Benedict: This Peter is a lot like Paul!

I love this piece by Mark Shea wherein he has a bit of fun comparing the American media - and much of America - to the church at Corinth, and Paul's letters to them:So wrote the Apostle Paul describing the scuttlebutt about himself in one of his periodic gusts of annoyance with the Church at Corinth. The Corinthians had definite ideas about what an apostle should look and sound like and Paul did not measure up in their eyes. Part of the problem was that there seemed to be a disconnect in the … [Read more...]

Benedict is so SHY! UPDATED

Watching Benedict exit the plane in DC and greet President & Mrs. Bush and Jenna Bush,* I was struck by the difference in his body language vs John Paul II.John Paul would greet someone by clasping their hands in both of his and leaning in toward them. Benedict extends one hand and leans slightly back. He's true introvert, and he looked touchingly surprised at the young people hooting and singing "Happy Birthday" to him.He is nothing like John Paul II except in faith, but for all he … [Read more...]

"Deeply Ashamed" B-16 & the priesthood

My L'il Bro Thom and I were remembering that as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith it was evidently part of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger's job to read all of the distressing and detailed reports coming from the US as the church investigated the pederasty scandals which roiled us in 2002. Upon becoming pope one of the first remarks Benedict made pertained to "rid the church of filth". Only Andrew Sullivan seemed not to have understood Benedict's meaning.Today, before he … [Read more...]

The press and Benedict

My piece comparing and contrasting the press' dire predictions about Pope Benedict XVI with the reality of the man is up at Pajamas Media today.As if making my point for me, Newsweek has two pieces on Benedict, both falling rather heavily "pro" Benedict and "con" Benedict - I think perhaps the press is past understanding that balance means "a little bit of both." The first piece, by George Weigel, I recommend to you because although it glows for Benedict, it also gives you an excellent sense … [Read more...]

Noonan on Popes JPII & B16 – UPDATED

Deacon Greg, and Miss Kelly and Sissy Willis are all writing about Peggy Noonan's very good piece on the upcoming visit of Pope Benedict to the United States (and Sissy has a few words for those who don't appreciate the full genius of Papa Ratzinger, besides).Because so many are discussing Noonan's piece, I don't have to say much about it other than recommend you read it. I like how she notes that Benedict - unlike most "world leaders" - has no problem praising his predecessor and how she … [Read more...]

Loving Benedict & other Catholic things

Benedict XVI, speaking sweetly and gently, on his upcoming trip to AmericaAs I am mostly sleeping due to my most recent attack of "killer anemia" - which had been well-controlled for a good while - a friend popped to deliver a package of toffee, some of the incredible toffee I've written about here. The package was a free sample from the folks at the Toffeehouse who graciously (and classily) thanked me with a whole pound of what they call "the dangerous stuff" - and it really is dangerously … [Read more...]

They Eat Up My People – Psalm 14

At Midday Prayer the psalms are a little shorter and - for me, anyway - distractions weigh a little longer. Today the third psalm at midday was Psalm 14, which teaches on the foolishness of sinners - which means the foolishness of all of us.I am unhappy with myself just now for many reasons - all of them just - and though I've read the psalm many times, today it struck me. Every line struck me; every line felt like it was meant for me.I should tell you that often when I read the psalms of … [Read more...]

Repost: Why Wasn't JPII Buried in Simple Shroud?

Since today is 3 years since the very affecting funeral of John Paul II, thought I'd repost:An email from a reader:I'm asking this because I think you will answer me respectfully. The service today was beautiful but wasn't it too much? Jesus was buried in a simple shroud, and he was God. What we saw today bordered on idolatry. I have no problems with Catholics, I do believe you are Christians, but I think you are misguided on this.Sigh. Really, I am NOT an apologist. I have no energy for it, … [Read more...]

A Peckish Peek-Around

I'm finding myself out of patience with blogging today - maybe I have spring fever. I'm craving a cup of coffee and a walk through a woods - so here's a quick look at what I've been looking at online, and then I think I'll make myself a large cup of Mystic Monk Dark Roast and I'll travel-mug it outside:The other day I wrote about Bobby Kennedy, today at Inside Catholic Mark Stricherz writes about the death of the Bobby Kennedy CoalitionAlso relating slightly to something else I wrote last … [Read more...]

A Catholic is not a Protestant…

...and vise-versa.Yes, I know, it's obvious, but sometimes the obvious must be stated, and a guest post at Brutally Honest has brought us to one of those times.Rick's guest blogger, Tom Flake, urging "intellectual honesty" writes:Sean Hannity, perhaps more than any other pundit, has lambasted Senator Obama for his association with Pastor Wright. At the same time, while verbally condemning the Catholic hierarchy for its lack of action in the church pedophilia scandal, where, not only were … [Read more...]