Anchoress in rare bad mood. Ranting and mean.

I love that. The doc's office calls and says "your bloodwork is off, can't discuss it on the phone; the doctor would like to see you, would you like an appointment? We have nothing open until Tuesday!"You can just imagine the way I am muttering through my teeth right now.They'll call me if they get a cancellation tomorrow. Grrrrrr.I'm in a bad mood today and have decided to just stew over this for a while. Then I'll probably pray. But first, I'm stewing.And because I am in a bad … [Read more...]

The Sandy Berger issue leaves one disgusted

Look, I am very appreciative - to a point - of the fact that President Bush has strong feelings about protecting the office of the presidency from the taint of scandal, yadda yadda, all very good.But this situation with Sandy Berger just stinks to high heaven, and I'm disgusted that case begun under the Ashcroft Justice Department and culminating on the watch of Alberto Gonzales has given Berger such a slap on the wrist for stealing and destroying top secret documents from the National … [Read more...]

DemoBRATS: Staggering Stories of Surpassing Silliness

Although I am ill - very ill, oh, so dreadfully ill, with my sore throat and my hot toddies rendering me incoherent, after reading Lorie's post at, via LGF, I just HAD to inform you guys that there is yet another book to be written in my planned series called DemoBRATS: Staggering Stories of Surpassing SillinessDemoBRATS, Book 5: Hypothetical Hinchey's Hysterical Hints of HateWherein we discover yet another duly-elected DemoBratic Congressman in want of maturing, discretion or … [Read more...]

Not liking Greenspan’s report, DemoBrat threatens to Vomit're not reading that wrong. And that's not a headline from The Onion, either.Ms. Newmark at Betsy's Page relates a story about Rep. Melvin Watt, D-N.C that really shouldn't be too surprising, coming on the heels of that over-emoting-shrinking-violet, Professor Nancy Hopkins from MIT - you remember her, the babe who swooned because Harvard President Lawrence Summers (while clearly saying he wanted his hypothesis to be proved wrong) posed an academic question about the differences in … [Read more...]

Russert says CBS knows who passed the bad docs

Now this is interesting.Betsy, from the "so-good-you-really-should-check-in-several-times-a-day" Betsyspage reports that Wily-ol-red-headed Tim Russert, for whom (I cannot help it) I have a soft spot, went on Imus in the Morning and delivered a big fat (not really fat, but heavily jowled) bomb: CBS knows gave Mary Mapes the fake docs...and they ain't sayin'.Quotes Betsy: (linking from NewsMax)"I think the interesting thing is the documents - where did they come from?" Russert told radio host … [Read more...]

The Epitome of Nincompoopery

Well, Barbara Boxer, (D-California) - the dumbest woman in the U.S. Senate, after Patty Murray - has gone and done it, she's signed on to Rep. John Conyers' (D-Michigan) nonsense objecting to...well, just objecting to the fact that the Democrats lost the Presidential Election, again. Oh, the official line is that Conyers and Boxer are "concerned" about "voting irregularities." In the state of Ohio, which went for Bush by over 100,000 votes.They have no "concerns" about "voting irregularities" in … [Read more...]

JFK, RFK Your old party is overrun with Master Bullies!

I am so glad to see this article by Doug MacEachern in The Arizona Republic. He notes, quite rightly, that the last great Democrats (from back when the Democrat Party was a serious party, almost choking with greatness) would never behave like the small, bigoted and peculiar people we've see seething, whining, threatening run away or do something violent over the past few weeks.Considering JFK believed in low taxes, smaller government and a strong defense, I wonder if he would even BE a Democrat … [Read more...]

We’ll not see the like of RFK again. To our detriment.

Since I am home tending to a sick teenager today, I've had time to think, catch up with some email and chat a bit with friends. Many of the commentators in my last entry on my brother's illness left lovely thoughts, prayers and poems, and I am very thankful and moved (and quite humbled) by the generosity of these people who don't know us from Adam and yet offer comfort. Bless you. (And belated public thanks to Andrew Sullivan for his unexpected and kind linkage).One poem stood out to me - it … [Read more...]