Labor Day Look at Obama on Jobs – UPDATE

Inconguity, incongruity. Incongruity on its face! "OBAMA'S ENRON": the Solyndra failure has Rich Lowry wondering: Bush was flayed for Enron. Where does that put Obama and his green-energy pet? A gentle reminder: "Bush's Enron" was, in reality, much more "Clinton's Enron." Ken Lay golf-partnered with Bill Clinton and Lay, along with a number of Enron execs, traveled to India with Clinton and eventually profiting from the trip. And I mostly shrug about that. But I think it's worth remembering … [Read more...]

Let Obama Speak Before GOP Debate! UPDATED

The White House's disdain is palpable and so is the attempt to build a narrative: The speech will fall on the same night Texas Gov. Rick Perry makes his debut on the GOP 2012 debate stage. The Republican presidential field is set to take part in a debate, also scheduled to begin at 8 p.m., at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, Calif. Asked whether the speech was purposefully scheduled the same night as the Republican debate, White House press secretary Jay Carney said "of course not." "It is … [Read more...]

Postcard from the Staycation

Dear Washington, Just wanted to drop a note from our stay-cation to say we hope you're enjoying your time off, and do let us know how the fishing, golfing and clam bakes have gone for you. Circumstances being what they are, we have decided to stick close to home this year. We hope you don't mind if we tag along, vacationing vicariously with you through media. After all, reading that you've driven four under par is like a victory for all us little people and I personally pine to see the latest … [Read more...]

Three More Little Words UPDATED

In the post below, we look at Three Little Words -- "Don't be afraid" -- that we should perhaps use to begin more of our sentences. Here are three other words, that perhaps should end more of those sentences: "Pay it forward." "Don't be afraid; pay it forward." It's almost the perfect one-sentence summary of the Gospel. And here are a few more words, from both my mom and Saint Bernadette Soubirous, the visionary of Lourdes: "God is never outdone in generosity." This is true. I know this … [Read more...]

"So, we can't laugh at Canada, anymore?"

Discussing the S&P downgrade with a young person today, I mentioned this chart, showing the 18 countries with better credit ratings than ours. When he heard that Canada was #3 on the list, he said, " can we joke about Canada anymore? It's no fun at all if we make fun of you know, their basic Canada-ness, and they can come back with, 'ayeh, well what aboot yuer credit rating, eyah?'" Canada, of course, has had its own share of problems -- what nation hasn't -- but as … [Read more...]

It's a Consensus! Better Listen! – UPDATE

Instapundit notes the economic news is pretty darned bad, and links to this smart stuff. He also links to a CNBC report that says 150 economists "back U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner's call to match any increase in the debt limit with spending cuts of equal size. . . " including ". . .Nobel laureate Robert Mundell of Columbia University and economists from schools like New York University and Georgetown University, as well as conservative think tanks like the American … [Read more...]

Apparently National Buildings Are Warm

I was grousing below about--among other things--being cold in my house as we try to keep the energy bills down. Then I saw this picture of our First Lady, Michelle Obama, wearing a killer vintage dress she got at a thrift shop for a couple grand: Now, I don't begrudge anyone who wants to wear one of those classic, elegant, full-skirted, Grace Kellyesque creations from the 1950's, and it looks wonderful on Mrs. O. But as I sit here wearing heavy socks, long sleeves and a shawl, I can't help … [Read more...]

"The Big Cover" of Government Solutions UPDATED

Winter is promising to be a home-heating oil budget-buster and so my husband and I have taken to turning down the thermostat and wearing bulky sweaters all day. I never feel completely warm, though, and last night, as we tried to watch a movie, he had to listen to the Greek Chorus of the Winter of my Discontent: "Brrr; I'm cold," I said. He tossed an afghan my way. A little later: "Why is it so cold in here?" Another afghan. "Brrr..." Finally, feeling chilled to the bone, I announced that … [Read more...]

Quantitative Easing, Explained

Choose your poison. <center Why do I feel like at some point, this government is going to show up--covered with feathers--claiming, "as God is my witness, I thought turkey's could fly!" It's the 70's all over, again, only this time is the tragedy, the first time was the farce. … [Read more...]

"Bush tax cuts created deficit" Not.

I'm tired of hearing the Democrats and my hate-mailers stupidly try to pin our historic deficit spending on the "evil, immoral" Bush tax cuts, so let's just put this narrative down for good, shall we? NY TIMES, JULY 9, 2006: Surprising Jump in Tax Revenues Is Curbing Deficit An unexpectedly steep rise in tax revenues from corporations and the wealthy is driving down the projected budget deficit this year, even though spending has climbed sharply because of the war in Iraq and the cost of … [Read more...]

Unemployment Numbers & a Timely Meditation

The unemployment numbers are looking pretty dismal and bleak, aren't they? A while back, I was praying for someone's job intention when it turned into a meditation through the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary, which adapt themselves perfectly and powerfully to the feelings of abandonment, isolation and exposure that those suffering a job loss can experience. The folks at Our Sunday Visitor wondered if I could adapt that post, after some revision, to a pamphlet that could help prayer groups, … [Read more...]

Being Willing to Endure Tough Times

Skojec Kid in Bookcase I love Steve Skojec's photograph of one of his sons self-crammed into the bookcase. It's a terrifically honest shot that says, "yes, my kids get into things; the house is not perfect. We live here." And it reminds me of the situations my sons got themselves into, and the days I thought would never pass, but now so greatly miss. The picture is also a terrific metaphor, too; the child has climbed higher than he knew and in the process he made something of a mess. Now … [Read more...]

Obama Refuses Perry's Letter

What kind of president is this? All hat, no cattle Gov. Rick Perry's meeting at the Austin airport with President Barack Obama on border security lasted a mere 34 seconds, and Perry had to hand a letter on the issue to presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett because Obama declined to personally accept it. That did not dissuade the governor from inviting Obama to come back to Texas and tour the border with him to get a first hand look at what Perry describes as the threat from Mexican drug … [Read more...]

Markets and Marxists – UPDATED

Passed along to my by one of my sons. The thoughts are not original, but the presentation itself is remarkably clever and it does draw you in. Do I endorse it? I believe in free markets. But, perhaps because of my formation, I do understand that neither capitalism or socialism are flawless vehicles; both (whether "intentionally" or not) leave some people on the sidelines. Capitalism does often foment greed and can be de-humanizing in terms of wage-exploitation (among other things) while … [Read more...]