Paragraph Farmer needing prayers

Via Julie at Happy Catholic, some bad news about Patrick O' Hannigan and his daughter*:Jane and I were in a serious car accident yesterday morning. Thomas (son) and Cathleen (wife) were not with us at the time. I sustained only bruising and some deep lacerations to my left elbow, so I was discharged from the emergency room late yesterday afternoon.Jane was ejected from my vehicle and suffered head trauma. She is still in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.Jane has been mostly unconscious … [Read more...]

Best Homily on Feast of Corpus Christi – Evah!

I'm not being at all glib when I say that this passionate homily by Deacon Greg gave me chills. It is spot on, and difficult to excerpt, but here's a taste:Back in the 1970s, when there was a lot of liturgical innovation going on, Dorothy Day invited a young priest to celebrate mass at the Catholic Worker. He decided to do something that he thought was relevant and hip. He asked Dorothy if she had a coffee cup he could borrow. She found one in the kitchen and brought it to him. And, he took … [Read more...]

Father's Day or End of School…

You'll note a couple of new blogads if you look below the Rosary Podcasts link. Friend Shana, a home-schooling mom of 8 and Secular Franciscan has her political tee-shirts and bumperstickers going, but today we also got an ad from the Toffeehouse, in anticipation of both Father's Day and those end-of-school-year gifts you may need.We've talked about this before: The Toffee House is a family-owned and operated business; a home-schooling mom and dad make the candy while the kids illustrations … [Read more...]

Father's Day is Coming!

My birth father was easy to buy for; books, paints (he was a very amateur, and messy artist).My Father in Law, whom I adore, is the most difficult man in the world to buy anything for. Clothes? He wears the same things all the time, so whatever I buy him ends up in my husband's closet. Books? He's not into them. Hobby Kits? Enough with that, please. I knew we were done with those when we gave him a kit to build a ship in a bottle ended up in my husband's closet.But last year, … [Read more...]

Coffee Wedding Favors?

Hey, why not?I just got three sweet emails from readers saying generous things about the blog (thanks, guys, I appreciate it) and one funny email from someone who attended a wedding reception where the favors were various sample packs of Mystic Monk Coffee! Apparently there was much hoarding by some guests, and serious trading between caffeine/decaf guests and those who wanted the flavored coffees.I keep telling you The Monks make some great Coffee. I'd never thought of a party favor, … [Read more...]

Oblates, Tertiaries, Professed Laypeople

dorothy with smoke 3

I was corresponding with a Dominican nun the other day and I joked with her that, although I am a Benedictine Oblate, I am lately finding myself very drawn to Dominican spirituality, likely due to my friendship with her and also because of those those two charismatic and intrepid Dominican nags I have mentioned with some frequency, lately, St. Catherine of Siena and Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati, both of whom were laypeople, not vowed religious."If you become a Dominican Tertiary, your chances … [Read more...]

An Exceedingly Interesting Round-up

You will like this round-up of links. No, seriously, you will; it is full of chewy, satisfying round-uppy goodness, and contains no artificial sweeteners, and I will fully resist the urge to fall into my cowgirl lingo of yore. Some religion, some politics, some gossipy stuff.Bookworm: is wondering if Obama is an atheist:Obama’s White Houses instinctively uses the same wishy-washy language atheists use: “My heart is with you.” “My thoughts are with you.” “I send you my wishes.” No prayer … [Read more...]

I told you it was liquid crack! UPDATE!

Got this email today from reader Sally:It was entitled: Mystic Monk Coffeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!I am at this moment polishing off my first 12 cup pot of Mystic Monk Coffee. Momentarily I will start a second pot brewing -- will try Cowboy Blend next. Would you like me to run to NY and clean out all your closets? I can be there by Noon, I swear.Ordered 10 gift sets (nine for family at the Catholic wedding we're attending next week) plus one for myself. All based of course, on your … [Read more...]

Amusing husband – UPDATED

My husband came home from work today at 5 P.M.This is something he has not done in our 26.5 years together, so understandably, I was concerned; he immediately began rummaging the kitchen for dark chocolate, which is his one vice.I held my breath and asked the dread question: "You didn't get laid off, did you?""No," he said, munching."Well, er...if you're feeling unwell, you probably shouldn't be eating chocolate."He raised his eyebrows. "This from the woman who thinks chocolate should … [Read more...]

A 7 year old's incredible legacy

Got this from reader Kay, and knew you'd want to know about it: You might remember her as the little girl with no hair — but with a huge smile — who asked the Washington Redskins’ Jason Taylor to dance during one of St. Jude’s “Thanks and Giving” commercials last fall.That was Catie O’Brien, 7, then a patient at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tenn., where she was undergoing treatment for a rare type of pediatric cancer called Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor. After her diagno … [Read more...]