Ben Stein gives us the bad medicine we need

Yes, it's horrible tasting stuff, this piece by Ben Stein in the NY Times, but it's got to be had, if we're ever going to be a healthy society, again.Now, who’s fighting for us in the fight of our lives? Brave, idealistic Southerners. Hispanics from New Mexico. Rural men and women from upstate New York. Small-town boys and girls from the Midwest. Do the children of the powers on Wall Street resign to go off and fight? Fight for the system that made them rich? Fight for the way of life that m … [Read more...]

Police Chief Admits Katrina crime “exaggerated…”

NOLA Police Chief Eddie Compass finally talks straight about Katrina. Too little too late."In hindsight, I guess I heightened people's fears by me being the superintendent of police, reporting these things that were reported to me," Mr. Compass said of the unverified accounts of crime and disorder in flooded New Orleans that he repeated to the press and on "The Oprah Winfrey Show.""But there was really no way for me to check definitively. So instead I erred on the side of caution. I didn't … [Read more...]

Bush’s victories receive scant attention

Gasp! Do ya think?Hey, at least someone, somewhere acknowledges it!Last week, there was much less media coverage of a Rose Garden ceremony in which Bush presided over the swearing-in of Kavanaugh, who had been confirmed by a 57-36 vote.Bush has quietly been racking up small victories like these that seem at odds with the media’s conventional wisdom of a presidency on the skids. [...] In addition to success with his nominations, Bush also is presiding over a booming economy and is even s … [Read more...]

“Illegals” hysteria & the place I can’t go

I had doctor's appointments most of the day, and while I was in the car I kept switching around on the radio. I pulled up Rush and couldn't listen more than a few minutes. What I heard was a disappointing, strange, paranoia-feeding rant on how the "moderate Republicans and Democrats in the Senate" have a deliberate plan afoot to "enlarge the number of victims and people who will need welfare services" so as to "enlarge government..."It's all a plot and a conspiracy, you see...nothing could … [Read more...]

NSA leak/Jefferson/Congress, Whaaa?

Okay, this is just getting too interesting...or too confusing, I can't decide which.Here's Mac's Mind, this morning:(Quoting CNN) The FBI wants to interview top members of Congress from both parties about the leak to The New York Times concerning the National Security Agency's domestic surveillance program, sources told CNN.The Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call first reported that the FBI wanted to question federal legislators as part of its probe. The sources do not know if any members … [Read more...]

Jefferson and Hastert – OUT NOW!

UPDATE: Mac at Macsmind thinks Bush is doing the biggest rope-a-dope of all and I kinda hope he's right.If he is right, maybe Hastert can stay...if not...we return you to my original post: ***I want them both out! And Pelosi, too, since she's the minority speaker and she's in agreement with Hastert. OUT! They all deserve each other, and they all need to resign, and since they won't do it without pressure, I say we apply pressure. I don't actually know how we do that, but I'm sure others … [Read more...]

The Dangerous Prayer of Blessing

This blessing is dangerous because it takes you (and me) out of the equation and dares to allow God to work what and as He will. I read it first from an emailer who got it here, via hereThis ‘blessing’ was prayed over Henri Nouwen by his spiritual mentor:May all your expectations be frustrated. May all your plans be thwarted. May all your desires be withered into nothingness. That you may experience the powerlessness and the poverty of a child and sing and dance in the love of God the Fat … [Read more...]

But the threat is exaggerated…

The US Capital was evacuated briefly due to a power outage.Boy, folks are sure skittish over a threat that they say Bush has exaggerated - criminally exaggerated, even.Kind of reminds me of how, after 9/11, Hollywood wanted to have its Emmy awards at a military base...because - of course - the terrorists would be targeting our most beautiful and talented people.But really...the best way to deal with the threat of terrorism is...well, anything but what Bush has done. … [Read more...]

The Lonely Booming Economy – UPDATED

It sounds like a Grimms Brother's Tale, doesn't it?Willisms takes it on. 5 million jobs in 30 months, and it's still a "Rodney Dangerfield Economy" that can't get no respect. No one wants to be its friend. Half the country denies it exists, even as they drive their shiny new cars to the restaurant to drink $8.00 cocktails after drinking the $4.00 coffees all day at work. After buying the latest CD, after seeing the latest play, after picking out their spring wardrobe, after planning this … [Read more...]

Anchoress, why aren’t you writing?

I'm getting all these emails..."Anchoress, you depressed?""Anchoress, your computer on the fritz?""Anchoress, why aren't you writing..."Aside from being busy, as indicated yesterday [edited for clarity] I have felt disinclined to write. I feel like I have nothing constructive or positive to say.I'm not writing because...well, it's all beginning to feel a little futile, isn't it? The daily grind of news is essentially the same. Bush is an antiquated manly sort who is also bad, evil, … [Read more...]