That candy you were asking me about…UPDATED

Someone emailed me asking for the link to the candy-making Trappistine nuns (affectionately nicknamed "Our Lady of the Incredible Candy") - but when I try to reply the email doesn't work. The link is here if you are still interested. May I suggest, if you have an office full of people to buy gifts for this Christmas, or teachers, school bus drivers, beauticians, etc...these candies are simply scrumptious and your purchase helps keep these ladies in their praying habits. UPDATE: Reader KIA … [Read more...]

How you receive a thing is up to you

Cannot write long today - the back is better but the schedule is full and guests are on the horizon, so that's where my focus is. But I wanted to just link you to this story, because it's something to think about. A walking stick is the unlikely center of a debate about political protocol, theological precision and news-marketing as a corporal work of mercy. President Bush gave the odd, carved walking stick to Pope Benedict XVI on June 9 on a visit to Rome. In some quarters, the gift … [Read more...]

Joe Marshall has completed his interview

Amusingly, Joe has (as I knew he would) taken my questions to him to be somewhat revealing of myself.The only thing I was trying to reveal by my questions is that I resist intimacy and never pry too deeply into anyone's personal life! :-) Arms length is just fine by me.You can read his answers here.He also has a new post, which for some reason Blogger won't allow me to link to, wherein he provides photo-evidence of cruel poverty in America and recounts the Triangle Shirtwaist Co. Fire - which … [Read more...]