Rudy, Novak & taking Communion

I wasn't going to write about this because - while I know it gets a lot of Catholic blood running - I can't get that excited about it.SOME CLARIFICATION FOR THOSE WILLFULLY MISREADING ME: That does not mean I do not CARE about the issue. It simply means that I think we've all managed at times to insult and offend the Lord in various ways, and sometimes Eucharistically, and so I prefer to leave the scolding to the ones who seem most comfortable with it. While I've often been called a … [Read more...]

Benedict at St. Pat's & Dunwoodie

Rocco at Whispers in the Loggia has been the indispensable go-to source for complete and timely postings of the texts of each of the many addresses Pope Benedict has made during his sojourn in America. I was happy to see that he (and Fr. James Martin) thought similarly to me, that the pontiff's brief extemporaneous remarks at the back of St. Patrick's Cathedral (upon being reminded that it was the precise moment of his election three years earlier) provided a perfect glimpse into the heart of … [Read more...]

Benedict & the sex abuse issue: Bumped & UPDATED

:::SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATE::::Fr. James Martin looks at the pope's very long and full address to US bishops at the Shrine of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. It is a vast and far-reaching speech, and I'm printing it out to read and comment on more fully tomorrow, but for now I'm intrigued by Fr. Martin's focus on the terrible scandals which will always be before us.Even veteran Vaticanologists were surprised that Benedict chose to addressthe problem at such length, and in a public … [Read more...]

Does forgiving help us to keep going?

Do you remember this terrible story, wherein a couple lost five of their children in a collision?Deacon Greg links to an inspiring conclusion to that terrible story.Now, more than two years after the accident, Mr. Helm has been acquitted on charges of vehicular homicide. Mr. Schrock says he has accepted that he may never know exactly what happened or why. He also says he has a friend he did not have before, Mr. Helm.“The primary bond there is the accident,” Mr. Schrock said. “We’re both in … [Read more...]

Don't forget!

see more crazy cat pics … [Read more...]

Pews, Press, Prostitutes…whatever

The two big stories of the last 48 hours have been the Spitzer fiasco and the "new sins from the Vatican" nonsense. Priests and Prostitutes? No, mostly prostitutes and the press.Yesterday I got an email from a reader which read in part:Has liberal cretinism permeated their minds? I mean, at a time when Christianity is under attack from Islam and secularism, is this a way to unify Christians and save Western Civilization? Am I nuts; aren't all the saints in heaven shaking their heads over … [Read more...]

Hillary, Confessions, Blogs, Popes, Priests & more

Heh. John Hawkins has a post up with 10 reasons why this blog is not succeeding while others do.I try! I don't feel comfortable networking, but I link out! I try to be interesting and varied - most days I post at least three or four new things. Seems I'm just not all that provocative, and undoubtedly I'm too long-winded. Still - it blows my mind that other people manage to support themselves blogging. This little endeavor nets yer girl something under $2,000 per year, and with two kids … [Read more...]

"I was in the dungeon"

Fr. Corapi hears his own father's confession: … [Read more...]

God forbid we should feel a little bad…

Miss Kelly is distressed to find that some hymnals (including - sigh - the one in my church) features a change in the words to Amazing Grace."Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me..." Has been changed to reflect both the freedom that comes with salvation - which is very nice - and also the decree from some publishing house on high that we never, ever sing a lyric that might suggest a negative. "Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved and set me free..."Never … [Read more...]

On Confession, Part II

Last month, I wrote on the sacrament of Confession and my experiences of it. Just thought I would add a little more to it, as this afternoon in confession, I made the priest laugh out loud (which is a lot better than making him cry), and because I got an email on the subject that gave me chills, and the writer has given me permission to reprint some of it.How did I make the priest laugh? I went in, knelt down, did my little opening and then said, "Last Sunday, I had a flu and felt awful...I … [Read more...]