Mary’s Assumption Makes Sense in Light of Microchimerism

dino hunting canada

Whenever my younger son is particularly happy he lets out with a dazzling grin and it always thrills me, because I recognize therein my grandmother's smile. She died when I was ten years old, but practically at the moment of his birth, I recognized her distinctive mouth and smile in him. I frequently marvel at the fact that I see in him something of a person he never knew, and that in my grandmother, I'd been seeing a feature that likely belonged to some wild Scot that she herself never … [Read more...]

Buster, Gratitude, Hillbilly Thomism UPDATED

When Buster was pretty small, perhaps three or four years old, a priest asked a rhetorical question during his homily--I don't remember the question; it might have been "why are we here, today" or something like that--but the boy was determined to answer it, and his hand shot up and remained there, like one long skinny flagpole wavering, while the priest tried to ignore him.After a while, Fr. Patient--who had baptized Buster and knew him well--sighed and said, "okay, Buster, what's your … [Read more...]

"Say 'Man & Wife'!"

Nothing like your nerves finally having their way with you.A great bit of fun courtesy of Tom Elia. Love the Princess Bride reference.Speaking of Princess Bride, this is still my favorite scene. Good memories of my kids running around the house in cowboy boots and swords repeating the line...I believe Buster once got a time out for scaring a playmate in pre-school by declaring "Hello! My name is Inigo Montoya! You killed my father; prepare to die!" … [Read more...]

Why you need an IT guy in the family

You need an IT guy in the family because things fall apart.Centers do not hold.Also things like mail programs get corrupted. Other things get messed up because Firefox crashed.Then, when you are whimpering in the corner, because you haven't a clue how to deal with any of it, your Elder Son, who is back in school to get all kinds of mysterious computer certifications, comes in. Behold the IT guy: he is a hero in the mold of classic heroes. He is grave, but compassionate. He scolds … [Read more...]

Buster, Technology & Foosball – UPDATED

In yesterday's link-filled post, I added this astounding technological demonstration.And because my kids do not read my blog - who is more boring than mother? - I sent the link to each of them. I got into a conversation with someone, later, about how the technology shows us that nothing is static, that soon watches and cameras may be little more than charming relics, like horse buggies.It's a good reminder, I think, not to get attached to "things."This morning, having watched the … [Read more...]

Podcast late: Almost burned down house!

I wrote here, that I would be recording a podcast of Vespers in 'about an hour.'Well, Vespers will be late. They're coming, just as soon as I write this and my hands stop shaking.Here's the deal: I'm fasting. No eating between meals, only two meals a day, yadda yadda, by the time supper comes around, yer girl is pretty hungry, a little lightheaded and goofy.My husband is having a "guys night out" which I encouraged. Elder Son is distracted. So, I decided I would order out - a … [Read more...]

My dog likes bananas; Buster is confounded by girls

Alle missing mommy

So, I did a stupid thing today and decided I would make "something delicious" for supper instead of the same old, same old. I would fry chicken!Buster, who mostly doesn't like my cooking unless it's hamburgers or steak, was thrilled.Stupid, stupid. Now I know why I never make fried chicken. The house reeked of oil. Thank goodness for a fair-weather snap, because I had to open the windows and turn on the ceiling fans to get the ghastly smell out of the place. And the … [Read more...]

Buster and “The gift freely given…”

Buster, age 3, image mine

After Mass this evening Buster and I headed out for a quick hamburger and somehow the discussion came up about how the Holy Eucharist is sometimes accepted at Mass by someone only to remain unconsumed and spirited out of the church for use in various - always nefarious - ways."How exactly," Buster asked me. "I've read that the Eucharist has been stolen for use in black masses -- but what do they do with it, actually?"I don't like talking about this stuff, but I related a little - that … [Read more...]

Advent and Antiphons through the years…

On this day, last year, this is where I was at - still thinking of Advent and what it means, but under very different circumstances.It is amazing how fast time goes by, how our days pass almost in a blur unless we stop to take stock. And it's also amazing how much my mutton-chopped, exceedingly loud 16 year old has taught me. And how much my brother is teaching me, still.Some of my Evangelical friends have wondered to me, via email, what the purpose is, of the Liturgical Year - why we … [Read more...]

Buster the Delicate

I should have anticipated it, of course. When we spent time in the ER the other day, I should have realized that there would likely be an opportunistic bug somewhere on the premises, which meant that - of course - we'd be spending time at the doctor's today, because Buster gets absolutely everything he is exposed to.Yes. He's 6' 1", 200 lbs of brawn, and he's as delicate as Camille. Sneeze on him and you take him out. Cough on him, and he's in bed for a week.This time it's the old … [Read more...]