“There’s Gold in Them Thar Wombs!”: Cuomo Chases it Down


Not everyone is into political issues, or keeps up with them, and my husband has a limited attention span for news articles on issues that have promised "nothing new" for the last few decades. For that reason, and although he is strongly pro-life, articles touching on the issue rarely get his attention: there's a lot of yelling on all sides, but few if any saying anything new.New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is helping to change that, by saying something new, extreme, and rather shocking, and … [Read more...]

“We will not be welcomed by the likes of YOU!” – UPDATED


For crying out loud, Democrats? How insecure are you?If you're secure enough in what you believe -- if you're certain that you have a premium on the truth -- then what's so threatening about these welcome baskets that you can't accept them with a little good grace, say "thank you" and then enjoy the pralines and throw the literature away, if you don't like it?This reminds me of that silly female professor who had to leave a talk by Larry Summers because the poor shrinking violet … [Read more...]

God not “booed” but DNC Policies and Smarts Unclear

Obama and God

After the Democrats made a hasty move to restore God and a policy about Jerusalem into their national platform, from which they'd earlier been expunged, I see a lot of headlines (and tweets) about this video, and describing convention attendees as "booing God and Jerusalem."If, in fact, that's what they're doing, you gotta think that (especially for the so-called "smart" party**), that's pretty dumb. Not only do you not put those optics out there, you also don't give an impression that … [Read more...]

Kim Jong Il is Dead; New Tyrants Come

While you were sleeping our already-roiling world took another hit to its tenuous stability:North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has died at the age of 69, state-run television has announced.Mr Kim, who has led the communist nation since the death of his father in 1994, died on a train while visiting an area outside the capital, the announcement said.He suffered a stroke in 2008 and was absent from public view for months.Pyongyang described his son Kim Jong-un as the "great successor" … [Read more...]

Humorless Dem's Bad "Temperamint" – UPDATE

So, in Knoxville, Tennessee, Joe Armstrong -- a humorless Democrat state representative -- goes into a college bookstore and sees these silly things:And what does he do? Just what you'd expect:[University of Tennessee] pulled the mints poking fun at Obama from bookstore shelves after state Rep. Joe Armstrong, a Democrat, visited the bookstore and told the director he found the satirical mints offensive."When you operate on state and federal dollars, you ought to be sensitive to those type … [Read more...]

The Veep Goes Vile UPDATE

+ + + + + + + ++ + + + + + + +Let it be noted that just about 40 days before America solemnly remembers the deadliest attack ever to take place upon its shores -- an attack made by genuine terrorists, killers hiding in plain sight, un-uniformed and "blended" into our society -- the American Vice-President (along with some co-politicos) has denounced his well-identified, not-hiding anything, policy-disagreeing opponents and fellow-countrymen as "terrorists".Look at that video.Listen to … [Read more...]

DC's Bad Kabuki & the Next Chapter of Trouble – UPDATES

Clearly, what we are getting out of Washington is not leadership, not from anyone. It is spitefulfulness; it is deceit; it is hyperbole unto madness and maneuvering and masterful manipulation, but it's not leadership.What it is, is pure Kabuki theater, but less honest.Or maybe it's not Kabuki, at all; maybe it's just a carnival with freakshow, burlesque and a magic act, all brought forward to engage our attention in misdirection. "Look right this way, folks, (no, not there or there, there … [Read more...]

The Bullying Mob; Everything Tea Partiers Were Not

________-------_______It's a long video, but keep watching, and if you can't abide hearing the "F-word" then cover your ears toward the 2:40 mark, when these overgrown adolescents resort to their magic word of power -- the word they spelled out en masse at Woodstock, because it was so cool, man, and such a daringly articulate denunciation of like...the establishment and the bourgeois, two-car, vacation-taking middle class, and like...hardhats and unions and stuff...man.Watch the … [Read more...]

NY Times' Perpetual Lunchroom

I've always said the NY Times primarily -- note the qualifier -- featured a bunch of developmentally-arrested 14-year olds who have never been able to find their way out of the lunch room or the schoolyard, and these two pathetic pieces, showcased in what is arguably the most coveted real-estate in journalism, make the case.Gail Collins, the editor of the op-ed page, while writing about Michele Bachmann, takes time to affect a sneer because Bachmann can remember what she was wearing on a … [Read more...]

Apparently National Buildings Are Warm

I was grousing below about--among other things--being cold in my house as we try to keep the energy bills down.Then I saw this picture of our First Lady, Michelle Obama, wearing a killer vintage dress she got at a thrift shop for a couple grand:Now, I don't begrudge anyone who wants to wear one of those classic, elegant, full-skirted, Grace Kellyesque creations from the 1950's, and it looks wonderful on Mrs. O. But as I sit here wearing heavy socks, long sleeves and a shawl, I can't help … [Read more...]