Boehner's Aria; No Hook for Now

My schedule yesterday precluded watching Wyle E. Coyote Nancy Pelosi hand off the gavel (finally!) to John Boehner, but I had planned to skip the event, anyway.A lifelong poli-junkie, I have lately grown positively allergic to political theater and repelled by the showboating, the preening and the pride; I've had a bellyful of politicians gassing away about the wonderfulness of themselves and their marvelous ocean-receding powers; how they are going to be the "most ethical" this and "smartest" … [Read more...]

Live-Blogging Election Day!

***I'll be constantly updating, so check back!***Have you voted? I expect heavy participation! Tell us about turnout and mood, in the comments section! More links and updates coming soon! *****Off for a cappuccino.Althouse: Liveblogging. Begins with a cinematic bloodbath. She's very visual! :-) - 7:36 PMGreat Picture! -7:27PMInstapundit: some good links and quotes -7:25 PMGeorge Soros and the margin of theft -7:24 PMDeeDee Myers: Three Stages of Dem grief -6:49 … [Read more...]

Putz, Yutz & Sacred Honor

My husband had a dental appointment early this morning, and I went with him because the dentist is an amusing, chatty fellow and it's fun to talk to him while my husband's mouth is loaded with instrumentation and all he can do is make that funny "ah-oh" noise, in conversation.Two years ago, I had a wisdom tooth extracted and the dentist and my husband were so busy talking that I felt ignored. I grunted and pointed at my husband: "'oo 'hut 'uut!" then to the dentist, "'oo, 'ull da 'oot!""The … [Read more...]

"Bush tax cuts created deficit" Not.

I'm tired of hearing the Democrats and my hate-mailers stupidly try to pin our historic deficit spending on the "evil, immoral" Bush tax cuts, so let's just put this narrative down for good, shall we?NY TIMES, JULY 9, 2006: Surprising Jump in Tax Revenues Is Curbing DeficitAn unexpectedly steep rise in tax revenues from corporations and the wealthy is driving down the projected budget deficit this year, even though spending has climbed sharply because of the war in Iraq and the cost of … [Read more...]

Neoneocon; Hitler's Germany & US

Neoneocon rouses me from my couch that I may link to her fascinating post, one that seems relevant to our day. She offers a quote from a book (written by an American "man of the left") recounting the attitudes of his interviewees regarding a certain moment in the history of Germany:National Socialism was a repulsion of my friends against parliamentary politics, parliamentary debate, parliamentary government—against all the higgling and the haggling of the parties and the splinter parties, t … [Read more...]