My Adorable Elder Son is 30 Years Old!

Little angel

I mean, I just blinked!And poof!And now he is married to a lovely woman and they live in another state, and I am become one of those annoying ladies who tells young mothers "appreciate it, even though it's hard, because it goes so fast...."The sweetest baby, most relaxed baby ever born -- and still the same dreamy planet he was the day he arrived:...despite all of my best and worst days of parenting – [my sons] are pretty much precisely the people they w … [Read more...]

Oh, nuts! Obama Speech Reax

I have not one, not two but three things I have to start writing for various deadlines, so I'm going to offer you a quick look-around from my email and a few sites and then tip the hat and ride off into the sunset for most of the day, pardners.Obama was going to bring "his own plan" on healthcare to the Congress yesterday, wasn't that the pre-speech meme?"This is the momentism!": Again with the Broadwayesque-Bombast. Every Obama speech is "the moment." Say, isn't that the big song from … [Read more...]

Why you need an IT guy in the family

You need an IT guy in the family because things fall apart.Centers do not hold.Also things like mail programs get corrupted. Other things get messed up because Firefox crashed.Then, when you are whimpering in the corner, because you haven't a clue how to deal with any of it, your Elder Son, who is back in school to get all kinds of mysterious computer certifications, comes in. Behold the IT guy: he is a hero in the mold of classic heroes. He is grave, but compassionate. He scolds … [Read more...]