Fearmongering Hillary jumps to Jihad

I think it was a few weeks ago that some on the left were trying to start up a meme that the GOP stays in power by "playing on our fears."Now, Hillary seems to be doing the same - about school vouchers, no less:Clinton, a longtime voucher foe who earned the backing of the city teachers union in 2000, says government financing of sectarian groups would incite ethnic and religious conflict - and encourage fringe groups to demand government cash to run their schools.[...]“First f … [Read more...]

Labias Up! Vagina-gazing season is open!

Or something. (H/T Tongue-tied.) No, REALLY. :-)Calling all women of color.“The Vagina Monologues” wants you.That’s the message students have heard in the past weeks, as the annual show has opted to bring women of color center stage, while planning to leave many white women behind the curtains. ... But many other students who participated in previous shows said women of color have stayed away from the play because they believe the script portrays minorities negatively. ... “We ca … [Read more...]

Everyone’s teacher should be this excited

Betsy Newmark wrote yesterday - and exceedingly well - on the issue of American History and how our students are being so severely shortchanged by the "social studies" curriculum of the last 30 years. You'll want to read all her thoughts on the issue, but I loved this part:Instead, the classes became endless exercises in coloring in maps and labeling tables of exports from various countries. The study of Russia involves a lesson coloring in a picture of St. Basil's Cathedral and eating … [Read more...]

Sliced and Diced by a ‘stay-home’ mom!

I love this. Remember just yesterday, or the day before, I linked to a blog post about the value of educating women who plan to stay home and raise kids?Well, take a gander at this piece in the Chicago Tribune, written by "Meg Kreikemeier, a stay-at-home mom and a former analyst for CNA Insurance". Heh.For so long, Democrats have criticized Republicans as the party of the rich, and they still do when discussing tax cuts, budget deficits and Social Security. However, Republicans have now … [Read more...]

Affirmative action “good cheating?”

I've always thought LaShawn Barber does her best writing when she is riled up, as she is here, riffing from a David Gelernter column on affirmative action.I can say with 99.9 percent certainty that those who endured billy club beatings, lynchings, firehose spray, and dog bites didn’t do it so that one day their children and grandchildren could be deemed pitiable, too inferior for equal treatment, and too dumb to strive for the American dream on their own merits.Yep, she's riled. Good w … [Read more...]

Not everyone wants or needs to go to college

I really, really admire our First Lady. I think she is the epitome of grace and style, and she's a smart cookie, to boot. That's why I am so let-down by this article detailing the kick-off for her campaign to help "at-risk" youths, and her remarks.It's not that anything she said was wrong, bad or in any way offensive - nothing was - but I am disappointed with this:"When young people get to high school, you can help them see that higher education doesn't have to be just a dream, but it can be a … [Read more...]

Playing to the cameras; a theory about why

In response to my revealing my utter disinterest in growing the blog much beyond "playful primate" status or getting this Irish mug on camera somewhere, Dirty Harry has written a very funny personal confession (and some nice remarks in between the laughs).But you know, it is a very interesting thing, to consider how others reacted to my being contacted by the BBC. The assumption that everyone made was, "well of COURSE you'd want to be part of that - anyone would..."But would anyone? And why? Why … [Read more...]

My Vagina and Me: Politically Incorrect and Lovin’ it!

Every year, in preparation for Valentine's Day (V-day, or Vagina Day in politically correct, whack-a-doo feminist enclaves) various college campuses, community centers and umm, Unitarian churches prepare to use the occasion not to celebrate an early Christian Martyr, but to suggest that every woman is a martyr of sorts, a lone upholder of vaginal integrity, thrown into a tarpit of bubbling male lust and violence.Right on schedule, comes this story re the University of Oregon, which is undergoing … [Read more...]