Instapundit acu tetigisti

I'm thinking of starting a new game, called Instapundit acu tetigisti, whereby every time one spots Glenn Reynolds managing to succinctly "touch the matter with a needle" on any issue (and he does it a lot) one must take a shot of espresso, or grab a cup of favorite coffee.Today, I sat at my desk with a cup of espresso (a double, actually) clicked on Instapundit, which is how I start my day, and read this:CLARENCE PAGE: WHAT’S SO BAD ABOUT ELITES? The problem we have is that our “elites” — … [Read more...]

Bullying, Tolerance & the Disconnect

(Source)Yesterday, I wrote a little about the rampant bullying that is driving too many gay teenage boys and straight teenage girls, to suicide.Today, I look at how that can be, after whole generations have heard the "tolerance" messages since their cradles, and suggest one surprising step that the church could take, in order to teach the world how to actually walk all that talk.USA Today has picked the piece up, with predictable emphasis. I notice that in the midst of the pc-focus on … [Read more...]

In the Day of the Bully

Over the weekend, I mentioned to someone that I hate the tv ad for the Chrysler Town and Country--the one where a little boy is being chased by bullies; he dives into the open hatchback of a waiting minivan, and his mother--who apparently knows her son is the target of bullies, but parks some distance away from school--then smiles as he makes his escape and the hatchback slowly closes behind him. Still smiling, and oblivious to the fact that thwarted bullies do not surrender, but only slink … [Read more...]

Wondering about Ameridolotry, Krugman, Absorption…

My plan to work, work, work, today is being interrupted by a family situation that needs attending-to (nothing awful, but important, nonetheless) so here's some interesting stuff I meant to respond to or comment on. Now, you'll have to do it! :-)I've wondered several times over the past five years whether some Americans are allowing their ideologies to become their idols. I've never quite had the answer, but thought it was an important question, nonetheless. Today Mr. Dalrymple asks the … [Read more...]

Benedict's UK Triumph Ignored in US

Shamelessly cribbed from Lucianne.comDeacon Greg, who rarely has time to really sit down and write like this, hits one out of the ballpark, today, as he takes a look at the complete non-coverage of Pope Benedict's triumphant visit to the United Kingdom. Really, it's so good that it's difficult to excerpt, but here is a little:One of the biggest surprises of Pope Benedict's historic trip to the United Kingdom may be how few people realize that it was, in fact, historic. Sunday night, I was … [Read more...]

Thank you, a little slow at the gate!

Deplorable-looking woman, who has grown her mother's nose and who sweated off her make-up, reviving with Guinness in RomeSorry it's so quiet. I awoke this morning with a really bad cold/sore throat thing going on and after doing the marketing realized I must be a little more jet-lagged than I thought. Who knew jet-lag was day-skipping? I certainly had more pep yesterday.I need to write a gracious "thank you" to my guest-bloggers, and ask you to give them a boorah round of applause. There … [Read more...]

All Hands on Deck!

Let me take a second to introduce everyone to a group of terrific, talented ladies who have agreed to help keep this place from falling into a mausoleum while I'm off gallivanting!Meet Danielle Bean, Simcha Fisher and Sally ThomasDanielle Bean is a little force of nature who writes everywhere - at Inside Catholic, at the National Catholic Register, at Faith and Family Live!; in her spare time, she writes books!. Anytime I think I'm working hard, I look at her output, remember she has 8 … [Read more...]

Return to Bliss

Isn't this a great picture? Flowers in the Utah desert, after a rain.Even what is hard and barren may be cracked open, to reveal an inner beauty hardly guessed at.Bliss.Let's revisit a little bliss:. . . we are His raiment, and whether we consent to it or not, we will eventually be worn out and put away, and He will go on, living in others, arrayed in whatever garment they offer. Whether we are thin, fat, old, young, fit or paralyzed, or even "born with half a brain," God suits up … [Read more...]

Must Reads Roundup

Haven't cleared the tabbar in a while - here are some things you should try not to miss:dotcommonweal: Beautiful Bodies; Rotted Hearts, a remarkable piece of writing, and a look at the underbelly of free market capitalism that makes so many of the churches uneasy, even as they oppose the alternatives. Don't miss it.OSV: Their Catholic Internet Readers Guide. Yours truly gives a few of her own suggestions, although no one surveyed mentioned this blog! Whaa.Speaking of Surveys: First … [Read more...]

Inside Catholic Gets a Makeover!

Oh, it's so nice!:". . .we've designed this next iteration of IC to take full advantage of social networking, and will soon expand it to mobile devices as well. Not only that, but over the next few weeks, we'll be announcing several exciting new Web features, including regular mini-documentaries and interview shows. We've also added the wildly popular Tweetboard -- a kind of micro-forum that allows you to follow our writers' Twitter accounts... and interact with them if you have your own. … [Read more...]