Mornings are for Prayer & Study

That's actually a Dominican in the picture, but "ora et labora" is the motto of the Benedictine: Pray and Work. And study. Books are the Benedictine lifeblood. I promised myself a while back that I would take mornings to study, specifically to read books on anything but what is going on around us, although very often what I'm reading has its resonances in the day, as well, and no, I don't strictly mean scripture, but there's that, too. It is good to be quiet. In fact, it is necessary. I … [Read more...]

Obama Sex Ed: McCain right, Behar wrong?

A couple of days ago, John McCain appeared on the always-execrable morning program, The View. During his visit he had to endure Whoopi Goldberg asking him if she - under a McCain presidency - would have to "worry about being a slave again?", he also had to deal with Joy Behar declaring that McCain was "lying" in campaign ads that suggested Barack Obama voted in favor of legislation to approve sex ed in Kindergarten. Behar didn't ask him, in mannerly fashion, if he had a basis for making that … [Read more...]

Anchorpoll: Does Sex Ed Prevent Teen Pregnancy?

I just need to ask it. Let me state up front that I believe Sex Education is the responsibility of parents, and that a part of responsible parenting is comprehensive sex education: talking clearly, openly and often with your kids about human sexuality, natural urges, hygiene, masturbation, abstinence, forms of birth control etc, along with moral guidance reflecting your family's belief system or "humanist" ethics. Does anyone know what the sex-ed curriculum is in Alaska? Having endured sex … [Read more...]

BRILLIANT: "Give up yer aul sins…"

Sent to me via friend Shana. From the notes: Based on the original recordings taken by Peig Cunningham in Dublin schoolrooms from the 1960's, (subsequently re-discovered and released by EMI record) this film dramatizes the event as a TV crew arrive to record the children and we are treated to the story of John the Baptist told as only children can. It received an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Short at the 2001 Oscars. It's a charmer. And the animation is great; I love how they … [Read more...]

Fallout from Retreat & Other Stuff

It has been a very interesting week since the online retreat; I'm still dwelling desert-side, but I've managed a peek at Drudge and a perusal of My interest in the political is still way diminished, but not totally lost. I sense within myself not so much a broad change of perspective but rather the installation of a new window, to let in a bit more fresh air, so to speak. Whether that will blow me to pieces or simply refresh is anyone's guess. Strangest post-retreat … [Read more...]

10 year presidencies; test what you know

Now, I'm not going to take the cheap route, here, and jump all over Barack Obama (or compare him to Dan Quayle) just for suggesting that his time spent schmoozing world leaders is important because he expects to be "dealing with them over the next 8 to 10 years,". Every schoolchild knows that - unless he's expecting to repeal the 22nd amendment - no president will serve more than two four year terms. I'm sure Obama, who is a brilliant constitutional scholar and former editor of the Harvard Law … [Read more...]

Meyer & Shana: Blaming vs Growing Up

I label Dick Meyer as an "omni-spective." He is an educated, urbane "DC-NY-corridor" secularist who defies the stereotype of snobbish insularity. He is introspective and also outwardly mega-observant; he doesn't just peer at a surface, but looks into and around everything - hence my label. Meyer recently left CBS News and headed to NPR and he has taken his Against the Grain column with him. Today's piece is a good 'un you will want to read. I have a few small quibbles with it - as usual - … [Read more...]

A 'mercan rues embarisin Obama

From I Think, Therefore I Err: Don’t you worry. I went to Blogging School. I know I’m obliged to post on the latest Obama elitist attack on me. The one where he is embarrassed about us lo class Americans who only speak ‘mercan. And I actually speak Spanish and English. And I still take his attack personally. There I was sitting in a cafe in Athens. I said καλημέρα (good morning) and then I had to point, yes point, at the menu to order. I could feel Obama’s eyes beating down on … [Read more...]

Critical Times for Critical Thought

A few weeks ago the Senate Intelligence Report, written by the Democrat-majority committee was released and the Washington Post dared to point out that the report stated very clearly that all of Bush's "lied" leading up to the Iraqi war were actually "substantiated by intelligence." Some readers of the piece, clutching their truthiness to them the way Obama accuses the Midwest of clutching their guns and bibles (bibles, truthiness, we're not so different, after all, are we?) seemed immune to … [Read more...]

Not what Thos. Jefferson had in mind…

A friend of mine read yesterday's piece on freedom of speech, powergrids, etc and after reading about the Pelosi-Claybrook bill, Hillary's remarks and the adventures up in Canada which do not seem so far removed from what we see moving toward the American mainstream, she considered that a government increasingly leaning toward the suppressing free speech and the creation of laws meant to diminish rather than enhance the liberties of it's citizens was perhaps not what Thomas Jefferson had in … [Read more...]

Sunscreen Commencement Address

Buster sent this my way and I share it with you. There is an urban legend about it, that the very good advice here was written by Kurt Vonnegut; it was actually written by Mary Schmich in the Chicago Tribute. I like the beat. Don't be reckless with other people's hearts. Don't put up with people who are reckless with yours. Floss. Don't waste your time on jealousy. Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind. The race is long and, in the end, it's only with yourself. Remember … [Read more...]

This guy is like…so right, you know?

Via Brutally Honest: … [Read more...]

What we don't know is a lot.

Dr Melissa Clouthier has a great post up about amazing people and nearly miraculous things. I urge you to go read it; my favorite part was this astounding video of what an autistic man can draw by memory after a 45 minute helicopter tour of Rome. We humans are wonderously, gloriously made, and for all we think we know, I don't think we understand a bare tenth of what makes us the creatures we are, about ourselves, our brains, our spirits and our beings. Related: Enlightenment through a … [Read more...]

McCullough's John Adams on HBO

Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney as John and Abigail Adams When I was a kid it was a rare thing to own a book and a hardcover book was real treasure, so my family, now, will often gift me with hardcover books that I put into the "to read" pile, and sometimes I don't get around to reading the book until it comes out in soft cover. David McCullogh's comprehensive and incredibly readable John Adams was a book that had been in the pile so long I nearly missed it. I picked it up last week and … [Read more...]