Dissecting Bodies, Sex, Sin, Selves: Catholic, Muslim and Plasticine


A couple of days ago Muslimah Media Watch examined the way the media indulges in reductive stereotyping of Muslim women, whenever sexual issues are discussed:Thank you Jezebel for your groundbreaking work in this field and for using phrases like “Islam, surprisingly…” and “All of which may make many a Muslim woman blush,” because that’s not reductive at all – particularly when discussing Muslim women and their intimate lives, completely missing the point that sexuality is a normal part of Is … [Read more...]

Could Newtown Massacre be Latent Effect of Bullying?


Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo is expressing embarrassment at just how much the press got wrong, yesterday, as they rushed to tell us anything they could about the terrible slaughter at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Perhaps he also feels mortified by the press tweets to families and friends of the victims looking for a story.I mean, I'm not a member of the fourth estate, and I'm mortified by it.But as we wonder what happened, why it happened and what motivated this terribly dark … [Read more...]

Educating graphs on IL education


In this graph, the amount of money going to retirement benefits begins to look like Pacman, eating the ghost of Illinois' future.Tom Elia has more.Clearly, legislators -- if they are serious -- are going to have to find a way to prevent retirement benefits from eating all available resources. Whether they can get serious, or even want to, is the real question. I suspect that if anyone in Illinois tries to get a handle on this looming and outsized bill coming due, they will be … [Read more...]

"Quality" Teachers for Wisconsin – UPDATED

Photosource, Althouse, taken by Meade."I NEEN QUALITY TEACHERS."They need teachers who can instruct them to love the qualifiers that denote the character of a quality - whether it is high-or-low, good-or-bad teachers that they neen and want.But apparently Wisconsin students are being pulled from their necessary classes in order to help teachers protest "whatever this dude [Governor Scott Walker] is doin'.My favorite observation on this story of schools closing so teachers may protest … [Read more...]

The Healy Brothers; a Thrilling, Shameful Story

February is Black History Month, and to kick it off historian Dr. Pat McNamara brings us a fascinating story that thrilled and shamed me. What a remarkable family of faith existed in the sons and daughters of Michael Healy and Eliza Clark; they became priests, nuns and even a bishop emerging from their home in Georgia, where mixed-race children were called "slaves." But none of it came easily or peacefully in 19th century America:By any standard, the Healys were an impressive family. … [Read more...]

US vs Tiger Mothers, Lion Fathers – UPDATED

Our Sunday Visitor is carrying a piece of mine looking at the controversial question of whether the berating Chinese "Tiger Mother" is truly superior to the doting and timid "you're so special!" Western mode of parenting. I am of two minds on it:In America we have allowed genuine excellence to be sacrificed upon the altar of our children’s self-esteem, and our barely earned praise has become a kind of cheap grace. In our schools, every test gets a star, every assembly gets a “participation cer … [Read more...]

The Audacity of Wonder – UPDATED

Illustration Source)Over at First Things, my Tuesday Column is looking at our mania for credentials and how it closes doors, narrows minds and holds wonder at arms length:He has authored over a dozen books, written a syndicated newspaper column and countless essays and articles covering a broad range of subjects—sports, politics, mobsters, union thugs, cultural touchstones, booze, and blades of grass—all of it written in a smart, literate voice of the casual sophisticate who takes his sub … [Read more...]

Holiness & Glory; New Concepts! – UPDATED

I like this piece by Tom Howard, a classics teacher who is looking at how modern students respond to Homer:But then we came to Homer. This old blind bard addresses himself to his poetic task with immense energy. And a reader does not get far into The Iliad before he finds himself hailed with the sheer zest with which Homer extols the magnificence, nobility, courage, and prowess of the heroes on both sides of that war. In the Greek camp, we find Agamemnon, Menelaus, Achilles, Ajax, and a host … [Read more...]

Kids in Chant; Kyrie Eleison

H/T Sr. Lisa … [Read more...]

"Tenure" or "Tenor"? Oops!

Watch the graphics during the report. Heh.Gov. Chris Christie; "We may have to fire lousy teachers!" … [Read more...]