The Living Psalm of Haiti -UPDATE

As so many turn their focus to the special (and possibly controversial) election in Massachusetts, I continue to receive updates from a Haiti-stationed missionary named Ed (via DeLynn), some of which I have shared with you here and here and here, and which cannot be ignored. Ed is outside of Port au Prince, and I have been particularly interested in his reports because, while Port au Prince is getting massive attention, there are people even 50 miles away from that epicenter whose lives are … [Read more...]

From Ed, in Haiti

:::Thanks to reader DeLynn, we are able to get bits of information from a missionary friend of hers who is living through the nightmare of Haiti, and is communicating on facebook, as he can. Immediately below is Ed's note for today, which I will keep on top, in italics. For the latest updates throughout the day, scroll below the italics. Please keep all of these people, and these trying to help them, and to bring medical care and relief, in your prayers. Times are tight, of course, but as … [Read more...]

"Haiti is the broken bloody body of Christ" – UPDATED

SourceGo here for my latest updates on HaitiUpdated from last night: The horrorDifficulty in Mobilizing. Yes, it's difficult; many roadblocks.The stunned peace begins to break down. Blogs for Victory notes:Looks like Haiti will become a de-facto American protectorate over the next few days as Haiti’s government is essentially collapsed and non-functional. If we’re going to do it, might as well be in for a dime, in for a dollar…get a UN resolution putting Haiti into trusteeship under A … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson and Haiti – UPDATE

Someone asked me what I thought of Pat Robertson's very quick assertion that Haiti has been "cursed by God."Pat Robertson on Haiti DisasterUploaded by burghnews. - News videos hot off the press.Oh, for crying out loud!What sensitivity and timing! Sort of like going up to a mother whose just lost her children in a house fire and saying, "well, you've sinned, so you had this coming, but now you'll turn to God, and I'm gonna help you."Pat Robertson loves to do this; he loves to wade into … [Read more...]

Relief Efforts for Haiti – UPDATED

Photo by Eduardo Munoz, REUTERSThe pictures at the Boston Globe are bone-chilling (Picture #37 gives you a really good grasp of the scope of this disaster)The people of Haiti are perhaps the poorest in the Western Hemisphere. An Earthquake registering 7.0 on the Richter Scale. You'll recall, the San Francisco earthquake of 1989 was also 7.0, and it pancaked portions of a bridge. Haiti has not got California's stringent building codes, and they certainly do not build to survive quakes. … [Read more...]

Good for the sniffles

I note that the Summit Dominicans are retiring several soap selections and offering them at reduced prices.The Eucalyptus is great when you are stuffed up. Get a good lather going in a hot shower, and you can breathe again! And of course, when you buy from the nuns, they breathe a little easier at bill-paying time.I think I'll stock up on some of the best lipbalm evah and handcreme inna jar while this brutal, dry, miserably cold weather continues...FCC Disclosure: Promotion of Nungoods … [Read more...]

What is your favorite Christmas Carol?

I know we're in Advent, (my latest Advent reflection is here) and -for me, anyway- nothing captures the sense of longing and urgent anticipation of this season than O Come, O Come, Emmanuel. I also like O Come, Divine Messiah very much. Some of you may remember I vocally murdered it on one of my Advent Podcasts from last year.But I think my three favorite Christmas Songs are Angels We Have Heard on High, Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (I am partial to the French Carols) and, finally, We … [Read more...]

Wreath Blegging & More

Got a really nice note from the Norbertine Nuns in California, who thanked me for mentioning their wreaths, which are selling gangbusters, according to the Abbess. Have any of you ordered any? I am curious to know what you think, because the Boy Scout troop we usually buy ours from is selling popcorn instead of wreaths this year, so I need a new outlet, and if I can buy a wreath and help out a monastic house, I'm up for that! Perhaps I will order one, this week.UPDATE: From a reader who … [Read more...]

I love these gifts!

I was doing a little catalogue shopping, and thought, "before I order this stuff, let me see if any of it is on Amazon, and a bit cheaper."Turns out, quite a few things I was looking to buy were sold through Amazon, and in every case cheaper than the catalogue prices.This, I fell in love with: a clever bit of the auld sod for an Irish-mad friend who -like me- is married to a Man of Italy.It is all "official" Irish dirt, with shamrocks you raise in a Belleek china bowl. My husband, who … [Read more...]

Nun Cheese & other Happy Monastics with great products

I have written frequently about the great consumables and products offered by various monastic communities. This year, happily, there seem to be a number of news outlets taking the time to visit with communities to get the low-down on their wares, and in the process, we learn about more great monastery items, and (happily for us) just in time for Christmas shopping!Here, for instance we find some discussion of the monastic life of prayer, combined with the news that the Trappistine Nuns at … [Read more...]