Remembering Bobby Kennedy and Missing Great Oratory

rfk speaking on mlk

Today is the anniversary of the death of Robert F. Kennedy. On Facebook, Bishop Christopher Coyne posted this quote from him:"What is objectionable, what is dangerous about extremists, is not that they are extreme, but that they are intolerant. The evil is not what they say about their cause, but what they say about their opponents."Something to ponder in a world where extremism is become commonplace.We’ll not see the like of RFK again, to our detriment. I don't say this because I t … [Read more...]

“Begging the question” Correction

My post, Sir, that is not quite what I said, contains an error in usage of which two readers have kindly informed me. It seems "begging the question" does not mean what I (and I think many others) have long-believed it to mean.I wrote:For all Boehlert’s angry writing, this fact remains: The AP has reported that multiple mosques were burned down and multiple human beings were burned alive. Within the report, they quoted a source they’ve used often - so often that a blogger noticed and said, “ … [Read more...]

Future Journalist grills Anchoress

The child of a sibling, who calls me "Auntie," asked to interview me for a grade-school project on journalism. Between giggles and some eye-rolling I thought the kid still did better than many "big-time professional journalists." I've edited out all of the spelling portions.Ace Reporter: Okay, so, how old are you?Auntie: I'm not telling you. How old is your mother?Ace: Ummm...I don't know. Auntieeee, you're supposed to answer the questions!Auntie: I'm 47.Ace: Really? That's what … [Read more...]

“You want to jump and scream and encourage your child”

Yes, you do want to "...jump and scream and encourage your child." But comes a time - and I'd say it's around 8th grade, where you really should no longer feel compelled to scream your kid's name and hoot and holler every time you see them perform in a band, sing in a choir, etc.Apparently, this bishop feels the same way and after repeated requests to parents to please refrain from carrying on and applauding, hooting, bellowing, etc until all the High School graduates were named were ignored, … [Read more...]

I’m sorry, please forgive the gushing

I'll be doing some more gushing next month, when Elder Brother has his junior recital, too, so please excuse the excess of motherly excitation, but Buster performed Stradella's "Pieta Signore" this weekend for the judges and - for the third year in a row - received a score of 100%, with some really great remarks on the part of the adjudicator.As I wrote during last year's gush: in NY, a state that is very competitive musically, with so many talented kids, so many schools and a relatively … [Read more...]

Spring Break runs over Tarheel Terror

My source at Chapel Hill, "A" has sent in what will - for now - it seems, be the final report on the Tarheel Terrorist, since the school is on Spring Break:"...the furor is finally dead and gone. There are a few stray op-eds in today's newspaper which no one will read because all of the University has already bolted for the beaches in a Spring Break fever. I point you to the Daily Tarheel editorial and letters to the editor section at the bottom of the page if you care to see the three … [Read more...]

Tarheel Terrorist gets spanked with truth

My Chapel Hill source, "A" has forwarded a remarkable piece by Ginny Franks, a weekly columnist for the Daily Tarheel. "A" is sure Ms. Franks will be taken to the woodshed for daring to write the piece, and that she will probably be dismissed.If so, that would be very unjust in our "free" society. But she's certainly on fire and speaking freely, here:Terrorists are evil, but they aren't cowards. The truth is that terrorists aim to make cowards of us.Taheri-azar didn't just want nine … [Read more...]

Really stupid remarks about terrorism

So, as I was leaving on Friday, this story was breaking:Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, 22, deliberately drove a rented Jeep Cherokee into the Pit area outside the Student Union, hitting nine people just before noon, police say. Six people suffered minor injuries; three others declined to be treated.He's mad at America. He's mad at this cartoon. Whatever. He said he wanted to kill people, that he was trying to kill people and that had he done the job right, he would have killed people.'Zat … [Read more...]

Harvard Students LOVE Summers

Via Instapundit:Students Hail Harvard President.If Harvard University President Lawrence H. Summers was worried about how the undergraduates would greet him Wednesday night at his first scheduled event since announcing his resignation, those fears quickly were put to rest.He got a standing ovation after he walked in. He got a standing ovation before he left. A row of students with red letters painted on their chests spelled out "Larry." [...] somewhere in the controversy surrounding … [Read more...]

Sigmund gets Award Winner on Couch

Siggy shrinks Catholic Blog Award Winner Julie (Best Blog By A Woman)It's better than it sounds. Go read!Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, The Anchoress won in the category for Best Political Blog! I thank you all for going over there and voting for me! My l'il bro Thom points out that I won with a plurality, like Clinton and not a majority, like Bush. Boooo, booo, Thom! I remain grateful, folks! :-)I'm a little mad at Siggy, though because he freaking beat me to it! To what, you … [Read more...]