Voting to Kill – UPDATED

National Review's Jim Geraghty is a writer with a deft touch; he has a way of keeping heavy subjects light, and often he will surprise a reader with a disarming quip or clever turn of phrase, where they least expect it.That deft touch is apparent, and appreciated, throughout his new book, Voting to Kill; How 9/11 Launched the Era of Republican Leadership, which takes a look at the US political landscape pre-and-post 9/11 and finds that the Democrats are digging themselves a security hole from … [Read more...]

“How can I like you, you’re a Conservative?”

I have heard the phrase repeated to me a few times by stunned liberals..."I don't understand it, you're a Conservative, but I still find I like you..."Last week my best pal, who works within the public school system, encountered the same remark from a Social Studies teacher - "I shouldn't like you; you're a conservative. And yet, I do like you a lot."My pal was taken aback. "He 'shouldn't' like me because I'm a conservative? What sort of bigotry is that? No one would ever dream of … [Read more...]

Bush dances with free people; Albright danced with Kim Jong Il

It's been fun to watch the videos and read the accounts of President Bush's trip to Georgia. I know that for those who do not like him, who - let's face it - hate him, there is nothing charming in these pictures or videos, and his speech sounds like nothing particularly remarkable.People who have lived in freedom their whole lives and do not even realize how their own liberties are being undermined look at President Bush and see...well, I don't know what they see.A swaggering cowboy, … [Read more...]

More things in heaven and on earth than are dreamt…

However...some odd things do get thought about, sometimes.Here is a question that sounds absurd on the face of it. What do a few obscure Catholic holy days and various feast days of the Blessed Virgin Mary have to do with a formerly hard-drinking-now-reformed Methodist? The answer is, perhaps nothing, or perhaps quite a lot.During the Great Recount Debacle of Election 2000 – designated the Year of Great Jubilee by Pope John Paul II - some people began to notice that things seemed to go George B … [Read more...]

Post -Election polling shows nation feeling re-assured

I'm not a fan of polls and I don't fixate on them, but I figured, just this once...The National Annenberg Election Survey has just been released, and it should make the president feel pretty good. Relieved, I think, that Election 2004 did not descend into a debacle on a scale of Election 2000 (although some are still hoping...) the nation feels a renewed sense of optimism about the president's job performance and more upbeat about the direction in which we are headed. The report is worth poring … [Read more...]

Kerry’s own pollster calls it for Bush

Pretty remarkable. Mark Mellman writes in The Hill that Bush will win by three. I think he's just hedging his bets. He has a career to think about after this election.But then...would he call against Kerry like this, and risk alienating the left, the people he lives and associates with, unless he was reasonably sure he was correct?Draw your own conclusions. I don't think anyone knows what is going to happen today. But this IS remarkable. … [Read more...]

The press continues to block my view of Kerry

Had a chat with a person from Australia who insists that Kerry will be a better president than Bush, although he admits that he cannot tell me anything Kerry has done in the last 20 years that suggests he would be good presidential material or - more importantly - CIC material. "Elections are about the incumbent," he insisted, "if the incumbent has done a good job, you retain him; if he has done poorly, you fire him."Well.Firstly...I just can't understand how anyone can say they have no idea … [Read more...]

Stop hyperventilating! Save yer breath fer yer porridge!

I'll admit, I have my moments where - having allowed myself to spend too many hours reading blogs and the mainstream press - I get rather feverish, and subject myself to the sort of gasping and hand-wringing that I've been reading in various "comments" sections over the past few days. "Oh my GAWD! The NEWSWEEK Poll! We're all gonna DIE!!!!"And so I'm kind of proud of myself that I didn't succumb to the temptation to despair this time around. I was only mildly disappointed that the president … [Read more...]

America is wide awake, and dreaming glorious dreams

"You are such a shy person," my husband said as we drove home from a long, pretty good concert this evening. "You stammer and get red whenever you meet a stranger. How is it you manage, time after time, to get into these loud, public brawls?"Well, alright, there is all that Irish in me, and that might explain some of it, but my husband has a point and it makes me wonder about the vast difference between shyness and timidity. It is true that I hate meeting new people. I don't hate the people, I … [Read more...]

John Kerry channeling Blanche DuBois?

Is it just me, or does Kerry seem to be transforming himself, before our eyes, into a Tennessee Williams heroine? He seems to me to be teetering on some eerie edge. In photographs, he looks like he is simply not all there, as though inside him there is some fluttery little voice talking only to John Kerry, and John Kerry alone.Perhaps he will soon turn to a gang of friendly reporters and arch his eyebrows and claim he is ready for his close-up as he prances by.Call it a gut instinct, my own … [Read more...]