CLARENCE PAGE: WHAT’S SO BAD ABOUT ELITES? The problem we have is that our “elites” — … [Read more...]