Shall we Embrace Human Wholeness in Church and in Government?


Deacon Greg features this with thoughts on the importance of second chances, and that's certainly part of this bit with Governor Christie and Former Governor McGreevey, both in context and subtext. But I'm seeing something else.I see an increasingly recurrent theme being given expression here, but it's one coming from various corners, and with a little room, and a little attention, it could possibly restore both our national equilibrium and our church-wide, spiritual balance, as well. What … [Read more...]

Limbaugh, Christie and the "Real" Reagan – UPDATE

Running out to store, I heard Rush Limbaugh criticizing Chris Christie for using the word "compromise" too often in his speech last night.Said Rush -- who wants nothing of compromise in our governance: "Winners don't compromise with losers."Well, alright, I guess that's one point of view, but it seems to me the man wants to have his cake and eat it too. He (and I, and many others) criticized President Obama for saying at his first meeting with the GOP, "I won," and for later reminding them … [Read more...]

"Quality" Teachers for Wisconsin – UPDATED

Photosource, Althouse, taken by Meade."I NEEN QUALITY TEACHERS."They need teachers who can instruct them to love the qualifiers that denote the character of a quality - whether it is high-or-low, good-or-bad teachers that they neen and want.But apparently Wisconsin students are being pulled from their necessary classes in order to help teachers protest "whatever this dude [Governor Scott Walker] is doin'.My favorite observation on this story of schools closing so teachers may protest … [Read more...]

Chris Christie is scathing

Whoa.After watching how Obama rails against his opposition, tells people to "punish" their "enemies" and just puts so much effort into his demagoguery, it is interesting to see how much more effective Christie's low-key delivery lays the sharp edge to the state legislature and slices cleanly. Like a quiet butcher who knows his way around a joint. … [Read more...]

"Tenure" or "Tenor"? Oops!

Watch the graphics during the report. Heh.Gov. Chris Christie; "We may have to fire lousy teachers!" … [Read more...]

Down Memory Lane & Nordlinger

After taping an interview with Melissa Clouthier, this morning (I will let you know when it airs, if you can stand listening to me) I ran out to do some errands. On the way home, I decided to stop at a 7-11 for a cup of coffee. Before me on line was a college-age kid wearing a Che shirt. Ah, brought me back to this:Buster vs the paying public Previously posted: July 2008You've all seen the Che tee shirt, right? The iconic shot of beret-wearing Che Guevara's face proudly … [Read more...]

Credit where it's due

I can't embed the video, but credit where it's due, I give Nancy Pelosi props for hanging in there, allowing people to have their say, and not running away.When I see a politician do that, I am appreciative. I liked it when Bush did it, and I like it now. The free expression of political opinion and disagreement is so fundamental to America, that I will always appreciate a politician who manages to hang in there, although they ought never put themselves in danger.Pelosi rightly judged, … [Read more...]

Chris Christie on Teacher's Unions

John McCain only wishes he could have talked this straight:H/T AllahpunditMy best friend is a high school Social Studies teacher, and she is a great one. She is creative and curious and she brings out the creativity and curiosity of her students. She's hot for primary source documents, and she tries to meld historic and current events as springboards for her classes in economics, political science and the rest. She asks her students questions that force them to consider both sides of an … [Read more...]

In theory, it should be this easy…

...but we've been told for too long that without "nuance" (which too often becomes doublespeak) a politician can't exhibit sophistication of mind. And somehow, sophistication has been linked to competence. I think it's a false link.H/T Allahpundit who also has a transcribed excerpt of an exchange between Christie and a public school teacher. Nuanced, it was not.I am all for good teachers being well-paid, but I also think tenure needs to be re-examined and perhaps re-defined. There has … [Read more...]

Sarah Palin is Alive! – UPDATED

Longtime readers know that, while there is much that I admire about Sarah Palin, I am still on the fence about any notion that she should run for president.My reservations stem in part from some of Palin's own moves, but it may be her base that really sours me on her; not even mild and constructive criticism, rendered with a dollop of sympathy can be endured by some members of Palin's over-protective base.I understand why they are overprotective; no politician in my memory has ever been … [Read more...]