Pelosi, Abortion & St. Augustine – UPDATED

I was just out driving, had the radio on and heard this Meet the Press sound bite by Nancy Pelosi, on Limbaugh's show:REP. PELOSI: I would say that as an ardent, practicing Catholic, this is an issue that I have studied for a long time. And what I know is, over the centuries, the doctors of the church have not been able to make that definition. And Senator–St. Augustine said at three months. We don’t know. The point is, is that it shouldn’t have an impact on the woman’s right to choose. Ro … [Read more...]

Glassy-eyed & Bored on the NJ Turnpike

We dropped Buster off at school on Saturday - felt rather badly for him; his usual roomie - a close friend - will be out for a semester having surgery, and while the new guy seems chill, I think it suddenly struck him, full force, that he'd be missing his friend. Otherwise it was interesting to watch him become happier and more excited as we drove into "his" neighborhood. I think all-in-all he's glad to be back at school. I was surprised at all the kids hauling flat-screen tv's and all manner … [Read more...]

Welcome to Retreat!

:NOTE::::Check this post (below photo) for links to latest retreat posts::::END:Welcome to our first Online Retreat!Each day of the retreat (from now until sundown, August 16) will be found on its own page, and this notice will remain at the top of the "blog proper" until the retreat ends. In the interest of promoting interior silence, comments will be turned off.RETREAT START, beginning at Sundown, August 10, may be found here. -- First meditation (Sunday Night) is here.MONDAY … [Read more...]

Down, down, down

My site has been going down intermittently, and here at home we seem to be battling a fatiguing bug in the household. Will be back in biz tonight, hopefully.Meanwhile, another little excerpt from Why We Hate just part of the landscape. On very basic civic and political values, there is a vast common ground hidden by a few stands of towering pines. The exceptions always get the attention; the negative often wins campaigns. Moderate, independent and eclectic citizens … [Read more...]

Meyer: Why We Hate Us

Through his columns, first at CBS and now at NPR, Dick Meyer has provided this site with so many interesting jumping-off points that I've given him his own category. I believe he is the only writer besides Chesterton to gain that dubious distinction, but, I digress.Several times over the past few weeks, I have mentioned the upcoming release of his book, Why We Hate Us; American Discontent in the New Millennium; it was released yesterday, and good for all of us that it was.In his recent … [Read more...]

Obama: "President of the World?" – UPDATED

"The Ambiguously American Candidate." That's what I thought yesterday when I saw this photo.It is striking to note that Obama's plane flys around the world sporting an iiiiittty bitty American flag (out of camera range when he walks down to tarmacs) and many prominent O symbols. I wrote to a pal yesterday:"A tiny little flag near the serial numbers, the big Obama symbol everywhere - including, apparently, on HIS seat in first class.It's starting to really make me uncomfortable. Obama … [Read more...]

Scanning the Sphere: quick hits

Found in the mailbox: No One Sees God; The Dark Night of Atheists and Believers by Michael Novak.Which reminds me, this is the best book I've read this year, reviewed here and here.We're painting another bedroom (I love it when my husband takes some vacation time) so here are some quick hits - follow the links, they're all good:From the Dept. of Obama's gotta learn to lighten up!: I can't believe the brouhaha over the New Yorker cover! Remember when Kilborn put the "Snipers Wanted" logo on … [Read more...]

George Willing America Right

I teased you about it last week, because I was just enjoying the book so much, but now my formal review is up at Inside Catholic.Excerpted: His baseball columns leave the idea running about one's head that perhaps "the game" -- inclusive, singular, and daily renewed by inches -- is a perfect metaphor for America itself.Will does not use his pen like a Louisville Slugger, pounding those thoughts into the reader's head; he merely guides the reader's reason with the understated elegance of … [Read more...]

Meyer & Shana: Blaming vs Growing Up

I label Dick Meyer as an "omni-spective." He is an educated, urbane "DC-NY-corridor" secularist who defies the stereotype of snobbish insularity. He is introspective and also outwardly mega-observant; he doesn't just peer at a surface, but looks into and around everything - hence my label.Meyer recently left CBS News and headed to NPR and he has taken his Against the Grain column with him. Today's piece is a good 'un you will want to read. I have a few small quibbles with it - as usual - … [Read more...]

Will: Perfect reading in this season

Sorry so quiet - among other distractions, I found I could not put this collection of essays down, as George Will discusses everything from William F. Buckley (to whom the book is dedicated) to past and present members of the class political (and how they governed their own lives as well as others) - he writes about the early days of tv journalism, about how politicos on both sides of the fence used to be able to look past party to see human beings, about education, common sense, baseball, … [Read more...]