The Word Going Forth…

In case you're wondering, the Great Big Continuous Public Bible Read instigated by Pope Benedict XVI is still going on, and they're up to Ezekiel 14. It's in Italian, but still awesome to check in on from time to time. There are musical interludes between books.I'm loving it. As I wrote here, this will bear fruit!It doesn't really matter if no one listens. Some will, some won't. The major portion of the Word will be read to no audience at all. But by the very act of reading it - of … [Read more...]

Ave Maria; the human touch

The Sisters of Life are a wonderful bunch of gals dedicated to the service of pregnant women in difficult circumstances. Founded by the mighty Cardinal John O' Connor, they - in offering support, shelter, social representation and other opportunities - and by supporting the dying, they work against the culture of death, everyday. While some would champion government programs as the answer to every problem, these women, and other faith-based and community-interested programs, working outside … [Read more...]

Townhall: McCain's gotta speak to & for America (OOPS)

Tonight is do or die for John McCain - this is his absolute [next-to-the] last chance to speak directly to the American people, unsuppressed by media filters. (Except for the next debate, at Hofstra University, which I'd forgotten. Oops. Yes, I blushing.)And the filters are working overtime, as Patterico demonstrates here: Today John McCain finally began to tell the country about his own efforts to regulate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and the Democrats’ incredible inaction. Yes, as many of u … [Read more...]

Obama, Abortion, The Catholic Vote

Of course, this is not simply about the "Catholic" vote - pro-lifers come from all religious backgrounds and even from secular-humanist philosophies. But over the past few days several Catholic readers have either asked me for advice on how to address this issue. One reader has a friend who wore an Obama shirt to Mass, right after Obama told his followers to "get in their faces," and then was upset when many were offended. Hey, he got right in Jesus's face, at communion. Obama would be … [Read more...]

Why He's Voting for McCain/Palin

I love this fellow - his videos are all great. He's smart, lively, charismatic and courageous as hell. This 9.5 minute riff is astounding. He covers all the bases from the spurious, politically expedient, manipulative, baseless and contrived charges of racism (because it is racist to tell the truth about Obama, if it's not "positive", you know) to Pamela Anderson (made me laugh out loud) to liberal "open-mindedness" and absolutely throws down the gauntlet, challenging liberals, and … [Read more...]

The DC Nuke & the Saving Monks

Random Thoughts is writing about what is happening to her finances.No one has defended President Bush more than I have during his time in office. No one.But his signing the "bailout bill" that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the rest of them were giddy over this afternoon - it has stunned me. I know he had to do it. I know there were no choices, here. But I am still stunned.When I heard Joe Biden talk about giving courts the power to reset mortgage principles I thought he'd simply … [Read more...]

Vespers Oct 02; The Guardian Angels

Today I have been literally bombarded with emails - so much so that I've read barely nothing in the news.One emailed question I got several times today was "are you really praying and fasting? If you are, maybe I will too..."Yes, I am. I'm praying and fasting "that wisdom and light be brought to guide our nation in this election period, and that Thy will be done..." whatever that ends up being. I was a little appalled to get one missive from a lady who said she was Christian but was … [Read more...]

So, Anchoress, what do you think of Palin, now?

I've had several - more than several, actually - emails from both left and right asking me what I think of Gov. Sarah Palin in her performances over the past weeks and what I think will happen at the debate.From the left the missives have been jeering. They remind me a little of Edward G. Robinson saying, "ya, yah, how do you like yer Moses, now?"From the right, I get hand-wringing..."what do you think, will she pull it off???"I have no idea how Palin will do at the debate because none of … [Read more...]

Only Deacon Greg…

...can take Lehman Bros, the financial crisis and Hurricane Ike and put it together in a meaningful and ultimately uplifting way … [Read more...]

Warnock: put down the sick, senile, elderly

"If you're demented, you're wasting people's lives -- your family's lives -- and you're wasting the resources of the National Health Service."So says Baroness Warnock, who has been advocating euthanasia in Britain for a long time is at it again.I'm too under the weather to write, but I address this troubled woman, when my brother was dying, in this piece:Our brother has lately gone quiet. He moans and coughs. When he does speak it is a word or two, soft and hoarse and largely … [Read more...]