Benedict: @Pontifex Does Real Theology in 140 Characters – UPDATE


(Image shamelessly cribbed from Lisa Hendey's post)Pope Benedict XVI launched his first tweet today, on this feastday of Our Lady of Guadalupe, to much fanfare.And then -- like the rest of us -- he found the act so ridiculously fun and ingratiating that he did it some more! And yes, he is answering questions:Q: How can we celebrate the Year of Faith better in our daily lives? A: By speaking with Jesus in prayer, listening to what he tells you in the Gospel and looking for him in … [Read more...]

Good Reads and Dawn Eden’s Latest! – UPDATED


Over at Aquinas and More they're sponsoring the Catholic Summer Reading discussion, and I am really pleased to see several books I have liked and recommended up on the list of recommended adult reading. You can vote for adult and teen titles you recommend. Happily, the list includes Sigrid Undset's Stages on the Road, about which I cannot say enough good things, and also Amy Welborn's Wish You Were Here: Travels Through Loss and Hope and Hallie Lord's Style, Sex and Substance.One book that … [Read more...]

Teen Suicide, Media Excess, Palin and Bullies, Again

A horrible story made even worse by our excesses of media. Try to fully engage and consider this awful story while attempting to ignore the unstoppable video-with-commercials that ABC News plops into almost all of its pages, and which cannot be stopped while in commercial mode.The story is shattering -- two young teenage girls committed suicide together, and yes, bullying once again seems to lie at the heart of their hopelessness:The bodies of best friends Haylee Fentress and Paige Moravetz, … [Read more...]

Bullying, Tolerance & the Disconnect

(Source)Yesterday, I wrote a little about the rampant bullying that is driving too many gay teenage boys and straight teenage girls, to suicide.Today, I look at how that can be, after whole generations have heard the "tolerance" messages since their cradles, and suggest one surprising step that the church could take, in order to teach the world how to actually walk all that talk.USA Today has picked the piece up, with predictable emphasis. I notice that in the midst of the pc-focus on … [Read more...]

In the Day of the Bully

Over the weekend, I mentioned to someone that I hate the tv ad for the Chrysler Town and Country--the one where a little boy is being chased by bullies; he dives into the open hatchback of a waiting minivan, and his mother--who apparently knows her son is the target of bullies, but parks some distance away from school--then smiles as he makes his escape and the hatchback slowly closes behind him. Still smiling, and oblivious to the fact that thwarted bullies do not surrender, but only slink … [Read more...]