Down, down, down

My site has been going down intermittently, and here at home we seem to be battling a fatiguing bug in the household. Will be back in biz tonight, hopefully.Meanwhile, another little excerpt from Why We Hate just part of the landscape. On very basic civic and political values, there is a vast common ground hidden by a few stands of towering pines. The exceptions always get the attention; the negative often wins campaigns. Moderate, independent and eclectic citizens … [Read more...]

Meyer: Why We Hate Us

Through his columns, first at CBS and now at NPR, Dick Meyer has provided this site with so many interesting jumping-off points that I've given him his own category. I believe he is the only writer besides Chesterton to gain that dubious distinction, but, I digress.Several times over the past few weeks, I have mentioned the upcoming release of his book, Why We Hate Us; American Discontent in the New Millennium; it was released yesterday, and good for all of us that it was.In his recent … [Read more...]

Meyer & Shana: Blaming vs Growing Up

I label Dick Meyer as an "omni-spective." He is an educated, urbane "DC-NY-corridor" secularist who defies the stereotype of snobbish insularity. He is introspective and also outwardly mega-observant; he doesn't just peer at a surface, but looks into and around everything - hence my label.Meyer recently left CBS News and headed to NPR and he has taken his Against the Grain column with him. Today's piece is a good 'un you will want to read. I have a few small quibbles with it - as usual - … [Read more...]

Deliver us from this tiresome campaign!

Although I have tried for the last year or so to ignore as much of it as I could, I have already had a bellyfull of the 2008 presidential campaigns. This season is too long and its very length encourages the sort of picayune weirdness we have seen thus far, like the embarrassing accusations about kindergarten essays and wild stories about flying into danger zones with Sheryl Crowe on the left, and the mortifying "find the real Christian" hijinks on the right. Times are too serious for … [Read more...]

Iraq War & Warming: A Study in Irony – UPDATED

It occurs to me that there is a delicious irony playing out before our very eyes, and no one seems to have spotted it, and here it is:President Bush, using dubious (but largely agreed-upon) intelligence, and inspired by his view - a view some would call "alarmist" - that terrorism is the greatest threat to humanity life and liberty on the planet, went to the UN and called for international movement to depose Saddam Hussein and engage Al Qaeda in a ground war. Some say Bush brooked no debate … [Read more...]

A Mother-Hung Nation? Meyer, again.

Yesterday, in this piece on Hamlet and Harry Potter, I wrote this:Here is the interesting question…when a life has been lived with a sense of deep mission - as in either Hamlet's or Harry's case - and that mission has been fulfilled, what is the purpose of the life, thereafter? [...] Perhaps this is why monarchs, old generals, popes, entrepreneurs, mother-hung rock stars and CBS newsmen can never willingly retire and live out their days. Without their sense of mission, life has no thrust and p … [Read more...]

Meyer and the Futility of Political Debate – UPDATED

Well, Dick Meyer at CBS has done it again! I'm not kidding, this fellow manages to find the most interesting things to write about - stuff no one else is looking at because most of us (and 99% of the press) run like lemmings to whatever breathless headline has been deemed "important," like Birdshotgate...Today Meyer is wondering whether is political ruminations are worth putting to paper, or is political debate a futile and dead thing?He wonders about it because of a scientific study which … [Read more...]

A tip of the hat to CBS

I have several times tipped the hat to Dick Meyer over at CBS, as being a journalist who - while quick to defend his profession, which is a healthy thing - is also in possession of a singular gift of balance and intellectual honesty.Meyer is the Editorial Director of The Public Eye, CBS's new experimentation in blogging, and he has put together a feisty, likeable (and blogroll-worthy) product, heavy on media-issues, but thus far free of the lapses into gum-chewing and insulated naivete … [Read more...]