Dance Break – Travolta

Every once in a while, I just have to watch great dancing. I love all of it, but I admit, I particularly like to watch men dance. Today, let's appreciate John Travolta.Although he is no long whippet-thin as he was in his dancing heyday, John Travolta is still so light and free in his dancing that even encumbered by "angel" wings under a trench coat, he's just so worth watching:There have been more talented, more technically proficient dancers--although the young Travolta was awfully … [Read more...]

Why the Internet is Evil

Because I have work to do. I. Have. Work. To. Do.And I just spent an hour watching men dance.I could watch Baryshnikov all day. I'd forgotten how good the dancing was in White Nights. Here he is with the late, great, Gregory Hines. Watch his landings, so soft!:And the air he gets beneath him:I must put in a word for my Irish boys, too:See? Now you've just wasted precious time watching men dancing, too.Like I said: evil. … [Read more...]

It's all so beautiful!

Via Deacon Greg, who says: This may be the world's most eloquent homily on life and death, and it doesn't contain a single word.One year in 120 seconds from Eirik Solheim on Vimeo.It kind of reminded me of a scene from the movie "Michael," where John Travolta, playing the soon-to-exit-earth Archangel looks around at the world and everything in it, and says with a tone full of fullness, longing and wonder, "it's all so beautiful."I'd love to show you that clip, but can't find it, and I … [Read more...]

When Fred Astaire went mad – UDPDATE

From inside I heard [his wife] calling, "Fwed, Fwed, come quickly!...There's aperfectly dwedful man at the door without a shirt...he says he knows your sister and has a letter from a bookie called Gwaves." From these unpromising beginnings, a friendship grew which perhaps meant more to me than any other in Hollywood. ... Fred was such an honest person that he could not believe it was fair that he should be getting such real pleasure out of working. More than 90 percent of the people … [Read more...]

TGIF: Stand up at your desk and dance!

This great vocation video got me started looking for more, and I found it:Don't sit down yet! I always did like the flamenco!Okay, this one you can sit down for - you'll have to - The Nicholas Brothers are incredible, and Astaire may have been right when he called this the greatest dance number ever filmed - these gents can fly!Clearly, they were astounding prodigies:And Ann Miller's crazy tapping feet always fascinated, too.Now try to get back to work! … [Read more...]