Defending Nuns, Popes, Freedom, Life…

Some interesting pieces and subjects that I have been too busy to post on this week, but really wanted to share with you:Fr. James Martin - author of one of the best Catholic autobiographical books in the last 50 years and a longtime friend of this blog - is in many ways the perfect go-to voice of "reasonable, palatable Catholicism" for many in the media (and he is a very genial, bright and exceedingly reasonable, fair-minded fellow). At big Catholic events like Papal Visits and Archbishop … [Read more...]

Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Icon of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Available HereToday is the Feast Day of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, one of my favorite feasts, because Carmelites are beautiful, beautiful people, and because someone I love very much celebrates a birthday on this feastday!From time to time, on this site, we check in with our Carmelite friends. Of course, first and foremost, we know that the Carmelite Monks are the brilliant, bald chappies who provide us with the world's greatest coffee! They are the only … [Read more...]

Ven. Solanus Casey – UPDATED

Sometimes listening to people becomes monotonous and extremely boring, till one is nearly collapsing; but in such cases it helps to remember that even when Jesus was about to fall the third time, he patiently consoled the women-folk and children of his persecutors, making no exceptions. How can we ever be as grateful as we ought for such a vocation? --Fr. Solanus CaseyI've written several times, but only briefly, about Bl Venerable Solanus Casey, the Capuchin friar who was reknowned for his … [Read more...]

Should have posted this yesterday

Watch and you'll understand...Into the Oneby mavocation(H/T The Deac) … [Read more...]

"I come from a long line of depressed Germans…"

I was going to hang on to this piece and save it for an upcoming post on Vocations, but I was so charmed by the sisters being interviewed, here, that I am going to do a "little" Vocations piece, today. This is H/T Deacon Greg:"The [Monastic Dominican Nuns] didn't want to come to Hollywood," Sister Mary Pia says with a smile. "That was the funny thing. They didn't want any kind of worldly association."But as it turned out, Hollywood - even back in the '30s, before most of the studios and … [Read more...]

Father's Day is Coming!

My birth father was easy to buy for; books, paints (he was a very amateur, and messy artist).My Father in Law, whom I adore, is the most difficult man in the world to buy anything for. Clothes? He wears the same things all the time, so whatever I buy him ends up in my husband's closet. Books? He's not into them. Hobby Kits? Enough with that, please. I knew we were done with those when we gave him a kit to build a ship in a bottle ended up in my husband's closet.But last year, … [Read more...]

Coffee Wedding Favors?

Hey, why not?I just got three sweet emails from readers saying generous things about the blog (thanks, guys, I appreciate it) and one funny email from someone who attended a wedding reception where the favors were various sample packs of Mystic Monk Coffee! Apparently there was much hoarding by some guests, and serious trading between caffeine/decaf guests and those who wanted the flavored coffees.I keep telling you The Monks make some great Coffee. I'd never thought of a party favor, … [Read more...]

I need an Oratory!

Okay, I don't need an Oratory.But I need one.Nicely doneOrthodox Prayer Corner My Oratory will not be so elaborateMy husband, who is a very fine woodworker when he has time to indulge the hobby, has already been assigned the task of building me a prie-Dieu. I'm not expecting it any time soon, but I know eventually he'll make something beautiful.In the meantime, I am re-doing an old escritoire; hopefully most of my icons will fit on the shelves, and the writing-desk part will be for a … [Read more...]

I like this vid & link-around

Like this video which I found at Deacon Greg's Place, which I hope you peek in on every day!Do you remember when you were a kid, and you'd want to bring a book with you to supper, and your mother would yell at you to get the book off the table and then give you an Irish love-tap with the back of her left hand so that your head would snap back and hit the wall, and the wedding band would leave a mark on your forehead?No? Oh. That's how I remember it! Anyway...I knew there was a reason I … [Read more...]

May 3; World Day of Prayer for Vocations & the Habit

The Benedictine Suscipe; "Accept me Lord, as Thou hast promised, and I shall truly live" A Benedictine of Mary makes her First ProfessionI want to invite all the People of God to reflect on the theme: Faith in the divine initiative - the human response. The exhortation of Jesus to his disciples: "Pray therefore the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest" (Mt 9:38) has a constant resonance in the Church. Pray! The urgent call of the Lord stresses that prayer for vocations … [Read more...]