The Future of Religion

Some of you may be a little familiar with because of Timothy Dalrymple's current three-part article, linked from this site--and also by Hot Air and Instapundit--exploring whether the Tea Parties might be considered a Christian movement. Patheos has begun a summer-long series on The Future of Word Religions. Each week knowledgeable writers will share their ideas on the future of their own religions. This week the focus is on Hinduism, with the schedule as follows: Interesting … [Read more...]

Dynamic Speaker and 2 Great Books! – UPDATED

I had the opportunity to attend a writer's conference held at the beautiful Seminary of the Immaculate Conception, this weekend, where it was my pleasure to meet a number of Long Island-based Catholic writers whose work I had admired. I had previously recommended Josephine Nobisso's splendid children's book The Weight of a Mass (my nieces have loved it!) to Anchoress readers, but to hear Nobisso describe the difficulties of getting faithful, non-ironic Catholic work published, and how she began … [Read more...]

I heart Simcha Fisher

And it is not difficult to see why when she shares her research into baby shower games: What could be so bad about candy bars? Well, howzabout we take a nice selection of them, melt them down until they’re gooey and shapeless, and slap each one into a diaper. Yes, pooplike. Then we pass them around . . . at a party, let’s not forget . . .and we poke them into each guest’s face, and we say, “Smell!” The idea is to see how many types of candy bar you can identify without their … [Read more...]

Make Parody, not Pain!

Or something... Mockery is more powerful than indignation, and those who do not want to read the voluminous details will still watch a video. Little Miss Attila, who is not afraid of a righteous battle, quotes a friend about Jewish Black Humor and posts a video you must see to believe. I think the Springsteen and Dylan bits are the best, although the Dylan was too intelligible. Ed Driscoll has more. Meanwhile, Bookworm looks at what Obama's idea of "support for Israel means. And Saturn, … [Read more...]

Nice…er…reporting, WaPo!

Ann Althouse, good instructor that she is, finds that a professional-big-time-journalist at the Washington Post (and other journalists, elsewhere, I am sure) have difficulty with reading, interpreting and pulling actual quotes from primary sources. She takes WaPo to the woodshed, and it's a joy to watch. Tom Maguire deals similarly with the NY Times, which is also misreporting about the history they prefer to be re-written. Gabriel Malor has more. It seems there are people who really don't … [Read more...]

My Biggest Fan

Few people in my family (and almost none of my friends) read my blog; I don't mind it - people are busy, after all, and I'm not that interesting, anyway. But every once in a while, I'll send my husband a link to something I've written, because I think he'll enjoy it. Today I sent him this piece about the wussification of the workplace. He said "I thought it was well-written, but are you veering off, now, into other subjects? I thought you just wrote about politics and religion. And … [Read more...]

Sometimes Things Don't Work Out

So, I spent a good portion of the morning writing something that I thought you'd enjoy. It concerned a pal, but it was funny and sort of sweet, and I had written a couple of deliciously wicked metaphors about someone who had spitefully and needlessly wronged him. Then I showed it to my pal, who asked me not to post it. Well, fine, but now I have nothing for you guys to read. I had had a plan. It did not work out. Dammitall. Then I got this from Rick at Brutally Honest, and it made me … [Read more...]

I'd like 10,000 Locusts, please!

It appears that this blog has won the prestigious [Carolina] Cannonball Catholic Blog Award in the category of Best Political Blog. She does her own illustrations! As my Auntie Lillie might say, "I t'ank ye's all who bothered to vote!" Except I will be sincere. Interesting company I am keeping, there. Lots of previously-unseen-by-me blogs to investigate! Now, it is my understanding that there is as yet no plaque or button to commemorate this heady award, for which I am exceedingly … [Read more...]

First Things Gets a New Look!

A few days ago First Things editor Joseph Bottum sent a note around about a redesign of the magazine. Although I had no idea what was in store, I rejoiced at the notion. I've loved First Things for a long time for its intelligent and often challenging content, but visually the journal was a bit of a snooze. Today my copy landed in the mailbox, and it had me dancing around the foyer. First off, there's the cover - bold background with a line drawing of a reader who looks, to me, like a cross … [Read more...]

Cutest Catholic Bloggery

She does her own illustrations! I have reader Brian J who occasionally makes great graphics for this blog. Carolina Cannonball has a guy who makes videos! In terms of cuteness in Catholic Bloggery (with an added gift of finding great photographs we would otherwise never see) the girl is in a class all by herself. And I seriously think she should design a line of greeting cards using her terrible/adorable illustrations. I would buy them! … [Read more...]