Memories of God…

Excerpt from God and the World; A Conversation between Peter Seewald and Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger.Seewald: Is faith, in principle, always present in man?Ratzinger: So far as we can learn about the history of mankind, through excavations right back into prehistory, we can see that there has always been an idea of God. The Marxists had professed the end of religion. With the end of oppression we would no longer need the medicine of God, we were told. But even they have had to recognize … [Read more...]

Jesus in the Eucharist – UPDATED

Poster available at catholicposter.comI'm actually working on a piece answering various questions/rants that were sent my way during Benedict's visit, but I haven't had time yet to really put it together. But first and foremost I can answer this one question, which I was asked several times:Do you really, truly, actually believe that Jesus is Present - physically present - in the Eucharist?Oh, yes. Why shouldn't God - who can raise the dead and walk on water - be able to do … [Read more...]

Madonna, DV Code and Milk & Honey

I've had some emails wondering, "Anchoress, how come you're not writing much about The DaVinci Code? How come you're not outraged about Madonna's latest provocation?"Well...actually, I have written - or more correctly I've linked to Amy Welborn's writing - about the DaVinci fraud and I mentioned the pathetic Madonna here.Why haven't I written more? Well, to be honest, I just don't care about either of these over-hyped, over-exposed things.I have not bothered to get myself into an uproar … [Read more...]

Buster and “The gift freely given…”

After Mass this evening Buster and I headed out for a quick hamburger and somehow the discussion came up about how the Holy Eucharist is sometimes accepted at Mass by someone only to remain unconsumed and spirited out of the church for use in various - always nefarious - ways."How exactly," Buster asked me. "I've read that the Eucharist has been stolen for use in black masses -- but what do they do with it, actually?"I don't like talking about this stuff, but I related a little - that … [Read more...]

God forbid we should feel a little bad…

Miss Kelly is distressed to find that some hymnals (including - sigh - the one in my church) features a change in the words to Amazing Grace."Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me..." Has been changed to reflect both the freedom that comes with salvation - which is very nice - and also the decree from some publishing house on high that we never, ever sing a lyric that might suggest a negative. "Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved and set me free..."Never … [Read more...]

Do you know where the greatest place to be is?

In a mostly empty church, before the Blessed Sacrament.Just got back a little while ago from Adoration. One parish nearby has it during the week for a few hours, and I always try to make that, but another parish, a few towns over, has Nocturnal Adoration once a month, from 9PM to 6:30AM, and I always try to get there for it.Some background:Adoration is what we Catholics call it when the Blessed Sacrament is displayed in a Monstrance, (which is also called an Ostensorium, (from ostendere, … [Read more...]