Col. West Goes to Washington

I just love this picture of Col. Allen West showing up for his five day congressional orientation:Yup. Got my military helmet bag; always ready for a battle, and I'm taking names and notes.Yup, my tie does sort of match my bag; you like that, right?Yup, I look good standing in this doorway.Yup, yup, yup. Great picture. I do not anticipate Congressman West to sit around becoming part of the wallpaper, hiding out between election years. … [Read more...]

No Crying in Politics

My Tuesday Column is up over at the home page. Call it my last bilious burp for election '10. It occured to me that, unlike the last defeat the Democrats suffered, in 2004, this time they have not had to process their disappointment through internet apology sites and group therapy sessions, and I wondered why:Obviously, making international apologies is more glamorous than making domestic amends, but if GOP victories are the unmitigated catastrophes the Democrats and the press would have us … [Read more...]

Glenn Reynolds, Rah! – UPDATED

Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds has the read of the weekend or perhaps the whole week, in the Washington Examiner:With the election over, Republicans are arguing about whether they should address Democrats via compromise, or confrontation. Both have their places, but I have a different suggestion.Clarity.With the deficit and the debt ballooning, with the economy remaining in the tank, and with tough choices on the horizon, what Americans need more than anything is clarity about what those … [Read more...]

Will Lame Ducks Turn?

Back in September, I wrote:. . .what makes Reid and Pelosi so certain that the returning lame ducks will be so eager to line up? What if they come back to Congress and the Senate and say to themselves:“. . . you know what, I never believed in any of this; I did what I was told because Pelosi strongarmed me and I was afraid of her; I did it because Reid promised me the moon. Now, I got nothing. It’s over for me, and they still want me to just fall-in-line and vote for this garbage they’re … [Read more...]

God & Man; Great Morning Reading – UPDATED

On this cold rainy day:Start here, with Pat Gohn's How To Grow a Priest. That's a must-read.Swinging Catholics: and their effect on the electionAn insightful piece on Mad Men: The Fall of Don DraperGreatest Title Ever: How the Gray Lady became Margaret Dumont; and of course, a good piece, too!The Tea Party Must Learn to "Reagan" the Press: my own piece today at PJM. The Tea Party is off to a good start, but it needs to learn how some bladework, if they want to use Reagan's … [Read more...]

Boehner's Emotion; Rubio's Future – UPDATED

A few thoughts on last night:Some were appalled to see John Boehner get emotional as the talked about the victory, and his background. I liked it. My blue-collar Democrat parents would have liked it, too. They knew about working crappy jobs. I know about it, too. I like knowing that the new Speaker of the House understands what it means to work a lousy job, or to come home from one job only to head out to a second one, because that's what it takes to pay the bills when you have a house … [Read more...]

Tea Party Started Under Bush – UPDATED

In a very well-done piece at Patheos, Tim Dalrymple argues that while the tea kettle might be whistling under Barack Obama, the flame was initiated during Bushs' presidency:The tea started brewing under Bush. It’s important that Democrats and Republicans alike understand this. Democrats know that they are about to suffer a rebuke of historic proportions, but it’s important they understand the reason and not imagine themselves the victims of racism or irrationality. And it’s important for Repub … [Read more...]

Define "Irrational" & Other links

I don't know where I found this, perhaps from Hot Air, but it does make a pretty sound case that President Obama has it quite wrong, and that Americans are not the "irrational" ones:So, yes, let's take a look at the facts and the science. Your stimulus bill was passed last year by the Democrat majority in Congress along strictly partisan lines. You told us that the $787 billion dollar act had to pass or else unemployment might exceed 8%. The bill passed, most of the money was spent and … [Read more...]

Reasoned Loyalty; the Tuesday Column

My Tuesday Column is up, wherein I wonder about whether an adult and fully-formed faith should rest upon reason or loyalty, and decide that, requires both:Reasonable Catholicism is reasoned loyalty, or sometimes even loyalty with gritted teeth; it is loyalty that insists upon the application of reason lest its value be questioned. By the same token, intellectualism that is not tempered with loyalty ends up pickling itself in its own ego. Either one, by itself, is incomplete. Both … [Read more...]

Elect the NORMAL people!

In general, I have disapproved of using children in campaign ads, from the "daisy bomb" ads of the 60's to the "mommy, can I have another glass of arsenic" commercials of 2000. I abhorred "singing for Obama" ads from 2008.But this, I can't help but love. Not only does it succinctly sum up the driving issue of the election, these kids are just incredibly adorable, to boot.I can't help getting the impression, too, that Joel Demos and his wife do not talk about "little people" unless they … [Read more...]