A New Chesterton Blog

A man approaches, wearing sandals and simple raiment, a raw tomato held firmly in his right hand, and says, 'The affections of family and country alike are hindrances to the fuller development of human love'; but the plain thinker will only answer him, with a wonder not untinged with admiration, 'What a great deal of trouble you must have taken in order to feel like that.'" [G.K. Chesterton, in Heretics]The Blog of the Chesterton Society is here. And about time.H/T to SCA. … [Read more...]

Maureen Dowd wrote the wrong book

I haven't written about Maureen Dowd in a dog's age. She used to be fun to write about, because she was so deliciously whacked out, but increasingly, I found myself feeling badly for the woman and wanting to help her out. I toned down my words and really tried to convey what I thought was sympathetic advice, one Irish gal to another, especially back last Christmas, when she really sounded undone and rather heartbroken.She never seemed to take all that good advice, though, so I stopped … [Read more...]

“How can I like you, you’re a Conservative?”

I have heard the phrase repeated to me a few times by stunned liberals..."I don't understand it, you're a Conservative, but I still find I like you..."Last week my best pal, who works within the public school system, encountered the same remark from a Social Studies teacher - "I shouldn't like you; you're a conservative. And yet, I do like you a lot."My pal was taken aback. "He 'shouldn't' like me because I'm a conservative? What sort of bigotry is that? No one would ever dream of … [Read more...]

We Loved Narnia!

I couldn't stay awake through any of the LOTR films - in my impatient head, I'd keep thinking, "get to it, already - how many scenes do we need to see of Orcs making weapons! Alright, I get it, the Ents are slow! Not the Oliphants!"Sometimes I got the feeling that director Peter Jackson was simply indulging in Tolkien-Porn - lingering lovingly on some Middle-Earthian scenery or sword or doo-dad, allowing his addicted audience to simply wallow in Hobbity/Elfin goodness to unhealthy excess. … [Read more...]

A round-up of Narnia Reviews

UPDATE: My own review is here.I'm not much for epic pictures, but some of these reviews are making me really curious to see this movie.I'm especially taken with this review out of San Francisco and the mighty Stephen Hunter (hands down the best film reviewer in the land, IMHO) gives it a a rave in the WaPo.Cathy Siepp at NRO has typically bright thoughts on both the film and some of its critics.Clive Davis has a lively round-up. And The Donegal Express has what they call "a few choice … [Read more...]

In the mail today: POSTSECRET

A while back, while reading at Worship Naked I spied a link to Frank Warren's blog, Post Secret and was immediately fascinated by the site and its ever-changing contents.Thinking to start a community art project, Warren invited people to send anonymous postcards sharing a secret they might be otherwise too afraid or ashamed or embarrassed to admit, and he encouraged creativity. The site became a wonder - funny, sad, touching, infuriating, gross and chilling - it was full of people being … [Read more...]

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Buster and hubby and I saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire over the past few days, and we were really appalled at how Albus Dumbledore was portrayed - there is simply no way Dumbledore would approach Harry in such a menacing manner, as he does after Harry's name comes out of the goblet, and too often this Dumbledore seems to be holding his head in his hands, fretting - something Dumbledore never does in the books. I miss Richard Harris.That said - the best of the movies thus far, although … [Read more...]

Pearce does Tolkien

Love Joseph Pearce, one of my favorite authors - he's great. If you love Tolkien, go here. … [Read more...]

In the Mail Today…

The Right to be Wrong by Kevin Seamus Hasson, published by Encounter Books. The back cover has enthusiastic blurbs from Michael Novak, Mary Ann Glendon, Rev. John Neuhaus and Rabbi Alan Mittleman - so I'm looking forward to it and will let you know what I think in a few days.Also...from a friend who always sends me my Christmas gift 'way early, because it's always Christmas music to "get in the mood" comes this which I am so far loving, not least because it contains the great Bryn Terfel … [Read more...]

A Catholic Woman’s Book of Days

As a rule I tend to have a knee-jerk prejudice against things that are "by women/for women." Back in my feminist days I spent a lot of time buying "stuff by women" simply because they were made or written by women, geared toward women. What I too-often found was something pretty mediocre and narrow. Often I would regret my purchase, particularly if it was a book, because I would come away from it feeling like the author, assured of her niche and not feeling especially challenged, was "phoning … [Read more...]