Betsy, Lorie and I on CNN

Trey Jackson, whose video blog Jackson's Junction is invaluable, (and who has a donation button to help defray the cost of his extensive operation, if yer feeling generous) has linked to CNN's blog segment, which features bloggers writing on le affaire la Rove. You can watch the piece here.There are three bloggers featured, Betsy Newmark, the absolutely tireless Lorie Byrd and me. It is delightful to be in the same company as these two women who are among my blogging heros.And btw, Betsy … [Read more...]

Anchoress quoted, but carefully…carefully

This is pretty funny - Ms Musings points to an article in the Chicago Tribune which quotes little ol' me, and my piece on the London attack.Christine writes, I give the Trib points for finding a relevant response to a current issue -- and for publishing a coherent excerpt -- but the minor edits still reveal the Trib's other problem with "Blog Spotting": a discomfort with real language...the paper drew the line at terms and phrases it considered too inflammatory to include. Turning … [Read more...]

Stones Cry Out has girls in the gang, now!

I've always thought Stones Cry Out was an exceptional blog peopled by intelligent, straight-up guys. In fact, I do believe that when they hit their new digs, I had predicted that the site would become "a powerhouse." It has long been one of my favorite Evangelical-Christian-run sites.The only criticism one might have made about the place - if indeed one needed to find something to criticize - was that it was an all-boys club. But it seems that has changed, very recently.The boys have … [Read more...]

Inclusive language gets sillier

Tracey at Worship Naked has a post that almost made my head explode. She started out, last week, with an English quiz that was pretty simple, but now she's moved on to something about Zie Zim Zir/Zirs Zimself - new words and forms meant to protect the delicate sensibilities of the neo-victorian prudes who have a case of the vapors if they hear a rude masculine form.But I will let Tracey explain:"Every person is entitled to their own opinion."Technically, what's wrong with this sentence … [Read more...]

Navel gazing

Greg at What Attitude Problem has posted his answers to the personal preference questions asked by the obsequious James Lipton on "Inside the Actor's Studio."I'm in the mood to be a little goofy tonight, so I'll play along...1. What is your favorite word? Twee2. What is your least favorite word? Specific. It inspires lisps. I also don't like the word lisps.3. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? Praying the Divine Office.4. What turns you off? Ironing. Kill me … [Read more...]

B-XVI Roundups from Left and Right

Very impressive round up on all things Benedict and breaking. Yeeeeehah!Meanwhile, Dirty Harry is CONVINCED Ratzinger was the right choice, mostly on the basis of how fast and hard the left are howling.Professor Bainbridge is watching Andrew Sullivan's head explode, as well.I must say, they really, really HATE him, and they're not even trying to hide it. No honeymoon for Benedict XVI. I just heard someone on CNN call him a "Catholic NEOCON."You KNOW how much they hate neocons! … [Read more...]

I’m not too dumb to appreciate a compliment!

Once upon a time, I couldn't accept compliments; I would blush and stammer, and say, "oh, no, not really," (people must have found that so annoying...)I've learned how to accept a compliment and simply say "Thank you," to four folks I admire quite a lot.I still blush, but at least you don't have to listen to me stammer!Meanwhile, Buster, who was on the mend and had managed to both ably sing his Handel and play his sonata on Saturday, relapsed on Sunday, and so we're headed back to the … [Read more...]

On Fatherhood

Greg at What Attitude Problem has posted the third installment of his thoughts on Fatherhood. If you've been following him, you know that his essays on this topic are incredibly brave, open and honest, and provocative, too. Very worth reading. … [Read more...]

Fineman reaches but doesn’t get the brass ring

I'll give Howard Fineman points for trying, mostly because I have a soft spot for Fineman. That schoolboy hair, the studious glasses, you just want to bring him home and give him a bowl of soup with crackers.But the man doesn't get it. Writing about Rathergate, and its effect on the mainstream media, he correctly identifies his industry as a political party in demise, but immediately blows it by reversing the order of this party's destroyers:A political party is dying before our eyes — and I d … [Read more...]

Stop Talking Nonsense!

I have never responded to a comment made in a thread with a whole new posting, but one visitor to this site, Joseph Marshall (with whom I share a common love of farce and Ella Fitzgerald) posted that he really couldn't understand why some Democrats and former Democrats are pleading for a healthy, sane Democrat party. Since I respect Marshall as a fellow Wodehousian, I've decided to respond here, and bring his comments to the fore.Sez Joe:  The only thing WORTH opposing in Republican … [Read more...]