Thank you…

Pitching some Mystic Monk Coffee yesterday, in order to help fill the coffers didn't result in much business for the monks, but some of you very kindly hit the paypal button, and I find myself about $372.00 richer, today. Thank you. I'm going to put it aside for Buster's textbooks in the fall. You guys are the best, and I ask God's blessings on your intentions! … [Read more...]

Tennessee's Uncovered Disaster -UPDATED

A few days ago a reader asked me if I was going to be writing about the dramatic flooding in Nashville, and I said that I did mean to, and that it seemed to me the Nashville flooding was like the big Ice Storms that left people in some parts of Kentucky without power for nearly a month, two winters ago - a "red state" disaster that went uncovered, and had no one screaming "where are the feds; why aren't they doing something?"19 are dead; the damages will top a billion dollars.It does seem … [Read more...]

Great Writing, Great Reading!

Julie at Happy Catholic gives us a happy plug-a-roo as tin-cup rattling week continues, and makes it clear that 50% off for a journal of First Things' caliber is nothing to sneeze at.First Things is great at writing but not so canny that they point out you are getting a half-price subscription, so as the advertising person I will do so. Dispensing with the niceties of never using whole numbers as a retailer, essentially you are spending $20 for a $40 subscription.Well, we're a little shy … [Read more...]

He Leadeth Them

Fr. Walter Ciszek, S.J.From this interesting piece on Fr. Walter J. Ciszek and the simple (but not easy to come by) truths he learned while in the Gulag:. . . Lubianka wore him down with its constant hunger and isolation and the all-night interrogations, with their mind games and agonizing afterthoughts. After a year—brutalized, drugged, threatened with death—Ciszek did what he had been sure he would never do: He signed papers that gave the impression he had been spying for the Vat … [Read more...]

Mothers Day is Coming

Let me make it easy for you and help out our monk and nun friends in the process:If Mom likes to Garden: Send her to heaven with a handbasket. I gave one of these to a garden-loving neighbor for her birthday. She loved it. Apparently the tin of lavender balm which is included is especially good, but I would not know because she has not shared it with me.I like it sans whipped creme, myselfBuy Mom Coffee and Coffee Accessories: Our Carmelite monk friends have come up with Theme Packs … [Read more...]

Immigration & the Storm Next Time

Chapel at Green-Wood Cemetery, BrooklynLast week, I was in Brooklyn taping a few episodes of In the Arena, and one of the drivers, taking a route that brought us past The Green-Wood Cemetery, reminisced about Park Slope, where he had lived all his life."We were working class, then. Our fathers were train conductors and shoe salesmen. No, we'd never be able to afford to live here. We'd cut through Prospect Park to Ebbets Field to watch the Dodgers. In the summer, they'd close off four … [Read more...]

Rep. Charlie Wilson, RIP

Charlie Wilson has passed:Wilson, a Democrat, represented Lufkin in the U.S. House from 1972 to 1996. He gained notoriety for his efforts in the 1980s to support the mujahedeen in Afghanistan against the Soviet occupation during the 1980s.Wilson secretly secured congressional funds to arm the Afghans. The funding eventually grew to billions, roughly half in hidden U.S. taxpayer money, half in matching Saudi Arabian funds.The secret funding was spelled out in a 2003 bestselling book by … [Read more...]

Anonymous 4 & Stuff I like

I happened to be surfing the web trying to track down a priest friend when I found a site (I forget which) that opened up playing music from this album.Normally, I hate when a site opens with music; but this was a mesmerizing sound.So, of course, off I ran to You Tube:Lovely, ancient sounds. You can hear samples of the album here, also.While I'm talking about stuff I like, I ordered these bookplates and these sticky notes as part of a gift basket for a friend who is … [Read more...]

New Face at Ed's Church

Over in Haiti, in Petit Goave, Missionary Ed says there were some new faces at church today.Hello, my entire world has crumbled around me, but I still managed to put on my best clothes for worship.Beautiful child...humbling picture.Meanwhile, the UN is just doing a bang-up job with their relief efforts. Or notWrites John Bolton:Many people ask why, instead of the United States invariably taking on the burden of “first responder” to humanitarian disaster, the United Nations shouldn’t … [Read more...]

Updates on Haiti, Kids & Ed – UPDATE

I hate to start off a Haiti round-up with an "I told you so," so I will wait to say it and urge you instead to go watch this very affecting video -watch the sigh of sadness this beautiful and resilient child breathes as she talks about the death around her; marvel at her composure, even as her eyes tell you the whole story- and then read the accompanying piece, and then come back, because the article touches on two things I've either been yammering about or praying about.Okay, you back?After … [Read more...]