From Email: Fairness, Life, Secrecy, Caroline

Not too much hate-mail, lately, which is a nice change. Someone from the left actually wrote that she appreciated how "fair" I was to Michelle Obama on her clothes.Well, thank you, I try to be fair. No one can be, all the time, but I would hope that that correspondent has been at least as "fair" to Bush once in a while in the past few years. What am I saying, I'm sure she has been! :-)THANKING YOU for your prayers: This military family writes to tell me that Beloved is finally home, and … [Read more...]

Wednesday Linkfest!

Personally a difficult day over here for some family members who are crucible-stepping. If you could keep J and P in your prayers, I would really appreciate it.Meanwhile, there's plenty to read!Big Doings: for the launch of Big Hollywood. I like the Steyn quote highlighted by Ed Driscoll he's right!. And Driscoll is correct that editor John Nolte will keep the site provocative, smart and funny. I like the site a lot - it's quickly going to become yet another of my daily "must reads" and a … [Read more...]

Thoughts on The American Presidency

I was helping someone find a quote about American Presidents, and in the process of searching, we found these from my own site. Thought as we ponder our latest election and the question of what the presidency means and where it might lead, I'd toss 'em out to you.But sticking to Clinton, and to the value of the American Presidency - it is worth noting. We are too enthralled with our partisanships and our "hates", sometimes, and we overlook the fact that - as with the papacy - the Office of … [Read more...]

An Obama Greek Tragedy of Absent Love?

I like this piece by the Headmistress, which echos much of what I feel about Barack Obama; that while I dislike his policies, there is something about him that I like and almost sympathize with. I won't vote for him, and I still believe he never meant to be the Democrat nominee in '08; I think he meant to be Hillary's veep, at best - he'd soften her bristles, warm her chilly edges and give her ticket class and panache, and he'd get 8 years to learn the ropes and prepare himself to walk into the … [Read more...]

Why our financial system nearly collapsed – UPDATED

Yes, I know is voice is grating, yes I know he can be too rude by half on his program, but take the time to listen to this audio of last Friday's Mark Levin show. (H/T Ace) You want the breakdown of what happened and why it happened? Levin gives it to you in plain language. Listen to it, even if you really don't want to. I didn't want to, but it's important that we understand what happened, here, historically, that we don't simply succumb to spin. Look past Levin's politics and his cranky … [Read more...]

The only thing real was the mutual disdain

So Sen. Obama went to Harlem today to meet former president Bill Clinton.It doesn't sound like they got on like a house afire.Clinton kept his answers short when he was asked about his involvement with Obama's campaign this fall. The former president noted an already-announced trip Sept. 29 to Florida.Obama said, "We're putting him to work."Asked if he would be doing more, Clinton said, "I've agreed to do a substantial number of things, whatever I'm asked to do."Before reporters were … [Read more...]

The Humbling: "The One" goes to Don Clinton

So, it appears that "The One" is going begging to Don Clinton, hat in hand:The One strides in confidently and extends his hand to The Don. The Don looks up, contemplates the proffered hand, and watches The One's smile fade as it is not shaken. The One retracts his hand, and tilts his head, comprehending, but not liking it. Still, he needs this meeting.Don Clinton nods slightly, and with a silky hand motions The One to take a seat. Don Clinton's blue eyes are grave, but there is a … [Read more...]

Brazile floats dumb meme & more

:::BUMPED::: Bang out the box, I am disappointed to read that my girl-crush, Donna Brazille is mouthing a stupid meme from earlier this week. I always expect better of her. AJ Strata has the rundown:Today on CNN’s Situation Room Blitzer (who cuts off all good points favoring the GOP) had Donna Brazile and James Carville demonstrate the SNAFU status in the DC/NY Media and liberal talking heads. At one point in the show Donna Brazile tried to cement the image of The Messiah, and actually c … [Read more...]

Reactions, Media "errors" and more

Button, button, who's got the button? McCain/Palin merchandise is flying off the shelves.Meanwhile, my pal Shana (she runs that rosary bracelet business in the right column ad) reports that she's enjoying watching her buttons run huge numbers popular on facebook flair - not that I actually know what that means - but if you want to make your own buttons, while you're waiting for "official" ones, these Palin vs Obama buttons are getting a lot of hits here.Although I must say I like the look … [Read more...]

When conventions were fun…

Supped out last night with some friends and one of them, a political maven, greeted me with,"have you been watching the convention? It's such garbage! Remember when it used to be fun? You'd have gavel-to-gavel coverage, you'd get to watch the platform fight - the roll call - it was great fun and you really got to see these people in action. It's all so scripted and polished and safe, now."Understand, this pal is a true TV News junkie - much more so than I ever was. She has always … [Read more...]