Incredible Catherine of Siena! UPDATED

"If you are what you should be, you will set the world on fire" - St. Catherine of SienaOur dear nun-friends at Moniales bring us this video in honor of the incredible St. Catherine of Siena, the Dominican Tertiary and Doctor of the Church whose remarkable life gives lie to the silly charge that the Catholic church has held women back:Write the nuns:Her writings, The Dialogue and The Letters of St. Catherine are easily available in excellent translations and well worth taking the time … [Read more...]

Morning Plots & Errands

Isn't that great? Reader Brian J (who also made the Nun News Network graphic and the Rush/Bullock/Baseball one) sent that over and I love it. In terms of who is in or out, I have always been "out" and my advice on pretty much anything is worth about a nickle, so it's right-on in every way.This morning is going about working at a local hospital, as I mentioned here.Then, I will be dedicating some serious time toward developing two ideas we have talked about here:1) Funding scholarships … [Read more...]

Please help me thumb my nose at Obama!

The First Iconic Photo of the Obama AdministrationI have no idea how to establish any sort of foundation or charity fund-raising operation. I am very ignorant about most things, and intimidated by the idea of establishing anything.But I have been so angry, for so long, at Barack Obama and the Democrats for dismantling the DC School Voucher program, which was an excellent school-choice solution that gave parents and students a real means of escape from the atrocious schools in Washington DC, … [Read more...]

New Idea for the New Year -Updated

This is an idea I love, out of the blogosphere, via Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit, who writes:KILLING THE D.C. SCHOOL VOUCHER PROGRAM: Because protecting bureaucrats’ rice bowls is more important than, you know, actually educating. UPDATE: “Democrats Resegregate DC School System.”We discussed this here a few months ago:Pay attention to the former Headmaster of Sidwell Friends School (where Chelsea Clinton, went, and Malia and Sasha Obama currently attend), who seems utterly baffled as to w … [Read more...]

School Choice in DC; a no-brainer!

Take a few minutes to watch this excellent video from PJTV, focusing on the Obama administration's ending a successful scholarship program that has allowed students to get out of the failing, miserable public schools in the District of Columbia (where more than $15,000 a year is spent, per student, with dismal results). The September 30 protest garnered little attention, but PJTV attended and asked good questions.Pay attention to the former Headmaster of Sidwell Friends School (where Chelsea … [Read more...]

Carrying the cross a bit too far

Over at FT's Icons and Curiosities, they've run a bit amok. Jody Bottum has been attempting to re-decorate Sally's Thomas' Homeschooling house while working with a very narrow theme.And here is where they're at, nowYou'll be surprised. The horror.Oh, the horror.If you have any further ideas, let them know! They need help. Much help.Sally's homeschooling piece though, is thoughtful and excellent. … [Read more...]

Happy students writing research papers

H/T to reader Dick, here is a great post (with pictures) by Pioneer Woman on how to teach students to write research papers.Now, as a mother I am tuned in enough to my 3rd grader to know she was not going to be as excited as I was about writing her first ever research paper. My oldest? She’d write a research paper for the fun of it, but personalities differ and Meredith rolled her eyes, moaned and asked, “How long will this take?”For a brief moment my heart sank, but since I held enough excit … [Read more...]

"How They Hated Bush" & other things

Someone sent this video to me with the comment, "illustrates how the press despised Bush. How they hated him!"Well, duh. Of course they did. They spent 7 years doing their very best to make sure that everyone else hated him, too, and yes, they succeeded. Not saying Bush's own errors didn't help it along, but the non-stop (sometimes untrue, frequently unfair and almost always unwarranted and disproportionate) pounding given Bush, 24/7 by every media outlet -news, books, sitcoms, films- … [Read more...]

More on Susan Boyle…

More information on the remarkable Susan Boyle, who I linked to in the post below and the story just gets nicer and nicer, and one just wants all good things to happen for her.It seems that Simon Cowell's people are already pursuing Boyle, who got a standing ovation from her church after her appearance on Britain's Got Talent.Before going on stage, Ms. Boyle admitted some self-deprecating facts about herself (she's never been kissed and lives alone with her cat, Pebbles). For those reasons … [Read more...]

Kids deserve good schools

The piano is annoying as hell, but watch it. As Vodkapundit says: Obama finally found a cut he likes.You know, we could raise money for scholarships for these kids and many others in just a few hours, if the president really wanted to - if the president really cared - and was not so beholden to teacher's unions.Really. Hundreds, maybe thousands of kids helped into better school environments - in a matter of a couple of hours.How about, Mr. President? One of those kids said he knew you … [Read more...]