Ed Morrissey has the last word on Nadagate

Or, in a sane world, it would be the last word. But there is little that is sane, or intellectually honest in 21st Century American political discourse.Nevertheless, Captain Ed - wearing his Daily Standard Cap - seems quite in his wits, with this piece, and one can only add please God, make someone - anyone - on the left stand up and say, "yes...this overblown story is absurd."I'm not counting on it, though. Meanwhile, Greg Pierce notes - sigh - more double standards in how the press deals … [Read more...]

The Cotillion is hot to trot

Actually, I'm on retreat right now, and so I am posting this blind - writing it now and hoping it will post at the proper time. We'll see if it works!I must start out by saying, though, that Beth at MVRWC posted very creatively this week - go check it out. Then come back, of course, so you can see the rest!This week's Cotillion Ball is hosted by <a href="http://annika.mu.nu/"Annika's Journal, Dr. Sanity and Girl on the Right who must have done something to her site … [Read more...]

Featured blog of the week: HOOTSBUDDY

A few weeks ago, I realized that while I enjoyed his blog very much - always - every time I went to visit it, I simply wasn't linking very much to the adorable (and very smart) Jimmie Bise over at Sundries Shack, and so I made a point of running down a few of his latest posts and directing you over there.And I am quite sure you are still remembering to go visit Jimmie, right? Of course you are - he has a great blog!I find that there are not enough hours in the day to read all of the blogs … [Read more...]

Bush meets partisan hacks

"So, go ahead and ask your dumb questions you stupids," Bush told the press."I'm from the New York Times and..." A bat to the reporter's stomach caused him to fall to the ground and curl up in a ball. Everyone looked on in shock."What?" Bush demanded, setting back down the bat, "Didn't I explain to you all what happens when I meet a partisan hack face-to-face?"It's Frank J's world, after all. … [Read more...]

Wilson/Plame, again

Like others, I'd really hoped we were done hearing about or commenting on Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame, but Mike at Uncorrelated has a round-up and some commentary that really can't be ignored as he wonders -as many have wondered - why no one is talking about the apparent conspiracy that had a CIA agent and former ambassador working together (and hard) to file a report which - upon investigation - has proved false, false, false?Wilson/Plame conspired to create a false intelligence … [Read more...]

Pro-America Demos and a cartoon

A GREAT Cartoon, courtesy of Gateway PunditThe Pro-America demonstrations range from one fellow standing alone in Sweden, to a few folks who seem to be enjoying themselves very much in Denmark. … [Read more...]

Values and relationships – an overlap

Sigmund Carl and Alfred (I never know which one is posting!) have two interesting posts up - both of them are very well-done, as usual, but what is striking about them is that while they are on two wildly different subjects, there remains a common thread.Here, SCA responds to Sadie from A fistful of fortnights and he's speaking spefically about human sexuality and longing, and relationships, remarking: it is our values and not our interests that can bind us together and bind us to something … [Read more...]

Thanks for noticing!

Doug at Bogus Gold points to one of his favorite lefty blogs and celebrates the fact that - on that blog, at least - Christians are being recognised as something more than a mindless monolith. … [Read more...]

Why the Jews are never included

Michael Ledeen has a very thoughtful piece at NRO, wherein he makes a potent point:...many British elites often seemed a micro-step away from saying that the world would be a better place if only Israel weren't there. The Middle East would be so much easier, you know.It's one of those things that few people have the courage to say up front - that many, many elites would be quite happy to see Israel simply cease to be.Ledeen goes out of his way, later, in clarifying that many American … [Read more...]

Betsy is making a New Mark

Arghghgghh! Okay, forgive the dreadful pun - I am just finally finding a bit of down time in a very busy day - and the first thing I wanted to do was connect you (if you have not seen it already) to this really well-done (and very fair) feature (the COVER STORY, no less) in the Washington Post magazine which brings together two intelligent female bloggers, Barbara O' Brian of Mahablog and Betsy Newmark of Betsy's Page.Writer David von Drehle had both women journey to Washington D.C. and … [Read more...]