200,000 Converts from Islam! – UPDATED

UPDATE NOTICE::: This post was originally a question: "800,000 Converts from Islam?"I wrote it as a question, because it seemed like a lot to me.The answer, coming out of "Intentional Disciples" (which had been down when I was trying to research there, for I knew it to be a reasonable site with reasonable numbers on this matter) gives a more reasonable view of things.END UPDATE:::From my fellow FT'er, comes news that there are, apparently, 800,000 new Muslim converts to … [Read more...]

Does Obama know who we are?

The cruelest, most violent Samurai in Japan decides he wants to become enlightened. He bursts into the home of an esteemed Zen Master and demands that the Master teach him how to become enlightened.The Zen Master looks deeply into his eyes and says, "No. You are a dirty, vicious Samurai. I will not teach you."Enraged, the Samurai yanks out his sword and places it right at the Zen Master's neck. He hollers, "Do you have any idea who I am? I am the cruelest Samurai in the world. I can … [Read more...]

An Exceedingly Interesting Round-up

You will like this round-up of links. No, seriously, you will; it is full of chewy, satisfying round-uppy goodness, and contains no artificial sweeteners, and I will fully resist the urge to fall into my cowgirl lingo of yore. Some religion, some politics, some gossipy stuff.Bookworm: is wondering if Obama is an atheist:Obama’s White Houses instinctively uses the same wishy-washy language atheists use: “My heart is with you.” “My thoughts are with you.” “I send you my wishes.” No prayer … [Read more...]

Wednesday Linkfest!

Personally a difficult day over here for some family members who are crucible-stepping. If you could keep J and P in your prayers, I would really appreciate it.Meanwhile, there's plenty to read!Big Doings: for the launch of Big Hollywood. I like the Steyn quote highlighted by Ed Driscoll he's right!. And Driscoll is correct that editor John Nolte will keep the site provocative, smart and funny. I like the site a lot - it's quickly going to become yet another of my daily "must reads" and a … [Read more...]

Fun Fact Friday

Ralph Peters spells out some facts:...I happen to agree with Sen. Barack Obama...the terrorists had a tenuous connection with Saddam's regime. But it's 2008, not 2003. And our next president will take office in 2009. It's today's reality that matters.* After our troops reached Baghdad, al Qaeda's leaders made a colossal strategic miscalculation and publicly declared that Iraq was now the central front in their jihad against us. Matter of record, in the enemy's own words. * Some Iraqi Sunni … [Read more...]

Young men who don't like mustard

Quiet around here today because I was supervising a gang of college-age young men - Buster and pals - who were doing landscaping to earn some extra money. These bruisers were laying down 6 yards or so of mulch, getting at the "hard to reach" weeds and otherwise helping to prettify the place up - for a fee, of course, and all the juice, water, soda, watermelon and grub I could provide.At one point I handed out a "bucket o' samitches" - all different sorts of sandwiches on different sorts of … [Read more...]

Sometimes, the twains just gotta meet!

There is a a lovely post up over at the Inside Catholic blog, wherein Zoe Romanowsky links to Fr. Hugh Vincent Dyer, OP (is it me or is the Dominican Order absolutely all over the internet and using it very well, indeed?), and his encounter with a Muslim woman that might surprise you.One day last week I stood in front of St. Stephen Martyr Church in D.C. with a young religious sister and the pastor of the parish. The scene would have made for a typical beginning to a joke, “A priest, a nun, a … [Read more...]

The Last Secret of Fatima

I just finished (and loved) The Last Secret of Fatima by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, which will be coming out in early May but may be pre-ordered.If you followed coverage of Pope Benedict's XVI's recent visit to America, you saw a lot of Cardinal Bertone, the Vatican's SecState; you'll recall he told informed the pope, in St. Patrick's Cathedral, of the moment of the anniversary of his election, at which the pope spoke so eloquently and extemporaneously.The Last Secret of Fatima is actually a … [Read more...]

Benedict's serious call for seriousness

In looking again at the text of Pope Benedict's White House address, I was struck by how serious were his remarks within the context of such a short speech given amid such pomp, particularly here:Historically, not only Catholics, but all believers have found [in America] the freedom to worship God in accordance with the dictates of their conscience, while at the same time being accepted as part of a commonwealth in which each individual and group can make its voice heard. As the nation faces … [Read more...]

Benedict’s “blunder” was partly media-enhanced-UPDATED

I am not especially saddened to see the brouhaha that is gaining strength over Benedict's speech. Whether he is "media savvy" or not, Benedict has managed - in his very scholarly fashion - to apply a very hot drawing poultice to the enormous and festering boils of both radical Islamism and rampant secularism. At the very least, it will cause some Muslims to insist that distinctions be made between them and their more extreme co-religionists, and it may rouse the West to examine how cavalierly … [Read more...]