Zarqawi’s Mother’s Blog

Brilliant. I wish I'd thought of it, it's very clever and terribly, terribly offensive and politically incorrect. As is most good satire. You are warned.Greetings to all of my fans and pigeaters destined to have their flesh ripped to pieces in fiery rings of Hell! I met Tom Cruise at a party for Oprah and Ralph, and he seemed like a nice fellow. Short, but nice. He started to talk to me about thetans and I tuned him out. I am getting used to LA, but so many pigeaters. Where do they come … [Read more...]

Abdul Rahman thanks Pope Benedict XVI

I know I couldn't be the only one who wondered, when Italy intervened, if Uncle Benedict had anything to do with it.Abdul Rahman seems to be saying as much, hereROME - An Afghan man who had faced the death penalty in his homeland for converting from Islam to Christianity said Thursday he was certain he would have been killed if he had remained in Kabul and thanked Pope Benedict XVI for intervening on his behalf."In Kabul they would have killed me, I'm sure of it." ... He said he was … [Read more...]