Compline & Podcast questions

Ed Morrissey of Hot Air suggested that I put out a feeler and see if some folks would like to get emailed for a headsup whenever I do a podcast. Is that something you would like? Let me know. Also, I am considering recording the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and some Litanies. Interested or would it be a waste of time? Would you like an occasional podcast of the Office of Readings? Or mid-day prayer? New readers - do you know that my very first podcasts were of Compline, the prayer before … [Read more...]

Compline in Advent w/ ‘homiliette’

The day got away from me today and I ran out of time for Vespers, so I've recorded compline, the prayer to close the night, with an advent/restoration themed "homiliette." In my talk, I call myself an derogatory term, which I am. So, you're warned. If you don't like that word...well...cover your ears! :-) Goodnight. … [Read more...]

Benedict on Monasticism

“When you have become God's in the measure He wants, He, Himself will know how to best bestow you on others. Unless He prefer, for thy greater advantage, to keep thee all to Himself.” --St. Basil I like this: "In virtue of the absolute primacy reserved to Christ, monasteries are called to be places in which space is made for the celebration of the glory of God, where one adores and chants the mysterious but real presence of the divine in the world and where one tries to live the new … [Read more...]

Heading out on a retreat!

Given all the stresses of the last few weeks my DH surprised me with a last-minute retreat. I am actually reluctant to go - I feel like there is so much stressful stuff happening here at home that I must 'be' here - but I think that's why he wants me to go: to make me realize I can't control much, and that detachment is a good thing! Anyway, he's a dear, and since he's insisting, I'm going to go. So, no blogging until Sunday night, but don't let that stop you from Christmas Shopping! The … [Read more...]

One Link & Vespers (w/podcast)

One Link: A must read. Feel like praying? If you're watching Pelosi and Frank telling you that everything you know is wrong, and that everything her crew has ever done is unequivocally good, while everything anyone else has ever done is unequivocally bad, until you don't know what to think anymore, welcome to diabolical disorientation. Normal routines will not help, because this is not normal stuff. This is very abnormal, but it is soon going to seem normal to many. Change your routine. … [Read more...]

An Obama Greek Tragedy of Absent Love?

I like this piece by the Headmistress, which echos much of what I feel about Barack Obama; that while I dislike his policies, there is something about him that I like and almost sympathize with. I won't vote for him, and I still believe he never meant to be the Democrat nominee in '08; I think he meant to be Hillary's veep, at best - he'd soften her bristles, warm her chilly edges and give her ticket class and panache, and he'd get 8 years to learn the ropes and prepare himself to walk into the … [Read more...]

Compline for Monday Night; No Chant

And finally, the last podcast; here is Compline for Monday Night. I have linked to the whole week's recordings of Compline, to make it easier for those who wish to use them every night, and I have set up a sidebar button for easy access; look for the illuminated sheet music (under the scriptorium button) for Compline and also for the Office for the Dead for 9/11, which people seem to download a lot. As ever, you can also avail yourself of a live-feed Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, … [Read more...]

On the Bailout: It's okay to pray for wisdom

On the bailout which Washington is putting together to keep our economy from unthinkable ruin, I would venture to suggest that prayer is not just okay, it is imperative - particularly given the recent and clear revelation that both houses of congress are mostly populated with sad clowns incapable of putting partisanship aside - that those of us who pray consider turning to prayer (and perhaps even fasting) that our current governmental leadership be giving the thing that Solomon had and which so … [Read more...]

Compline for Sunday

Please excuse the gruffness of my voice; my throat is still sore and not quite back to normal. Podcast for Sunday Compline is found here. … [Read more...]

Why hearing losses suck

We have a priest in our parish who is from India. He is a kind, lovely and holy man, and one-on-one I can understand him very well (lip-reading helps, I think) but at mass, over the microphone, I really can't make him out very well. Today, all through his sermon I kept hearing: "God is crazy. The craziness of God." Eventually I figured it out: God is gracious. The graciousness of God. Sheesh. Hearing losses suck. I'm almost ready for that dreaded hearing aid. I write about the hearing … [Read more...]