Textbooks, we get textbooks!

Actually, my Elder Son gets textbooks. I did think, though, that when Buster majored in music, it would cut down the cost of textbooks. I didn't realize how much music scores can cost, though. They can get pretty pricey!If you're heading back to school this week - Buster is - Amazon has new and used textbooks galore with special deals.None of the music scores we need, though! … [Read more...]

"Movement" voters and other things

Just thought you might be interested in this - a buncha Catholics sittin' around gassing away about what lies ahead for Catholics as "movement" voters!Some interesting perspectives from center-right Catholic writers you may recognise, and in the middle I get to wag my finger and jump on a soapbox, declaring, first off that I dislike the notion of "movements" as a whole and besides, oversensitive Catholics (and hyper-hurt-feeling Christianity as-a-whole) are ticking me off with all the … [Read more...]

Vespers & a "Homiliette"

My Li'l Bro Thom suggested that I try adding a little "homiliette" - for lack of a better word - at the end of Vespers, so, here is vespers-with-homiliette for today.I have no idea if it's any good or worth doing again, but I can tell you that I made a silly mistake in saying I wanted to "stick with vespers and vesper antiphons"...I meant, I wanted to stick with Advent, of course.Since we started off with Verse two of O Come Divine Messiah, here are the words:O Christ, whom nations … [Read more...]

Buster Update

A few days ago I asked prayers for my son, Buster. I wanted to say thank you, first of all, for the many kind emails and comments, and I can never express how humbled I am whenever I know that my family members are being held in prayer (or when I am).He is "better" but not yet "well." I'm hoping today's day off from classes and rehearsals (he went to rehearsal on Saturday and ended up exhausted and feverish, although the fever quickly left) will help him to rest up and feel more himself. … [Read more...]

What's wrong with "Pie"? UPDATED

I'm seeing posts here and there giggling and making fun of this Obama video and his overuse of the word "pie."Chris Barrett & Powerhouse PicturesCan I say, I don't get it. What's the big deal? The man likes pie! There's nothing wrong with that. I got a pie-lovin' son. When he was 9 years old, he and I spent a few days at Montauk while Elder Son and his father were at Boy Scout Camp together. Buster announced that he was hungry for pie and was going to have pie at every meal.I … [Read more...]

Podcast late: Almost burned down house!

I wrote here, that I would be recording a podcast of Vespers in 'about an hour.'Well, Vespers will be late. They're coming, just as soon as I write this and my hands stop shaking.Here's the deal: I'm fasting. No eating between meals, only two meals a day, yadda yadda, by the time supper comes around, yer girl is pretty hungry, a little lightheaded and goofy.My husband is having a "guys night out" which I encouraged. Elder Son is distracted. So, I decided I would order out - a pasta … [Read more...]

A picture of Buster

I've posted the a picture before of Buster and Elder son, which you can see here,But a couple of folks, while kindly inquiring after Buster's health have asked for a picture.So, here you go.Aw, you didn't think I was going to put up something current did you?Well, okay, this is pretty recent:via … [Read more...]

Please pray for Buster – UPDATE

He's away at school and very sick. The damn health center made him wait a day for an appointment even though he had a fever, and now he's very sick, and his appointment is not until afternoon. I've written many times about how when he gets sick, he gets really sick, and I am anxious for him. He gets strep at the drop of a hat and he sounds awful. I ask your prayers on my son's behalf. Thank you.Update: Thank you all for your kind good wishes and prayers. They are most gratefully … [Read more...]

Glassy-eyed & Bored on the NJ Turnpike

We dropped Buster off at school on Saturday - felt rather badly for him; his usual roomie - a close friend - will be out for a semester having surgery, and while the new guy seems chill, I think it suddenly struck him, full force, that he'd be missing his friend. Otherwise it was interesting to watch him become happier and more excited as we drove into "his" neighborhood. I think all-in-all he's glad to be back at school. I was surprised at all the kids hauling flat-screen tv's and all manner … [Read more...]

Welcome to Retreat!

:NOTE::::Check this post (below photo) for links to latest retreat posts::::END:Welcome to our first Online Retreat!Each day of the retreat (from now until sundown, August 16) will be found on its own page, and this notice will remain at the top of the "blog proper" until the retreat ends. In the interest of promoting interior silence, comments will be turned off.RETREAT START, beginning at Sundown, August 10, may be found here. -- First meditation (Sunday Night) is here.MONDAY … [Read more...]