Rib eye steak, onion, bleu cheese

Okay, a few days ago I showed you a recipe that sounded incredible.Two recipes, in fact, Ree Drummond's Rib Eye Steak w/ Onion and Bleu Cheese and her Monkey Bread.Since I had to go food shopping yesterday and the rib-eyes were both on sale and cut just right (I prefer thin to thick), I went ahead and bought them, bought the onions, heavy cream and cheese.Oh. My. GAWD.It was one of those meals where the family is silent except for groans of pleasure. I asked Elder Son whether he said … [Read more...]

Feast of St. Gregory the Great – UPDATED

The Dominican Nuns of Summit, NJ, (the great soap and hand creme nuns and best lipbalm evah) announce the arrival of another new postulant into their growing novitiate. Although Sr. Janlyn arrived to their house on the feastday of St. Dominic, they've announced her today, on the Feast of St. Gregory the Great.This seems fitting, actually, since their new postulant is a trained vocalist who will add much to the nun's daily chanting.Since we credit St. Gregory the Great with the Gregorian … [Read more...]

What is your favorite psalm?

I actually meant to talk about psalms yesterday, but somehow that post, almost from the first word, was taken out of my hands and morphed into this piece on Oblates and Tertiaries, and I've gotten to the point where I just don't fight that sort of stuff anymore.Those who check in from time to time to pray Morning Prayer or Vespers with me in the podcasts know that I consider psalmody a spiritual wellspring for our eternal thirst, and a most perfect reflection of the human condition in all of … [Read more...]

Obama Meets Joe the Plumber via Terry Pratchett

From Night Watch, perhaps my favorite book by Terry Pratchett :There was Rosie Palm, and Sandra, and Reg Shoe, and half a dozen others sitting around another table, in the middle of the street. As Vimes stepped out into the evening, a plaintive voice said: “You cannot fight for ‘reasonably priced love.’”“You can if you want me and the rest of the girls on board,” said Rosie. “‘Free’ is not a word we wish to see used in these circumstances.”“Oh, very well,” said Reg, making a note on a … [Read more...]

Podcast late: Almost burned down house!

I wrote here, that I would be recording a podcast of Vespers in 'about an hour.'Well, Vespers will be late. They're coming, just as soon as I write this and my hands stop shaking.Here's the deal: I'm fasting. No eating between meals, only two meals a day, yadda yadda, by the time supper comes around, yer girl is pretty hungry, a little lightheaded and goofy.My husband is having a "guys night out" which I encouraged. Elder Son is distracted. So, I decided I would order out - a pasta … [Read more...]

Terry Pratchett and a great definition of sin

Actually, it's the best definition I've ever read.Once again I find myself flabbergasted by a bit of wisdom from a Terry Pratchett book. Actually, from one Terry Prachett book, Carpe Jugulum, which I wrote about here, just the other day.Apparently, I was not the only one taken with the excerpt posted by Julie. Siggy got inspired by it, too (commenting eloquently at Happy Catholic) prompting Julie to send him more, which he posted here.From Carpe Jugulum:“There is a very i … [Read more...]

Terry Pratchett, Wise Words and Spinach

From Julie we get both the wise words and the heavenly-sounding spinach recipe.The wise words actually come from author Terry Pratchett whom, I confess, I often have difficulty reading. But this is brilliant:"Right. Right. That's people for you. Now if I'd seen him [God], really there, really alive, it'd be in me like a fever. If I thought there was some god who really did care two hoots about people, who watched 'em like a father and cared for 'em like a mother ... well, you wouldn't … [Read more...]

Hamlet, Harry Potter and the thrust of narrative

Dr. Sanity is pleading, say it ain't so, Jo and hoping that J.K. Rowling was being evasive when she suggested that Harry Potter may die in Book 7.Writes Sanity:Of course there is always a price that the hero must pay to vanquish evil. But if the price is his own death, then what kind of hope or chance is there for the rest of us who are trying to stand up to the darkness? The only way such a sacrifice can be meaningful--in fiction anyway--is if the hero's death is moral; and the flame of … [Read more...]

So, What are you Reading for Lent?

Last year I wrote about The Tradition of Lenten Reading, so this year I thought I would presume to play Abbess and lay out a selection of books you might find interesting reading during these 40 days.The Rule of St. Benedict "Listen my child, to the master's instructions and attend to them with the ear of your heart..."The Catholic Passion: Rediscovering the Power And Beauty of the Faith, Reviewed here. Perfect book if you've been away or are wondering why you stay.My Life With the … [Read more...]

A Look Back At An Extraordinary Month

Hugh Hewitt is raising an eyebrow as he links to the LA Times' review of John Allen's new book on Pope Benedict XVI. I think the review is as fair as anything written in the LA Times can be - they will always throw their bones to the left and make sure they get in a jab here or there.Allen's book is entitled The Rise of Benedict XVI The Inside Story of How the Pope Was Elected and Where He Will Take the Catholic Church, and I am sure, since it is John Allen that it will be researched to the … [Read more...]