A Fun Book Meme for the Weekend!

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I like this meme, for the weekend, and thought your answers would be fun, too. As Julie says:include up to 3 answers each if you like. We won’t tell. If you’re religious, consider The Bible or other religious texts a gimme, particularly for question #15.Something to talk about with others over the summer BBQ, anyway.1. Most treasured childhood book(s)? Harriet the Spy From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler A Wrinkle in Time Treasure Island (I know that's four but th … [Read more...]

For Chesterton’s Birthday, a 30-Quote Salute!


1) Our Civilization has decided, and very justly decided, that determining the guilt or innocence of men is a thing too important to be trusted to trained men. It wishes for light upon that awful matter, it asks men to know no more law than I know, but who can feel the thing that I felt in the jury box. When it wants a library catalogued, or the solar system discovered, or any trifle of that kind, it uses up its specialists. But when it wishes anything done which is really serious, it collects … [Read more...]

Read, Pray Softly, and Carry a Great Handbag!

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So, once again, I have ended up writing a book in longhand, and so this week will be dedicated to transcription, which I hate. That being the case, I have decided to use this week on the blog to promote some books from a wide variety of authors, but since my time is limited, my promotion will consist of an excerpt, and you can decide whether you like it as much as I do. Some of the books are brand-spanking new, and a few others are books I’ve wanted to review for months amid too hectic a s … [Read more...]

On his 88th Birthday, Some Quotes from Benedict XVI

Just Ordered this Book!

It is only when life has been accepted and is perceived as accepted that it becomes also acceptable. Man is that strange creature that needs not just physical birth but also appreciation if he is to subsist . . . If an individual is to accept himself, someone must say to him: “It is good that you exist” – must say it, not with words, but with that act of the entire being that we call love. – Principles of Catholic TheologyPope Francis offered Mass, today, for his predecessor, on the occas … [Read more...]

My Hoo-erdom Hashed-Out and Explored in a Q&A

hooer cover final

It's been an odd couple of months, wherein I have found myself interviewed several times, and via surprising venues. First Tom McDonald got me yapping about prayer.And then America got me going on and on about blogging (which generated tweets from Catholic people who actively hate me in humbling ways I hadn't then-imagined).I had totally forgotten, but around the same time, Patheos' Book Club asked me to discuss why I Don't Want to be a Hoo-er, if I can help it, which surprised me. … [Read more...]

Resurrection: Eden’s Book Makes Great Easter Reading!

thrill of the chaste

If you take a look at Dawn Eden's excellent book, The Thrill of the Chaste: Finding Fulfillment While Keeping Your Clothes On, you'll see a little blurb from me that says:"Dawn Eden's book helped me to understand that virtue is about much more than our sexuality; its pursuit is a positive action applicable to our work, our relationships, our prayer, our play, our daily bread--indeed, it is applicable to every aspect of our lives. So is this book."I meant all of that. Having spent … [Read more...]

DEATH comes for Terry Pratchett; Discworld Sees Him Off! RIP

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No one but Terry Pratchett could write an appropriate scene for his encounter with Death, but upon hearing of the death of this marvelously inventive and wise writer, my imagination immediately went there. I pictured Pratchett before a fire, with a glass of wine, looking up and seeing the cloak and hood, and the staff, and then looking down, placing the Death of Rats by his SQUEAK!Death: TERRY PRATCHETT! Pratchett: Yes, oh is it you, finally? Death: (Looking at his hourglass) BUT I AM … [Read more...]

Lenten Reading: Rosary and Inner Healing

Rosary healing

I don't know why but I just can't bring myself to produce my annual "Suggested Lenten Reading and Resources" post. It's not that I have no recommendations; like a vaudeville comedian, "I got a million of 'em."I just have no head for gathering it all together in one spot. I think I need to shake things up, do something different. Maybe the Holy Spirit wants me to hit precise targets -- make sure certain people see certain books -- and that's best done shot-by-shot than with a spray of ammo? … [Read more...]

When Children Love Saint Benedict!

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A friend of mine sent me this cute wrap-up of a conversation he had with his little daughters this morning. I reprint it here, with his permission, and am changing their names to protect their privacy, and also because I never got to name girl babies:Car Ride Conversation A Play in One Act ------------------------- Starring: Annaliese Serra* (7 yrs old) as herself Evangeline deSales* (5 yrs old) as herself Dad, as himselfScene: This frosty morning, driving my girls to their … [Read more...]

Award-winning “Strange Gods” Now in Polish! (UPDATED)

Strange Gods Award

In the successive pages of this modern day City of God...Say whuuuuut? From a review of Strange Gods than left me a bit speechless, when I read it last week!A couple of days ago, I shared old news that my regular column at OSV had been honored with an award.And a friend said, "I thought it was your book, not the column, that was recognized."Which reminded me that oh, yeah, Strange Gods was also recognized by the Association of Catholic Book Publishers.No, I didn't mind … [Read more...]