Brit Hume and Tiger Round Up

So, the clip of Brit Hume's "Tiger, Come to Jesus" moment is running viral.Over at the National Catholic Reporter, the rather left-of-center Michael Sean Winters writes:Fox News commentator Brit Hume has gone off the deep end, even by Fox News’ standards which are a pretty low bar. [...] I am a big fan of everyone becoming Christian. But, a person in crisis should probably not be counseled to abandon his or her own faith traditions unless the conversion was part of an organic process, not t … [Read more...]

What we give away; what we keep

I wrote the other day about how easily and thoughtlessly we give ourselves away, and many in the comments section focused on one of my examples, that of bloggers "giving away" their writing. Readers were very kind but I did wonder a little whether all the focus on the "money" part of the piece was because money is tangible and we can all relate, or if I'd simply not written a balanced-enough piece.When I wrote about "blogging for free," I forgot to mention that this is my great privilege, … [Read more...]

Reclaiming a Holy Thing from the Dogs

So, a during the Carrie Prejean/Prop 8 kerfluffle, I wrote this:"...if you’re going to take off your top for a camera, be prepared (sooner or later) to have to answer for it, both in this world, and the next...You’ll have to answer for it because when you profess yourself a Christian, you choose exile, and you will be held to a different standard, entirely, than the world’s. ... In the next world, of course, you’ll have to answer to Christ, himself, who is much more merciful than the rest of us … [Read more...]

I like this vid & link-around

Like this video which I found at Deacon Greg's Place, which I hope you peek in on every day!Do you remember when you were a kid, and you'd want to bring a book with you to supper, and your mother would yell at you to get the book off the table and then give you an Irish love-tap with the back of her left hand so that your head would snap back and hit the wall, and the wedding band would leave a mark on your forehead?No? Oh. That's how I remember it! Anyway...I knew there was a reason I … [Read more...]

Flattered & Blushing linkaround – UPDATED

Amazing footage: US Air Splashdown. Watching those people evacuate is really something. Thank God for good news.As the doorman said, "well, bust my buttons!" It seems Tony Blankley has visited my humble abode and said some very nice things. I'm blushing. No, really. But that was very nice; thanks. I would add that I share the same experience with Blankley; I get the papers and leave them unread because I get it all online. But...we do need our crossword puzzles and our Sudoku's, don't … [Read more...]

Remembering Merton

One of my favorite Merton quotes, and NPR's media maven Dick Meyer uses it in his book Why We Hate Us is this one:As long as I assume that the world is something I discover by turning on the radio . . . I am deceived from the start.It may be time for me to put that back up in my header.Merton died 40 years ago today. His biography, The Seven Storey Mountain was an instant classic upon publication in 1948; it remains a must-read for the spiritual pilgrim. In fact, as Fr. Jim Martin, … [Read more...]

Palin a news Powerhouse

I feel like I am drowning in news, there is so much of it. I had not planned to, but I am going to - in the face of all of this news - continue the Insta-pundity format I used yesterday, which helps make things more readable, I think. What do you think? Please let a comment and tell me if you hate it or like it.Oh, what did "I" think of the speech? I thought she was actually "better" (not by much) on Friday - a little more relaxed. But after the six day baptism of nukes that she'd endured, … [Read more...]

Meyer: Americans, feel pride re Obama!

Dick Meyer, writing over at NPR (when we all know he should be out there promoting his excellent book, Why We Hate Us) says we as a nation - regardless of our political affiliations or which way we're voting - should feel proud, tonight, to watch an African American be declared the official presidential nominee of a major political party.I would hope that as voters listen to Obama's acceptance speech and watch his campaign, they will do so with pride no matter how they ultimately vote. And I … [Read more...]

Glassy-eyed & Bored on the NJ Turnpike

We dropped Buster off at school on Saturday - felt rather badly for him; his usual roomie - a close friend - will be out for a semester having surgery, and while the new guy seems chill, I think it suddenly struck him, full force, that he'd be missing his friend. Otherwise it was interesting to watch him become happier and more excited as we drove into "his" neighborhood. I think all-in-all he's glad to be back at school. I was surprised at all the kids hauling flat-screen tv's and all manner … [Read more...]

Fallout from Retreat & Other Stuff

It has been a very interesting week since the online retreat; I'm still dwelling desert-side, but I've managed a peek at Drudge and a perusal of My interest in the political is still way diminished, but not totally lost.I sense within myself not so much a broad change of perspective but rather the installation of a new window, to let in a bit more fresh air, so to speak. Whether that will blow me to pieces or simply refresh is anyone's guess.Strangest post-retreat … [Read more...]