Pssst, it was called Operation Iraqi FREEDOM!

Via Polipundit.This is sweet. Jon Stewart understands. He moans. But he understands.Stewart: But what do you make of–here’s my dilemma, if you will. I don’t care for the way these guys conduct themselves–and this is just you and I talking, no cameras here [audience laughter]. But boy, when you see the Lebanese take to the streets and all that, and you go, “Oh my God, this is working,” and I begin to wonder, is it–is the way that they handled it really–it’s sort of like, “Uh, OK, my daddy hits me, … [Read more...]

Europe saving face by finding Bush “changed”

I think it's pretty funny, actually. When Bush went to Europe in 2001, he was being castigated before he even got there as a "Cowboy" and "moron" etc, etc. While he was there he was treated with the absolute minimum of respect by Chirac and Schroeder and the rest (and the press) and at his departure, Bush was called "cold."After the Whitehall speech, Europe grudgingly called the speech itself "visionary" but they allowed the A.N.S.W.E.R. crowd and its "marches" to relay the message that Europe … [Read more...]

Astonishing photo of Lebanese taking it to the streets

You can see the photo here. Powerline also has a good link to get up to speed with the story. CUANAS also has the story and adds this thought:This "Independance Uprising" is a residual effect of America's "cowboy-like" policies. Our "imperialism" has spread democracy to two countries already in the past two years, and now a third country is threatened with democracy. We live in frightening times, and we have Bushitler to thank for it. The hunger for freedom and Democratic representation is … [Read more...]

Not everyone wants or needs to go to college

I really, really admire our First Lady. I think she is the epitome of grace and style, and she's a smart cookie, to boot. That's why I am so let-down by this article detailing the kick-off for her campaign to help "at-risk" youths, and her remarks.It's not that anything she said was wrong, bad or in any way offensive - nothing was - but I am disappointed with this:"When young people get to high school, you can help them see that higher education doesn't have to be just a dream, but it can be a … [Read more...]

Mr. Bush makes them feel small and cheap

For years now I have been marvelling at how President Bush, since coming into office, has pulled the masks off of everyone in politics, both in America and abroad. Sick with hate, people who had managed for years to present themselves as reasonable people suddenly could not maintain the pretence. Masks fell left and right. Sometimes, in watching members of the press and the government expose themselves, I would feel like I was an observer at a mad masquerade just after the clock struck midnight: … [Read more...]

It’s not new, but it is true: This German gets it

Had an email sent to me concerning an essay by one Mathias Döpfner, CEO Axel Springer, and written as an editorial for Die Welt. In the essay Döpfner gives Europe a smackdown for its complacency and timidity in confronting Islamic fanaticism.The sendee had no url, so I googled it and found a link to the whole editorial at Free Republic. But since there was, even there, no url, I checked with and found that yes, the editorial is genuine, but not especially new. It was printed in Die W … [Read more...]

Euro leaders “warming to Bush”

Well, that's good news, I guess. I mean, heaven knows, you're nobody if Chirac and Schroeder don't like you.Or, maybe success has a thousand fathers, and Europe has suddenly figured out that supporting democracy is better than NOT supporting democracy, especially when in not supporting democracy you seem to be tacitly supporting tyranny.In my wanderings thru the blogosphere today, I read one rant, I can't remember where, where the writer was decrying the fact that Bush had hurt "World … [Read more...]

Stop hyperventilating! Save yer breath fer yer porridge!

I'll admit, I have my moments where - having allowed myself to spend too many hours reading blogs and the mainstream press - I get rather feverish, and subject myself to the sort of gasping and hand-wringing that I've been reading in various "comments" sections over the past few days. "Oh my GAWD! The NEWSWEEK Poll! We're all gonna DIE!!!!"And so I'm kind of proud of myself that I didn't succumb to the temptation to despair this time around. I was only mildly disappointed that the president … [Read more...]

I wouldn’t want to play chess with him, either.

I've taken a quick look at various blogs and the consensus seems to be that while President Bush did not do badly in the debates, he didn't take John Kerry to task for one of any 10 or 70 things - that he did not take advantage of the opportunities to attack.President Bush is not an attacker. He never has been. He campaigns the way he campaigns. One of the reasons he routinely confounds his opponents is because they do not think as he thinks, he does not operate as they do. They can project … [Read more...]