Me vs Us: The Return of History

If you read nothing else today, please take time to read Gerard Vanderleun's stunning and brilliant essay, The Return of History. Send it to everyone you know and stick it in your harddrive. He puts its better and more lucidly than anyone could: the "vacation from history" is over, the "me-like-fun" era is over, and it is once again - as before in America, in all of her greatests eras - "us-time."It's difficult to excerpt something this rich, but a little taste:N THE DAYS AFTER THE TOWERS … [Read more...]

Liberals consider an end-run around the Constitution

This is very troubling. If you can't win elections the right way, change the rules.The question of how we elect a president is up for debate again, with advocates of a majoritarian philosophy having invented a new device for moving to a direct popular vote for the chief executive.Rather than going through the labors of amending the Constitution to replace the electoral college system with a national tally for president, which has failed every time it has been attempted, they have come up … [Read more...]

GOP Flavor in ’08 – UPDATED

A few posts down, I'd opined about the future of Tony Soprano and also suggested that Rudy Giuliani is the obvious candidate for the WH in '08, to which Mr. Murphy took exception in the comments section. We've agreed to disagree, but Mr. Murphy wondered what I thought about a Mitt Romney/George Allen ticket, since I'd dismissed Allen as an uncharismatic zero. I figured I'd answer it here, and we could have a good debate.Romney/Allen? THINK about what the Democrats and the press are going to … [Read more...]

Birdshot, Vice Presidents and Strategeries – UPDATED

My email box is loaded down with hysterical emails about Mr. Whittington's heart attack. We should certainly keep him in our prayers.The general tone of the emails is, "oh my God!"Well - it certainly does complicate things. Should Mr. Whittington die, Vice-President Cheney could conceivably be charged with involuntary manslaughter in which case he would clearly have to resign his office.A quick look around the more demented blogs indicates that there is a contingent out there suggesting … [Read more...]

Hill & Bill 2008 Bumperstickers

Kobayashi Maru has thoughts on church and state if you can get past the bumpersticker. Check out the last bit about Patrick Kennedy!Meanwhile, Dr. Sanity has a terrific song spoof. … [Read more...]

Holding Hands and Hauling Out Chelsea…

Clearly the Clintons are in full campaign mode once again. What other politicians would drag their 23+ daughter away from her job and boyfriend to take her on the "important" photo-ops. Poor girl has her own life...except during a campaign, when the hand-holding and "family unity" shots are required.The Clintons, who live in Chappaqua, N.Y., had interrupted a visit to Israel to make a brief trip to Jordan at the invitation of King Abdullah II.Stepping over broken glass, silver knives and … [Read more...]

Found Alito’s Thesis

Sam Alito's thesis is found.Any chance we'll see Hillary's before November 2008? Or even after? … [Read more...]

Inexplicable McCain? Not at all

It is a little mind blowing to me that Cindy Sheehan arrived in Washington with 30 supporters - Yes, 30 - and yet this pathetic media-creation is weilding enough power to get Hillary Clinton and John McCain to meet with her.Sen. Clinton's decision to meet with Sheehan flies in the face of her attempts to reposition herself as a pro-defense Democrat - although lately she's been scrambling to appeal to her party's left-wing base.The McCain meeting, however, is completely … [Read more...]

Dick Morris – wrong again

You would think he would always be right - given how well he supposedly knows her, but I can't remember the last time Dick Morris was correct about anything pertaining to Hillary Clinton - he predicted she would NOT run for the Senate from NY and that if she did run, she'd lose.In this piece, Morris is wrong again.Polls show that 60 percent of New Yorkers do not want Hillary to run for president even as 55 percent say they will vote for her for the Senate. They know that a senator is AWOL … [Read more...]

The press continues to block my view of Kerry

Had a chat with a person from Australia who insists that Kerry will be a better president than Bush, although he admits that he cannot tell me anything Kerry has done in the last 20 years that suggests he would be good presidential material or - more importantly - CIC material. "Elections are about the incumbent," he insisted, "if the incumbent has done a good job, you retain him; if he has done poorly, you fire him."Well.Firstly...I just can't understand how anyone can say they have no idea … [Read more...]