Planning a Bachelor Party

SourceElder Son is "known" for his speechifying--he is a natural wordsmith who peppers his public remarks at such things as Eagle Ceremonies and Anniversaries with puns, and literary/mathematical references; he uses humor in such a disarming way that you don't realize exactly when his words became touching and sincere, only that you are suddenly wiping away a tear.He is is quite honored to act as Best Man for a fellow he's been friends with since the fifth grade and has already begun writing … [Read more...]

Elder Son's Sweet Girlfriend

I've never given her a name; Elder Son and she are both happy to keep their private lives pretty private, but Sweet Girlfriend -who I have decided to call Kitty- has pulled off a sort of "time-management/personal-drive" coup that is so impressive, I have to give a public shout-out to a kid (okay, they're all grown up, but "kids" to us) who put herself through college while working part-time and then commenced attaining outstanding grades in a tough out-of-state graduate program, all the while … [Read more...]

Young Women of Good Intention

I'm going to ask a favor of my readers who pray, to keep the intentions of a few young women in their prayers, particularly for the next week.First up, Elder Son's Sweet Girlfriend. This kid has been going to grad school full time (and earning all-A's) while working full time, and managing to pull it all off as she commutes between two states. Last semester was an absolute killer, but she never gave up. Now, it looks like she may have an opportunity to snag a much-desired assistant's job on … [Read more...]