More things in heaven and on earth than are dreamt…

However...some odd things do get thought about, sometimes.Here is a question that sounds absurd on the face of it. What do a few obscure Catholic holy days and various feast days of the Blessed Virgin Mary have to do with a formerly hard-drinking-now-reformed Methodist? The answer is, perhaps nothing, or perhaps quite a lot.During the Great Recount Debacle of Election 2000 – designated the Year of Great Jubilee by Pope John Paul II - some people began to notice that things seemed to go George B … [Read more...]

Since God is never outdone in generosity…

I thought I would give everyone a chance to be a little bit generous and then sit back and await the blessings! :-)If you're in the mood to think globally, and if you trust the men and women of our military to point out where the need is greatest (I do), you might want to participate in Spirit of America's "Blogger Challenge." A tip of the hat to Roger L Simon and you can scurry right over there and make a donation, if you're in the mood, or you can go to my own donation page here, and donate. … [Read more...]

The Struggle

Matteo at Cartago Delenda wrote this thoughtful, prayerful exposition on Thursday, the 11th, but I have only just read it, and pass it on to you as a must read, particularly for a Sunday. His reading of scripture bore some good fruit. Then scroll back up and read the rest of him. Matt's on a roll. … [Read more...]

He Restores My Soul…

Sleepless and surfing, I stumbled upon these really exquisite seasonal landscapes (I'm especially taken with the autumnal shots) from The Dominican Monastery of the Mother of God in West Springfield, MA.They look like a swell buncha gals, but what I really want to know is what sort of camera did they use for these eye-popping pictures! The pictures on the homepage are downright gorgeous, too!Sometimes you just need to stare at beauty for a while. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

The Book of Tobit is useful and under-utilized

Earlier, I wrote that I am in the process of putting together the liturgy for my brother's funeral.That's not just a hard sentence to write, it is a difficult task to set oneself to. It requires a willingness to say, "yes, I suppose this must be done, and better to do it now, when I am thinking clearly..." when one really doesn't yet want to...quite...believe that the end is near.Choosing from an approved list of prayers used throughout the Mass of Christian Burial is not difficult, even … [Read more...]

Days of Rest and Aimless Surfing…

Sunday used to be such a gentle day, a day for going to church, then stopping by Aunt Mary's for coffee and a bun and teasing a cousin or getting a game of touch football going. Early supper, some music and time to read or play a board game with family members.Okay, scratch that, I don't believe our family ever played a board game that didn't end with someone flinging the movable pieces across the room and closing the gameboard with a resounding THWACK as everyone quickly dispersed.I'm trying to … [Read more...]

And With Your Spirit

Oh, happy day! After 35 years of the sleepy and uninspiring English translations of the Latin Mass, it seems we are finally on a path to correct the language and allow the liturgy to have a bit of poetry and supernatural inflection!William Oddie (wonderful name) gives us the latest in the UK Spectator as he wonders Whose Rite is it, Anyway.It seems John Paul II is serious about correcting the prayers and responses of the liturgy, although he is - predictably - encountering resistance from the … [Read more...]

Humanae Vitae, the most misunderstood musing

Over at Captain Ed's Place there is a lively discussion taking place in the comments thread regarding the SCOTUS refusal to hear the appeal of Catholic Charities concerning California law. In a nutshell, California has told Catholic Charities - an excellent gang of people who help anyone in need with everything from tonight's supper to job counselling - that their health plan must - must, mind you - offer health insurance coverage with includes artificial contraception. Got that? A non-profit … [Read more...]