Post-Election ’12: Welcome to Interesting Times -UPDATED


Have been too busy to really put down my thoughts about yesterday's election, but I can tell you that I am not at all despairing -- in fact I've been doing Cher-smacks and telling people to "snap out of it" all day -- nor do I feel doomsdayish; rather I feel very grateful to have things clarified for us in such a way.I will write more -- perhaps this evening -- to explain what I mean (so check back) but this morning I participated (humbly, along with Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Sean Cardinal … [Read more...]

Come, Pray the Luminous Mysteries with Me!


Aside from being aggravated by some minor, but continual, issues with my computer today, I'm feeling pretty peaceful about the election, in general. I have no idea who will win, although I suspect Romney is in a stronger position than poll purchasers wanted to see, but I could be wrong.Either way I am at peace. Perhaps it's because of my conversation with this man -- which in part inspired this column -- but I prayed the Office of Readings today and look forward to praying Vespers in about … [Read more...]

“Most Important Election Ever” meets the Psalms – UPDATED

smith dinner

In my column at First Things today I expose some of the cynicism I constantly battle within myself as my mistrust of all politics and politicians continues apace:Assuming it was ever real, the notion of electoral downtime, of productive governance, mindful that a day’s evils are sufficient thereof and that futures are dealt with as they arrive, appears to be over. So too the idea that one runs for office in order to serve by representing the desires of the voting populace. When they elected M … [Read more...]

Separating Ego from Election – UPDATED


Our Year of Faith topics page, which is currently being sponsored by the Norbertine Nuns Capital Campaign, is featuring an usual piece for this election day, in that it is written by a Baptist, not a Catholic, a man who has been feeling fear and despair throughout this election season.November 4, the first Sunday of the month, was Communion Sunday, with Deacons assisting. Not me, yet. I'm a deacon-in-training, a process that takes a year. In any case, I'm supposed to be focused on the … [Read more...]

Help for Sandy Victims or a Footrace? Tough choice!


I get the argument. Some are saying the New York marathon should continue because it's a display of the city's indomitable spirit, "nothing can bring us down, yadda, yadda" -- and I'm not saying that message is a bad one, per se.But we have children being buried, and lots of people in need of everything -- clothing, shelter, food, fuel, consolation. In this case, I think one needs to weigh the need for food, generators and first responder resources and ask whether any of them should justly … [Read more...]

“I expect the crowd in power to destroy everything…”


Over at Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds posts, amid a wall of discouraging stuff, two especially grim bits:FOLLOW-UP ON FOOD PRICES:I just wanted to weigh in on the food inflation issue with a local data point. I live in Southern Iowa and have a small flock of sheep (12) that I use for weed control in my vineyard. I feed grass/alfalfa hay in the winter months (roughly early November through mid-March), and typically start planning in early summer . . .People are scrambling everywhere to get … [Read more...]

Would US Elections Still Astound de Tocqueville and Chesterton?


If you're not subscribing to The Catholic Answer, perhaps the September/October issue running up to the elections will get you to consider it.There, along with some excellent regular columns and the very help Q&A's that define the magazine, you'll find Russell Shaw writing about how Catholics should prepare to vote, and hitting on five notions:1. Voting is a moral act — don’t vote frivolously or selfishly.2. Don’t compartmentalize politics and morality.3. Don’t abso … [Read more...]

Paul Ryan, Catholic? Got a Problem with It? UPDATE

My title is a bit of a tease, but it's meant to direct your attention to Ed Morrissy's exceptionally thorough and balanced look at Paul Ryan and all of the rhetoric being thrown around about his budget, the bishops, how he is perceived by progressives, the distinctly uncharitable "pray for his conversion" being recommended by some who presume to know the state of his soul, and of course, Ayn Rand.The key question of whether Ryan’s budget violates his faith gets addressed best by the man who h … [Read more...]

Ayn Rand giving Paul Ryan the Pip Among the Papists


When Mitt Romney selected the Catholic Paul Ryan to be his running mate, he probably thought it would lock in "the Catholic vote" in one neat move.He couldn't possibly understand that what he's really done is revealed a few trenchant truths about Catholics in America, to whit:1) We are not monolithic in our thinking. This should not surprise anyone; a quick Facebook turn through the timelines of Catholics in-various-degrees-of-obedience to Rome will demonstrate keenly that Catholics run … [Read more...]