Chilean Miners Give Unfiltered Witness – UPDATED

Esteban Rojas, the 18th miner rescuedOver at Deacon Greg's place:We sit here in our living rooms and offices, sipping coffee and checking e-mails, and hour after hour, another one emerges, up a long dark hole, to a shaft of daylight, and there are cheers and tears -- and then something more. Something that moves even the most hardened heart. The world is blinking back tears as we see it, again and again. One man, breathing his first fresh air in months, falls to his knees and prays. … [Read more...]

Mario Sepúlveda Espinace Returned Bearing Gifts

A makeshift altar near the mineshaft in Chile, cribbed from hereObviously, we are all watching the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners--Operation San Lorenzo--and it is so moving and inspiring - a rare moment when the world can rejoice together. Heroes from all over the world have gathered and drilled as millions throughout the globe prayed and hoped, and then, finally, we watched that exquisite moment when the first miner to ascend, Florencio Ávalos Silva and his wife and son embraced. … [Read more...]