The Worker is Worth his Wages. And Perhaps Retirement, Too – UPDATED


"Oh, God, no...."When I saw the title of this piece by Father Dwight, those were my groaning sentiments. I've been trying to focus on a book project all week, and as soon as I saw it, I knew...there goes another day where I won't get it done.This is one of those crappy issues I hate to comment on, because it's ridiculous and small, and also because in eight years of blogging I have made a point of not speaking of other bloggers/new media folk unless I could do so positively. I'm not … [Read more...]

Building on what you’ve built: A GREAT Story


My Patheos colleague Tim Dalrymple has a story and video that really should make everyone stop in their tracks and think about what we all mean when we say (or sneer) at each other: "success", "capitalism", "share", "evil corporations", "collectivism" and "church."We get caught up in words like those -- particularly in an election year where, suddenly, words like "hard work", "build", "success", "welfare", "human dignity", "profit", "business", "hand-outs", "hand-ups" and "community" are … [Read more...]

Two Easy-to-Do Good Deeds


Okay, how many of us, by about ten in the morning, have already had to apologize to Jesus for our constant mouthiness -- even if it's just interior griping, sniping and sneering at others? Show of hands? I'm raising mine high.Well, here are two little things you can participate in while offering up an Act of Contrition, and you'll actually be helping out some folks, George and Harper, who could use a little support.First up, here is George -- a young man who is determined to drive … [Read more...]

Books, Books, Books in the Mailbox!

tyranny cliches

The daily walk to the mailbox is becoming an embarrassment of riches. My husband is not to happy when the daily books arrive, unless -- as happened a few weeks ago when I was sick -- he spies something that he wants to read, like When Hitler Took Austria: A Memoir of Heroic Faith by the Chancellor's Son, which he is getting through slowly (he works so many hours!) but says he is enjoying very much.Me, I am giddy as a kid on skates to get new books that I can read and recommend, and today … [Read more...]

Obamacare, “and then what”? – UPDATED

hawthorne OP

We had a busy weekend, and I barely was able to keep up with the headlines, but I did read a little about the Obamacare arguments before the SCOTUS. I also heard about former Vice-President Dick Cheney's heart transplant, and some of the less-than charitable, often outright hateful remarks emanating from the left. The most interesting of those, I think, are the ones instantly re-embracing the "constitution-shredding" and "war criminal" narratives of 2001-2008 without the merest acknowledgment … [Read more...]

Hating on Black Friday and “The Season”

Black Friday

I confess, I despise "Black Friday." I hate the way consumers are urged to haul their Thanksgiving-exhausted selves out to stores -- away from family members who have often traveled some distance to come together -- so they can surrender their human dignity or assault the dignity of others in order to snag a ten-dollar sweater and a waffle-maker for $9.99.And I hate the way consumers go along with it.I hate the way the mad buying and bad behavior is attached to Christmas -- the coming … [Read more...]

The Employment Rosary; on Currents

Last week, I had a chance to speak with Currents' Nathalia Ortiz about the idea of using the mysteries of the Rosary as a consolation and meditation for all of those who are seeking employment, or their family members who are anxiously watching them.The prayers and meditations are fleshed out in this little publication by Our Sunday Visitor, which I have written more about here.The great folks at NET-NY produce Currents (the only nightly Catholic newscast in the nation) have excerpted the … [Read more...]

Norbertine Christmas Wreaths!

Just got the order form for the Norbertine Nuns Christmas Wreaths in my email. I do love these nuns, but I wish they'd embrace technology just a little and set up a website for their wreaths, which are spectacularly fresh and fragrant and last beautifully throughout the season!I mean, this is kind of cute:Call or e-mail us to inquire about (or to place an early order for) a Christmas wreath made by the Norbertine Sisters! (661) 823-1066 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (661) 823- … [Read more...]

The Celeb Names & Why We Care

Earlier I posted a picture of celebrities from the 1940s and asked you to identify them.Some of the guesses were very good, indeed. I myself was only able to recognize Loretta Young (the sitting gal with the feathered hat) but I got waylaid by the fellow in profile, who looked a little like Cary Grant, if Cary Grant had looked like that.Let's look again:The un-Cary Grant is the film director Leo McCarey. The back row is Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, Jack Benny, Irene Dunne, and William … [Read more...]

Summit says "Thank you"

Sr. Mary Catherine, OP in the renovated refectoryI know many Anchoress readers kindly made donations to the hugely necessary (and beautifully completed) renovations at the Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary, in Summit, New Jersey. The updated kitchen means the cabinets are no longer falling down as the sisters cook, the ramps and renovated refectory means the community can all eat together, again, and I believe the thriving soap-and-lotion business that helps to keeps them afloat can now … [Read more...]