Bill Clinton Father of the Year? Well, Okay, but…


So, Bill Clinton has been named Father of the Year by the National Father's Day Council.Really?Okay, normally, I wouldn't care about this or give it a second thought, but I'll bite. Why this father of a single child (who is now over 30 years old, married and presumably on her own) and why now?Actually, I am not even interested in the answer. But it seems to me someone like this father, Robbie Parker, might have been a more understandable and laudable choice. Under a time of great … [Read more...]

Cleverest Remark on DNC and Clinton

peter denies three times

Yesterday, the DNC had to pretend it had a 2/3 vote to assert that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and for the inclusion of the phrase, "God-given gifts" into their national platform, because three attempts to vote couldn't bring it. Whether it was the "God" language or the "Jerusalem" language they resisted more is hard to say. But the nays seem to have it it.And then, of course, the mob boo'ed, jeered and hissed.Later, Bill Clinton came out and did what Bill Clinton does better than … [Read more...]