Whore is as Whore Does; NOW is over

A week ago, Ed Morrissey looked at NOW's endorsement of California gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown--whose campaign assistant had just been caught referring to his (female) rival as "a whore"--and asked "Seriously, what does it take for a Democrat to lose the endorsement of the National Organization from Women?"The answer, of course, is "turn pro-life."Anything short of that, and it really doesn't matter what misogynist, insulting or dehumanizing thing a Democrat does, NOW will … [Read more...]

Obama & Dems: Put your dreams away…UPDATED

My husband works for a company that is trying to sell their product to places like Lowe's and Home Depot.I hear Obama say "BUILDING SPRAWL STOPS NOW!" and I think, there go 800,000 jobs. And along with those jobs, probably another 100,000 jobs in retail and business technologies.And there goes an awful lot of tax revenue. How we are supposed to pay for this beast of a bill without taxable earnings is something the great "I Won" - who can't say a positive word about industry, … [Read more...]

The Humbling: “The ONE” goes to Don Clinton

So, it appears that "The One" is going begging to Don Clinton, hat in hand:The One strides in confidently and extends his hand to The Don. The Don looks up, contemplates the proffered hand, and watches The One's smile fade as it is not shaken. The One retracts his hand, and tilts his head, comprehending, but not liking it. Still, he needs this meeting.Don Clinton nods slightly, and with a silky hand motions The One to take a seat. Don Clinton's blue eyes are grave, but there is a … [Read more...]

A thought before Super Tuesday: UPDATED

:::SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATE:::SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATE:::Exit polls in South Carolina indicate that Bill Clinton's hijinks and race-baiting hurt Hillary more than helped her.So, what is next, for Clinton?I jokingly said to a friend last night that Clinton's racial remarks are becoming so bold that I fear he will next show up in a white suit, carrying a mint julep and drawling something about "uppity" classes.But of course, that was not serious. And it might have been a little … [Read more...]

Holding Hands and Hauling Out Chelsea…

Clearly the Clintons are in full campaign mode once again. What other politicians would drag their 23+ daughter away from her job and boyfriend to take her on the "important" photo-ops. Poor girl has her own life...except during a campaign, when the hand-holding and "family unity" shots are required.The Clintons, who live in Chappaqua, N.Y., had interrupted a visit to Israel to make a brief trip to Jordan at the invitation of King Abdullah II.Stepping over broken glass, silver knives and … [Read more...]

I thought Bill Clinton was in charge of this!

UPDATE: As a few kind commenters pointed out, I was quite remiss in not saying straight off that this charge being made is nothing more - at this point - than a charge that bears heavy investigating. That's quite true. As such, take the whole thing with a grain of salt, but bear in mind that if it's true - if the tsunami money is being misrouted into terrorist hands - then there has to be some accountability for that. And if anyone but Bill Clinton were involved, most folks would completely … [Read more...]

Final thoughts

At first I thought I would have loved to have live-blogged the funeral of Pope John Paul the Great, but it wasn't necessary, was it? The images, the spontaneous outbursts of applause and cheering - it was most eloquent. But I did have a few thoughts:Today, an event occured which was witnessed by the whole world. A million people knelt in prayer on the cobblestone of St. Peter's. Hundreds of thousands of people publicly received communion in this, the year of the Eucharist. Leaders from all over … [Read more...]